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  1. So it gets Type-59-speed with the very mediocre T-44-armor and without the SMM but it gets a somewhat better (i.e less shitty) gun? Is anyone else not excited for this tank at all? It seems incredibly mediocre to me to say the least.
  2. Humans tend to find patterns in everything, independently of the said pattern actually existing or not. While this ability can help immensely in daily life it is also the greatest source of conspiracy theories (See: "Don´t you see the signs?")
  3. Seeing Chinese Tanks burning all the time without ever getting their engines damaged or fuel tanks destroyed I´m inclined to believe that even hits that don´t destroy the fuel tanks have a certain chance of causing a fire. For the fire mission you should just take any quick low-tier low-alpha medium (The A-43 with the 57mm is probably the best tank for the mission) and try to find an idiot an well-respected member of our society in a higher tier tank that just ignores you as you put a shot into his back every 2 seconds while praying for Serb to end your suffering.
  4. Only ~2% of all games end in a draw, I don´t think thats much of an issue. Also, most of the time draws are simply caused by bad play on both teams(e.g both teams are lemmingtraining on opposite flanks and arrive at the caps simultaneously, minimaps are for noobs etc.) which you can´t really fix. Wrong game, I thought this was for WoT derp...
  5. To be honest, neither of them are very good. Compared to the Jpz the 183 trades in overall armor (though you can still sidescrape relativly effectivly) for better a better gunarch and a lotterygun, the mobility is for both tanks the same. If you are willing to spam gold, go for the 183 otherwise go for the Japdpz (or just get a wtf-e100 and clip tier 10s for all of their health).
  6. Object 260 HYPE! http://wotreplays.com/site/2074356#winterberg-fabunil-waffentr_ger_auf_e_100 The amount of hate I got in my games spaming full gold in the waffle... Now I just have to somehow convince the game to NOT give me 4 citymaps in a row when playing my light tanks... alternativly I could try to finish the fire mission for the MTs since it is the last mission before the final one...
  7. I thought WG wanted to avoid tanks like the Mäuschen, that are impenetratable when toptier and absolute trash when bottom tier. Imagine the fun a Flatpanzer IV would have when meeting one of these things...
  8. The model has been in the gamefiles for a while now, you can view its stats in tankinspector. Since it has a chassis based on the Panther this thing is big, about as big as the Ferdinand to be exact, so its camovalues will probably not be very good. The gun is essentially the standard german 128, the accuracy and aimingtime are the same as the borsig with compareable bloomvalues but with much worse DPM (2666 on the borsig vs 2070 on the skorpion) . So far it doesn´t look very good, but the skorpion is a lot more flexible and can be played a lot more agressive, first of all it gets 2 degrees mo
  9. It´s an relativly obvious troll made by WG. They already said that they Sturmtiger won´t come (which is a good thing) since it is impossible to balance. Imagine the fun it would be to get missed for over half of your health by this thing when driving your tier 10 "Heavy".
  10. I love the trolling at the end at 10:27 "This is what you will never get"
  11. HE FTW


    Tomatoluck ftw...

    1. OneTrueLeader


      even with a dead gunner youll still have one of the most accurate guns in the game.

  12. I wouldn´t trust anything that isn´t an direct official statement from Wargaming, that being said his statement is very vague.
  13. The issue with the Caernarvon and the Conquerer is not the strength of the ammorack but the location. Both tanks actually have pretty strong ammoracks, this doesn´t protect them from single-shot-ammoracks though (a strong ammorack generally only prevents one-shot-blow-ups), the problem is that their ammorack is located somewhere, where the enemy is quite likely to shoot you at which is why they get ammoracked all the time.
  14. I don´t think they have a frontal fueltank, but they both have their ammoracks sitting right behind their lower plate which is always nice. Also, having a frontal fueltank isn´t too dramatic imho unless you plan on using food. You rarely ever burn twice in the same game anyway, just use an automatic fireextinguisher and you should be fine.
  15. A hp/t of only 13.69 combined with a very mediocre terainresistance? That thing will barely reach the pattons topspeed, not even talking about its own topspeed. The turretfront is pretty good (lol at the 343mm nominal armor) but the turret comes with the American trademarked MG-Tumor so the enemy will always have something penable to shoot at plus it cannot sidescrape at all, the sidearmor of the enginearea is only 32mm thick making it an autopen for everything except for the 90mm guns of some scouttanks. The gun gets somewhat worse bloomvalues and it´s quite inaccurate (2.3 seconds aimingtime
  16. "For a module to get to a damaged state it needs to be reduced to 50% of its HP" This is wrong, the amount of hp an ammorack has to get damaged for is ~33% (varying between tanks), the Pershing´s ammorack only has to get damaged by a gun that does atleast 70 moduledamage (ignoring RNG) which the MT-25 is perfectly capable of, atleast according to tankinspector.
  17. If given the option I would always take vents over gun laying drive on any tank.
  18. So would a shot that hits the invisible gunner but doesn´t hit the gun (or any other part of the armor that acts as spaced armor) just phase through his imaginary body without killing him? After all the shot wouldn´t be registered in the first place since it wouldn´t hit the armormodel of the tank.
  19. I just wanted to share this somewhere since i didn´t think this was possible until this happened while grinding the French Clickers: An enemy Indienpanzer somehow managed to hit my gun and knock out my gunner without actually causing any actual damage to my vehicle, which I thought was impossible until I saw it myself. Here is the link to the replay, skip to 12:09 when the shot happens: http://wotreplays.com/site/2021788#pearl_river-fabunil-amx_13_f3_am The more you know...
  20. This only further prooves that soviet trackengineering is superior to that of other nations, that´s why WG had to ad them to the collisionmodel of the IS-3 and IS-4 because of realism. If you look at the puny Tiger-Nazi-box for example does not have it´s tracklinks modeled in the collisionmodel, that is because in real life German metal was made out of some soft, poor quality metal and not out of pure Stalinium like the Soviet tracklinks, that´s why they didn´t offer any extra protection to the tank. Now carry on playing our game before we nerf you.
  21. The FV304 gets the same gun as the Bíshop, but with worse reoad, aiming time and bloomvalues, though I´m not aware of any other tanks where this is the case.
  22. The Type2605 is basicly the equivalent of an E-100-Turret with tracks in terms of armor, almost impenetratable against people who fire creditammo aswell as lower tiers, but as soon as someone double tap 2 your entire front basically becomes an autopenzone for everyone with 300+ pen, and you don´t even get a gunmantlet that can occasionally soak up a CHEAT-round, also due to the way the hull and the turret are shaped, you can´t really angle either of them without exposing atleast one surface that can be penetrated by gold-rounds. That´s why it will be completly useless for CW (except maybe for
  23. Just wait and see what will happen, I just hope that it just won´t be a FV4202 Mark 2...
  24. I ended my grind with 87 games, ~2.3k dpg and 3 MOEs, freeexped the turret to use the gun (i already unlocked it via the Centurion). Once you unlock the type B barrel the grind becomes much easier (noticably better gun-performance), though the tank is still very mediocre. I´m not gonna miss it.
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