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  1. I love how this thing´s gold-penetration is higher than the gold-pen of the new Tier X Jap heavy though.# This proves again: >Glorious Soviet Engineering > shitty fascist boxscience
  2. On most tanks the ammorack is located in the back/side of the turret/superstructure or right below the turret, but why would you try to go for an ammorack hit when you can go for a tracking/damaging hit instead.
  3. Random things you can do when you are bored:


    Object 260 confirmed OP

  4. The A-44 gets a fully traversable turret and much better mobility, the only things it has in common with the A-44 are its looks and the calibre of the gun. As for the Su-100M1, the SU gets (again) much better mobility aswell as camo (I don´t know the camovalues of this thing but considering that it is bigger than the Jagdtiger, I doubt it will be brilliant) The playstyle will be closer to that of the T28 Concept (i.e assaultgun) than that of a traditional TD, as such it is rather unique and can´t really be compared to other tanks in the techtree (though I don´t believe it is very good at what
  5. Please use wot-news as a source for these things and not rita as her information are almost always incomplete. Please add the softstats to the OP: Look at those bloomvalues, combine that with the less-than-optimal aimingtime and you end up with a potentially good-looking gun that is unable to hit anything unless it sits still for 5-10 seconds. As for the armor, it will prob. work against bad players (so a large proportion of the blayerbase...), with 125mm sidearmor you can bait out shots that would pen on most other tanks, more experienced players however will just shoot your giant cupola o
  6. It shall not be missed. E-100 mobility without a turret and a pewpew-gun? How about noo...
  7. Soviet Hovertracks™





  8. Let´s see all the lines I am currently "grinding": -Chinese heavyline (currently at the 110) -2nd French medline (currently at the AMX 30 prot) -French heavyline (currently at the AMX M4 mle.) -French clickers (currently at the Tier 8 Lorraine) -British medline (currently at the Tier 9 Centurion)* -T57-line (currently at the T54E1) -American clickerline (currently at the M12)* -T62a (currently at the T-54) -Object 268-line (currently at the Object 704)* -Russian Clicker-line (at the S-51)* -Chinese Med-line (at the T-34-2)* -German turretless TDs (at the Jagdpanther)* -T110E5-Line (at the M103
  9. The good thing about heaviums is that you don´t get constantly shafted by the map-rotation since there is always something you can do, they don´t feel the pain that a Maus or an E-100 suffers when seeing Prokohovka/Malinovka with 3 Clickers on the enemy team knowing that he will suffer a long and painful death or the fun a Leopad has when getting Ensk/Kharkov the 3rd time in a row. That is imo what makes heaviums so enjoyable in random battles.
  10. On the WTF-IV the alphadifference between the 128 and 150 isn´t that big (only 190 damage compared to the 260 on the borsig) and the 128 is much better in pretty much every other aspect. Overall the 128 on the pz IV is imo the 2nd best gun at tier 9 (the best gun being the 120mm of the turtle which gets shafted in pretty much every other way though) and the better accuracy and penetration make up for the "lack" of damage (It is nice to be able to actually hit AND penetrate the lower plates of certain tier 10 heavies) As for tactics, always drive backwards around corners to minimize exposure an
  11. Did anyone really expect anything uniscum-friendly from a pure superheavy-line? Having tested the tanks on the testserver the only tanks worth playing in the line are the tier 5 and the tier 8 (as in fun to play). The tier 5 because it is a 100 ton bento-box with a 100mm gun that can (and will) drive at a speed of 40 kp/h (imagine the potential one-"shot"-rams) And the tier 8 because it gets a hilarious 150mm howitzer with decent dpm and the ability to use verts (It feels more like the E-100-gun than the KV-2-Gun except fo the accuracy obv.) A fun tank for HE-spamers like myself. As for the
  12. My suffering has ended (Also link for the replay: http://wotreplays.com/site/2089662#stats)
  13. It works fine for me: http://tank-compare.com/en/compare/m41-walker-bulldog/m41-walker-bulldog#T1=530I431I47I640I115&T2=531I431I47I640I115 My guess is that you accidentally put in a different gun for one of them
  14. The maps in WoT are simply too small for these skills to make a difference, unless you are a redline "sniper" or a clicker you will never be further away than maybe 800-1000 meters in some rare and extreme cases (e.g some red "scout" who managed to somehow get into the enemy artypark within the first 2 minutes of the game) and even if you run out of radio range (which will only occur if either you or your ally gets your/his radio taken out) the positions of the enemy/allied tanks will be useless to you anyway since they are on the other side of the map and way outside your renderrange. The on
  15. Only if you decide to use the 105mm gun and decide to spam gold, as for the mobility you must be drunk if you call that thing mobile, it isnt super slow but it barely outruns a T29. The gun isn´t nowhere near as good as to justify the lack of any form of armor or mobility.
  16. Object 260 would like to have a word with you... Also, the AMX M4 mle. 45 combines the best aspects of both heavy and medium. It hits like a medium while also having medium-grade armor but it combines that with super-heavy-like mobility and bloomvalues like a 122mm gun.
  17. Here you can view the current type-59 model on the testserver: http://test.tanks.gg/en/wot/type-59#tab:model To me it looks like whover did the HD-Model just slapped a random amount of armor on each polygon on the turretfront and called it a day. Ironically the turretbase which was the weakest part of the turret got the least amount of armor slapped onto it so it looks a little bit weird (also lol at that random 280mm-polygon). It reminds me a little bit of the T69 but oh well. Something to note is that they buffed both cupolas a little bit so anything with less that 180mm penetration will hav
  18. Having tested the Tier 8 on the test server the howitzer seems to be the better gun to me (which is hilarious) as the 105mm gun doesn´t get any gold ammo which makes it comletly useless when facing higher tier heavies. Plus: The 150mm has reasonable good bloomvalues since the tank can use verts.
  19. If being played right even the M3Lee can be relativly capable, that however doesn´t make it a good tank. The T-44 already is an underperforming medium tank whose only strength is its above-average mobility, so I don´t see a point in spending gold/real money a version of it that trades its only advantage over other medium tanks of that tier for a slight increase in gun-performance (that is still pretty bad by the way)
  20. The tiny ring around the gun is only 254mm of flat spaced armor with no actual armor behind it, which you can easily pen with a high roll. Also, if the turret is slightly angled the part of the mantlet that is facing the shooter gets flatten out and becomes pennable with a good roll. Penetrating HE-shells can still kill the whole crew in a single shot (although the chance of this happening is very low) What you are thinking off are non-penetration-hits which can knock out half of your crew at most (which is still bullshit, See: )
  21. The best RNG moments in my Carrier: -Oneshotting an E3 with the pre nerf 183 frontally from 300 meters (high rolls ftw) -One shotting an IS-7 in the E-100 because safe stowage is for noobs (happened twice actually) -One shotting an Amx 13 57 in the Vk 28.01 because HE is good at killing crewmembers. The RNG is stronk in this game of tanks...
  22. "- According to Storm, decreasing terrain resistance by 20 percent has about the same effect on vehicle mobility as if the horsepower of the vehicle was increased by 20 percent;" http://ritastatusreport.blogspot.de/2015/06/30062015-q.html So yes, that´s how it works. Please note however that the skill also provides you with an 2,5/10% bonus on vehicle traverse when driving on medium/soft terrain
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