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  1. Since when can 105mm guns overmatch 40mm of minimum nominal armorthickness?
  2. There are still people who seriously enjoy playing tier 2? Low tiers have been a mess ever since it has been introduced, it doesn´t really matter to me if there is one more retarded vehicle or less.
  3. Why do I keep getting PMed by eastern european players trying to get me to join their sub-avg-50% scrub-klanus...

    Does my nickname sound slavic or what.

    1. Medjed


      I never got invited in clans by pubbies. wUHVoaK.png

    2. no_name_cro


      @Medjed Because no one wants to poke the bear :doge: 

    3. Fabunil



      Sadly "my" recruiters  don´t use broken English either but use their own language thinking I understand them.

      Here is a hint: if you pm me and use the word "klan" or "klanu" in a non-ironic way I won´t even bother responding to you...



      Git gud :gaben:

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  4. Something to note, on the EU-server you blame your own incompetence on polish people instead of black people.
  5. Whatisthisidontevenknow... I love how the entire front of this tank can bounce even tier 10 TDs except for the lfp and the cupula, both of which can be penetrated even by tier 5 light tanks. The gun looks decent to me although the APCR-pen seems very low compared to the standard-pen (atleast to me) Softstats(Please always add them to the op when you are creating these kind of threads, they are not that had to find...): I expect this tank to get nerfed quite heavily, at the moment it is a STA-2 with a lot more armor and a somewhat better gun.
  6. You were overangeling, he simply shot you into your weak sidearmor (though at that angle he either fired gold or had a high pen-roll).
  7. The E5 has the better cupola (atleast starting with the next patch) and the extra standard penetration is more or less irrelevant due to the worse normalization APCR gets. The only things the Chiftain has over the E5 are the better gunstats and a whooping extra 2 degrees of gundepression, so I don´t really see the point in this tank.
  8. yes thats how it would work if there was a gun with an accuracy of 0.
  9. Here is an extensive uniscum-guide on how to play the T28 Prot. : On a serious note, that tank is just shit and you should only play your daily doubles on it, anything more and you risk loosing your sanity.
  10. Imagine the artyfocus... Anyway, it looks hilariously stupid to me and with that creditmodifier you could easily average 100k credits/game with full apcr-spam, luckily we will never see this in any server other than the CN.
  11. Here are the softstats for this thing (all those masterbloggers still refuse to post any sofstats to this day...): I´m not exactly impressed by it to be honest, just a quick comparison between this and the current FV215b: GUN: + slightly more DPM (3-4%) + slightly more accurate (by 0.1) - considerably worse bloomvalues (the chiftain WITH verts will have the same bloomvalues as the current 215b WITHOUT verts) +- this gets somewhat compensated by the better aimingtime, so at the end you will probably end up aiming the same amount of time when standing still + better creditrounds - 270 APCR vs
  12. Tier 10 is fucked.

    What is the point in driving a tier 10 heavy tank when some asshat on the other side of the map can just click you for half of your health anyway and you get 3-4 of them in every single fucking match...

    1. OneTrueLeader


      tier 8 master race

    2. Trumpetah


      Because heavies are the only vehicle class that is pandered to nowadays aside from Russian meds.

    3. Shade421
  13. You can easily test it in a training room, the leopards side armor (35mm nominal) will still riccochet 105mm-guns, this wouldn´t happen if, what the wiki said, was right since the round would get ~21° of normalization. Alternativly shoot the 40mm-roof of a tiger 2 with a 120mm-gun and see it bounce off. HESH acts the same way as HE and even 0mm of spaced armor will stop it (curse those vision-ports) Something unimportant to note however is that is actually incorrect, if the penetation of the shell is lower that the effective armor after it has been normalized it will still cause the shell
  14. The wiki is wrong, the riccochet-check occurs before the impactangle is normalized, meaning that a 120mm shell hitting 40mm of nominal armor at an unnormalized angle of 71° will still riccochet which is the reason why the only tanks that actually benefit from double-overmatching are tanks with an extremly low AP-Pen/Calibre ratio (i.e tanks with derpguns like the glorious KV-2)
  15. Arty is fair and balanced




    pls help me i have a problem

  16. This is hilarious. Now they not only made the LFP extremly trollish but they also made the cupola almost impenetratable for other tier 10s excluding TDs and goldspamers (~260 minimum EFA when hitting it straight on)? GG WG WP, time to go and grind the E5 I guess but it is funny to see WG go from one extreme to another.
  17. Let´s see... MOEs that are somewhat worth bragging about: HE-100: IS-7: Batmobile: Obj. 140: Type 59: IS-5: And of course Bert the Avenger: Tanks I didn´t take a screenshot off either because I already sold the vehicle or because I don´t care about them too much or because I am too lazy to make a screenshot: -ELC AMX -AMX 13 75 -AMX 13 90 -DerpVK aka VK 28.01 -RU 251 -T29 -KV-1S -IS-3 -IS-8 -T-54 -Caernavon -Conquerer -Centurion 1 -E-50
  18. 3 MOE on the IS-5 ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)




    1. Va1heru


      Wow, what kind of dpg were you running?

    2. Fabunil


      Only 2392 damage and 583 assisted according to my servicerecord.

      Atleast I can now do stupid shit in that tank without feeling bad about myself for ruining my stats in it.

    3. Ollie Tabooger

      Ollie Tabooger

      you seriously need to change your avatar to something more reflective of yourself >.>

  19. Played this thing for 4 games and then I sold it and freeexped it. As a result it is now my 2nd highest average wn8-tank, but oh well... If you dont have enough free exp to... freeexp it, then grind another line until you have gathered enough free exp as this "tank" is literal cancer, it eats you up from inside out as it leaves only a hull of your former self.
  20. Rita as usual... On topic now though it now looks hilarious to me now, 175mm minumum frontalarmor means it is frontally impenetratable for most lower tiers and the back mounted "turret" + decent turretarmor/sidearmor and guntraverseangles allow it to sidescrape the fuck out of even tier 9s and 10s, though its gun is rather underwhelming for a tier 8 TD (its alright for a tier 8 heavy though). Compared to the JT-8.8 it gets much better armor all around, a much better gun traverse and much better mobility (especially the traversespeed is MUCH better on this thing) It might be worth a look, we wi
  21. My bad, but its just a different name with the same issue.
  22. That´s because Rita refuses for some reason to copy/paste the softstats of new vehicles even though all she does is to copy/paste russian articles and translate them which is pretty annoying to say the least. The softstats can still be found on the original sources though (too bad she refuses to cite her sources...), it just requires some googling to find them.
  23. Please always post the softstats too when creating these articles... The bloomvalues look alright I guess, might be worth looking at depending on how effective the frontal armor is, so I will wait until I see it in TI myself before I will judge it.
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