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  1. Everything wrong with the WOWS halloween-event in 2 screenshots.



    1. Tedster59


      You mean everything wrong with basically every online game? :kappa: 

  2. 15cm would make it a light cruiser-gun you pleb (ignoring secondaries)
  3. If it got introduced as a new tank today it would get 280 of EFA on the turretfront and 10 degrees of gundepression.
  4. Screw the old 268, I miss the first iteration of the Waffeltractor with 2.2k HP, decent mobility, 3360 clippotential and Russian Med-level of bloom values...
  5. Did they even playtest this?



    1. TAdoo87


      I can't even get in a battle. 3k-5k people in the queue and after 5 mins it times out.

    2. DirtyACE7


      Comrade, it works 15% of the time 100% of the time. We guarantee it - WG

    3. TAdoo87


      EU1 crashed already. EU2 is lagging, and I dropped back to my garage in the middle of the battle (random battle, not this event game).

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  6. Accuracy acts as a sort-of multiplyer for the bloom values, if anything you can excpect this things gun to bloom similarly to the Foch B albeit with better aimingtime but derpgun-accuracy at tier 10. The real kicker though is the combination of awful accuracy and awful DPM, the fucking ISU gets 400 more DPM and .04 better accuracy for the same alpha 2 tiers lower...
  7. It is sloped at 75° according to the schematics @hall0 provided which would give it 380mm+. Any discussion about the exact angles are pointless anyway until we actually see the model finished in an armor viewer.
  8. At that angle the UFP will easily have 380mm+ EFA on flat ground when unangled.
  9. I hate to be right. Weakspots in 2017 And here are the trashy softstats.
  10. Lmao, why the fuck do the tier 8 to 10 all get .45 accuracy, that is only slightly better than the fucking T-100. I guess they want the line to be an in-your-face-type of TD but since they don't have any guntraverse angles, gundepression or a turret they will annoying as fuck to play that way. The tier 10 is probably going to have overbuffed armor to compensate for the shitty gun (i.e a lower plate that can only be penned by goldrounds...)
  11. Hackers somehow bruteforcing dome random idiots e-mail account by inputing some random characters is a myth, my guess is that has never happened in the history of the internet. At most they will have a list of the most common passwords they will go through (this is why you something like "pasword123" or "qwerty" is not safe) or they go through a list of previously leaked passwords (this is why you don't use the same password for different websites). In this case the password probably wasn't even the problem, it was just yahoo managing to fuck up on a massive scale (again).
  12. Fabunil


    Win8 was a shit OS, pretty much a downgrade to win7, I would suggest you to upgrade to win10.
  13. This is brilliant! Not only are they milking the whales to the maximum this way, they are also decreasing the server costs by discouraging new players who are not willing to buy into this practice from actually playing their 25th iteration of the same game! The biggest joke of this must be them being allowed to create a patent like this in the first place...
  14. Sounds more like someone manged to somehow get into your e-mail account, without that it would be extremly difficult to do that otherwise. Change your e-mail PW and then simply reset your WG-PW.
  15. Wait, people don't have millions of convertable exp lieing around? Just play the tanks you actually enjoy playing and you will get tons of convertable exp sooner or later. As for the quickest way to earn convertable exp the answer would be any premium tank (especially mid tier ones like the T-34-85m or Bromwell, faster games and you get to farm the trash that is the average tier 6 player) as they get additional exp-multipliers for this exact reason, if you don't enjoy playing them it of course would be stupid to play them for that small amount of extra exp just to skip other tanks yo
  16. VBaddict tracks those stats: Current average survival time per tier: http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=0&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=1&fieldname=battle_duration&server= and per class: http://www.vbaddict.net/statistics.php?tier=0&tanktype=0&nation=0&premium=0&modeid=0&team=0&battles=1000&groupby=2&fieldname=battle_duration&server= I don't think it tracks how these numbers compare to the past though. Using web archive the earliest page I c
  17. The Size difference really is irrelevant for armor despite what many people for some reason claim, at ~10-20 meters distance the enemy either has enough gundepression to shoot the lower plate or he will shoot the upper plate with full gundepression anyway (In case of the 430 he might not even be able to hit the upper plate when face hugging and I don't think the turret roof is overmatchable on that model) At distances beyond that the difference is completly irrelevant except for making it easier for the enemy to hit you. Please don't be that guy that claims having a bigger tank is s
  18. It just looks like that when you are incompetent at using armorviewers and constantly simulate facehugging shots (i.e aim down on the upper plate) that the upper plate becomes weaker and the lower plate stronger than they actually are. In the actual game most shots are fired from atleast a couple of meters away. Anyway, if you want to know the actual armor, the angles should be the exact same as on the T62A, so if you want to know the EFA of the frontal hull at certain angles just look at the T62-model and multiply the EFA by 1.6 for the upper and by 1.05 for the lower plate.
  19. Sheridan is balanced because it has a less shitty gun than the other T10 lights. Atleast according to some people
  20. OK, with those stats it would be broken as fuck, I expect a bif nerf before it hits the live server (Then again, I said the same thing about the T-22 and that thing hit the live server unchanged...) Also, the base camo values are off as usual so here are the actual basevalues if someone is interested: Stationary: 17.45% Moving: 13.06% As a comparison the current most stealthy meds: Batchat: Stationary: 16.87% Moving: 12.65% Object 907: Stationary: 17.21% Moving: 12.97% Object 430: Stationary: 17.84% Moving: 1
  21. I would either question the sanity of the government agent or consider him to be some form of scam artists. ERA and modern ammunition both made heavy armor completly obsolete, there is a reason why we dont see "true" heavy tanks anymore, all that extra weight from the armor is detrimental to the performance of the tank as it slows the tanks down, puts more stress on the suspension, makes production/maintenance more expensive/difficult and at the end would get blown up anyway.
  22. Basically a shittier 113? Atleast on paper. Armorwise is is very similar to the 113 (except it probably gets rid of that bullshit overmatchzone above the tracks, trading 300 HP for that is not really worth it though), Mobility is similar (HP/t is probably worse than on the 113), gets medium-tank traversespeed though. Gunwise, 3mm more Standardpen(who cares) and slightly better aimingtime for noticeably worse accuracy and DPM. Meh, it needs good softstats, othersie it is just a shittier 113.
  23. I don't know, the IS-5 is generally considered to be pretty crappy even though it got the T-10 hull
  24. You can always shoot the Super Conquerers cupola with HEAT for the good old E5-feeling But seriously, Super-Conquerer went from "meh" to "super" in one patch, gotta love that sledge-hammer balancing... Well, you have to make those pubbies spend those juicy free exp I guess for them to access the OP-flavor of the month before it gets powercreeped to hell I guess.
  25. You get the "rollercoaster-effect" because wotlabs creates "save-points" every 100 or so games(You can see them by hovering over the graph). Tracking the results of every single battle for every single player would be utterly retarded so the site creates these save points and the graph just interpolates between them. These fluctuations are not only normal but to be expected since you will never perform exactly the same every single session you play, especially at these low battlenumbers you will see large fluctuations even if you are a robot and perform exactly the same every single
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