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  1. I skipped every tank until the Caernavon since I can´t be bothered to drive tanks that are as "nimble" as the Maus but with trash armor and trash guns. I won´t even bother talking about the pre-BP-tanks, just freeexp them already... The BP is the only tank of those with actual turretarmor, the hull is very mediocre though (175+ pen won´t have much troubles benetrating you from the front) and it sucks at sidescraping since it can get penned frontally through the tracks, the gun is utter crap too. The tank works when you are toptier, but as soon as you meet anything higher than tier 7 you are j
  2. Only 2 missions to go for the Object 260, and I can stop prostituting myself for WG... Also, FV215b best tank for HT-15 apparently.
  3. Have fun hitting anything with those bloomvalues if you plan to move your tank. By comparison: The KV-2 is on the move ~3 times more accurate
  4. Compared to the Tiger 1: Gun: Same DPM, slightly better aimingtime and bloomvalues, 1 degree more gundepression, much better turrettraverse Armor: ~140-150mm EFA on both te upper and lower plate, quite nice for facing lower tiers, the turretfront is basicly an autopen-zone for everything it meets though, compared to the shitty Tiger-1-front and the lackluster turret it´s a buff. Mobility: Same turningspeed, power/weight is worse but the better terrainresistance should make up for it. As it is currently it seems to be a little bit op to me, compared to the tiger 1 it is better or atleast e
  5. Both turretcheeks have a "weakspot" (a small square with less than 270 EFA) though the left zone is slightly bigger and easier to hit, both cheeks also have 2 extremly small zones directly next to the mantlet with less than 250 EFA which are basicly impossible to hit due to their size. As for the gunmantlet, you can penetrate it rights in the gun if you have enough penetration (214mm flat mantlet + 40mm gun), or if you avoid shooting the gun and go for the ring around the gun just the 214 EFA, though that´s another one-in-a-million-shot. The E-50s have a similare issue in that regard, you have
  6. Some of them might have been Chinese, atleast one of the tanks shown in the video was a WZ-111 (which is very similar to the IS-3 anyway), but without the pre-9.9-models I can´t tell for sure.
  7. Looking at the stats I would rather compare it to the IS-3 instead of the FCM due to similar mobility and 390 alpha-gun It gets similar acceleration to the IS-3, a little bit better tracktraverse, a wooping 2 kph-increase in topspeed as well as an overwhelming 4% increase in dpm, for that it trades: -minus 25mm of normal penetration (and the goldrounds are much worse) -It gets a better aimingtime, but due to the shitty bloomvalues it will end up aiming longer -Any form of armor, the gunmantlet can occasionally bounce guns with less than 200 pen, but only where the mantlet and the actual armor
  8. Let´s see... WR: 61.8% AWR: 61.6% PlatoonR: 0.28 WN8: 3030.3 WN9c1: 2318.6 WN9c2: 2201.3 Looking at my WN9 sorted by tanks, SPGs seem to dominate the top of my list (The FV304 with almost 900 battles and almost 3k WN9 probably increased the results quite a bit). That´s it boys, the era of the medium tanks is over! Stop padding, start clicking!
  9. I hope this thing gets usefull turret armor unlike the FV4202-replacement, only time will tell... The hull armor atleast seems to be worse than the 215b (38mm sidearmor behind the tracks means that you will get autopenned by 120mm guns and the front seems to be just as good/bad as the 215b. It´s hard to judge the turretarmor based on the drawings alone so I will wait until I see the actual tankmodel, but so far the armor doesn´t really look that impressive.
  10. What they have done is to remove the small (30mm?) autopen-zone behind the tracks that all IS-tanks starting with the IS-3 got (I am not sure about the IS-1 and IS-2) Here is a picture showing the weakspot before they removed it: It was quite hilarious since you could autopen side scraping IS-7s there when you couldn´t see the lower plate. At certain angles you could, like on the screenshot, even penetrate it with HE avoiding the tracks. Anyway, all the plebs who complained about this "buff" just have no idea what they are talking about, they are just looking for reasons to hate WG, this isn´
  11. You can look at the model in tankinspector, the turretsides , while being strong, are the worst of the russian T10-heavies plus the turretfront isn´t gold-proof unlike the other Russki-heavies.
  12. I edited my post because of typo. To clarify things: They nerfed the reload by ~10%, the bloomvalue for turrettraverse by ~18% and the bloomvalues for movement and traverse by ~9% each.
  13. They nerfed it´s gun pretty badly. -The basereload got nerfed from 16 seconds to 17.7 seconds giving it the second worst dpm of all tier 10 HTs (The Maus got slightly lower dpm) -The bloomvalues got nerfed: dispersion upon turrettraverse from 0.12/° from 0.14/° dispersion upon tracktraverse from 0.22/° to 0.24/° dispersion upon movement from 0.22/kph from 0.24/kph So yeah, except for its novelty factor it doesn´t really look very interesting to me anymore, as it is currently it is just a mix between an E-100 and a Maus.
  14. Softstats: Let´s see... An OKish gun with somewhat-bad bloomvalues and lackluster penetration but very good gundepression, Mobility is somewhere between E100 and Maus, The armor is... interesting... Looking at the model frontally it is basicly immune to regular ammunition(unless a high-pen-TD is shooting at you), good luck penetrating that lower plate with less that 270+ pen and even the coupola is 210mm thick so it will produce a lot of trollbounces, but as soon as the enemy loads the heat you might as well be driving a Tiger-1 in terms of effective armor, the turret is frontally basicly a
  15. The STB has relativly effective armor whereas this thing might aswell have the same frontal armor as the leopard.
  16. They buffed it, here are it´s current stats: They increased it´s topspeed by 8 kp/h and buffed the terrainresistance, so its mobility should now be on par with/slightly better than the russian meds (they also buffed the turretrotationspeed). Looks alright now I guess but I would trade that 4° of gundepression any day for better guncontrol and actually usable armor
  17. To be honest, it doesn´t look very good at all. The only advantage it has over the FV4202 are the HEAT-ammo, better bloom-values and a wooping 5 kp/h speedboost (which means it still is the slowest tier 10 medium) For that you are trading any kind of armor you had on the FV (The upper plate is now cheese and so is the turretroof) and get a worse acceleration. So at the end a bad tier 10 med will just gets replaced by another bad tier 10 med.
  18. It is always giving ocd how rita is refusing to post the hidden stats of new vehicles... Then again, it is propably too early to discuss/rant about them since those are subject to change before the vehicle is "released" (or lost in limbo like the T95E6) Anyway, here they are: So extremly good bloomvalues as well as aimingtime and accuracy (slightly better than all the other soviet T10 MTs) Extremly good mobility, Leopard-level of HP/t combined with Russian hovertracks™ It is hard to make a comment about the armor without seeing the armor in tankinspector first, something to note however is th
  19. Those gunstats though... Because that thing is so slow the accuracy on the move will be better than the E100 combined with better aimingtime and one of the highest DPMs in the game (same dpm as the object 430 which gets a 100mm gun, infact, the reloadtime is BETTER than that of the E-75 with the 128mm-gun...) Combine that with the worst acceleration in the game and an armor, that is worse than the armor of all tier 9 MEDIUMs except for the Type 61 and the lorraine and you will end up with a german Tog with a huge gun.
  20. Here are the "final" stats displayed it tankinspector.
  21. would be nice to know the exact values, significant buff can mean anything between "quite shitty" instead of "T49-level" and "no need to aim"
  22. The IS-8 turret gets overmatched by 122mm+ guns whereas the 777-turret will most likely require a 152mm+ gun, the angle of the roofs are mostly irrelevant as they are sloped at autoriccochetangles anyway.
  23. Based on the pictures of the tankmodel in tankinspector it looks like the turretroof is actually 45/50mm thick so it will be an autobounce-zone for non-TDs unlike the IS-3. The frontal armor looks very good to me, the upper hull is an autobounce-zone for basicly everything it meets and the lower front plate looks like it can create some troll-bounces (especially that 250mm thick, albeit being very flat zone at the very front of the tank) Can´t say too much about the sidearmor as it is mostly covered up by the tracks, but it is propably going to be 115mm nominal armor mostly covered up by 20
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