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  1. Ahhhh you see? That is why they decided to implement/buff all those HE-spamers at tier 10, to counter all those hull down tanks! That is some crayon-level balancing going on there as we are used to from Murazor, reliable as always! And yet again my point is proven that the future of tier 10 will be a bunch of retards spaming HE at each others faces.
  2. Oh boy, where to begin... Doing a map in HD doesn't mean they recreate the whole map, it means replacing SD textures, replacing SD assets, adding new assets etc. THE MAP GEOMETRY MOSTLY STAYS THE SAME! THIS MAP IS THE VERY DEFINITION OF SUPER EARLY ALPHA!!! Jesus Christ, the fucking temples are a bunch of metal boxes stacked on top of each other, how the hell does this look "fairly complete" to anyone who isn't blind? 1. "proper lightning" doesn't mean anything, those are done in less than 5 minutes or 0 if they just used the default settings they use for their m
  3. FFS, it is not meant to look good. Generally speaking this is not how maps are developed in games, they always create a rough build of the map first to see if it actually is playable before actually adding all the little details to it in order to not waste ressources when the testers decided it needed a complete overhaul. The end product will look completly different to what you see in that video (if we ever see it that is)
  4. The easiest way to spread fake news is to mix in some truth to make it less obvious. Mainstream-Media have been practicing this for years already
  5. Hey, the Object 416 gets 340 pen. Then again, it is Russian...
  6. The frontal hull is quite a lot weaker than what I expected, the tier 9 gets worse hull armor than the liberte (~230 EFA across the front against AP, so on flat ground tier 9/10 standard rounds will pen the upper hull) and the tier 10 gets ~280 EFA on the upper hull so goldrounds will be able to penetrate plus you probably can't angle those tanks since they probably get the typical weak shoulderplates of the AMX M4-hull. Gameplaywise very similar to the (new) british HTs that trade the ability to sidescrape, some upper hull armor and some gundepression for a potentially bigger gun and bet
  7. Ah my bad, I misread your question. You have to rise your stats above the threshold before the 1st of October. All profiles which don't meet our standards will be deleted permamently. After that the only option is to create a new World of Tanks-account (i.e "reroll")
  8. Most definitely yes. I wish you luck in your endeavours!
  9. As I explained, all accounts will be affected starting with the 1st of October, though a handfull of accounts already affected before that date due to technical reasons I can't go into any further.
  10. Hi, welcome to wotlabs. I have reviewed your case and as @monjardin said the reason wotlabs doesn't show your stats anymore is because we no longer track players with a WR/WN8 below a certain threshold (I believe it was 52% WR and 1.5k WN8?) Starting in October all accounts below that threshold will be removed from the database, though due to technical reasons several accounts were already affected. The reason this is to save server ressources, you see over 90% of the tracked playerbase have stats that lie below that threshold, yet a vast majority of them never used our services
  11. Oh look: https://worldoftanks.eu/en/news/premium-shop/tier-viii-week-fv4202-sep2017/ As cynical as I am this lets me believe there must have been some miscommunication going on between the WG departments, they should have reverted the FV-buffs in the CT after they sold a bunch of Priuses, this is for sure going to hurt their sales. (Though I'm sure a bunch of naive fools are still going to buy it regardless in the hopes of it being buffed). WG marketing department should hire me
  12. Inb4 they are going to make it a T95-like assault gun with a convenient lower plate "weakspot" that can only be penetrated by gold.
  13. An actual competent response from WG customer support? NA either has actually competent staff on the support team unlike EU or they have too much time on their hand due to the non-existant playerbase on NA...
  14. It doesn't look like a "bad" TD per se, compared to all the other trash that we call tier 10 TDs it certainly is above average. The problem is that on flat ground the armor is unreliable due to gold spam and you can't really sidescrape/hide your lower plate effectivly on city maps despite the decent traverseangles because the gun is mounted so far to the front so you can't really play it as a heavy. The tank only shines when it gets to go hulldown & use some of its gundepression.
  15. 2 things: 1: The FV4202 never had 76.2mm of armor on the upper plate on the first iteration, thus the change cannot be reverted as it didn't happen in the first place 2: What is the point of testing the unchanged version of the prius if you already know it is a steaming pile of shit.
  16. Fun and enjoyable gameplay for everyone, thanks Murazor!


  17. I said it before with the introduction of the Type 5 heavy derp and I will say it again: The future of tier 10 will be a bunch of idiots shooting highexplosive at each others faces. Truly an enjoyable gamemechanic!
  18. Nah m8, we gotta keep everything "historical". With the "balancing" that has been going on at the crayon-eating balancing department the IS-4 is going to get +50% horsepower because some drunk Russian 60 years ago had a dream and thought it would be cool if it had a submarine engine, 30% better dispersion values and to keep it distinct from the IS-7 it gets 3k baseDPM. Also, turretring gets buffed to 350mm and turretroof to 45mm, these days it ain't be no buff without the turret getting an upgrade.
  19. This only works if you have for the first shot you take and would never work like that in an actual game without a bush. The second you roll back out from your cover back into position your stationary camo is completly irrelevant as you are moving (duh...) so the enemy will either spot you as soon as you drive out of cover, in which case your stationary camo is useless unless you want to sit in the open for 10 seconds waiting for the stationary camo and camo-net to kick in and for you to disappear, or you don't get spotted because you already had enough camo-on-the-move in the first place
  20. Depends on the map and the tanks the enemys are driving. The D1-Spot on Serene Coast for example is porbably the best spot in the game for the Strv 103B since you can easily rush there at the start of the game and just farm the enemy with your retarded gundepression , upper hull and DPM as long as you peak only one guy at a time to avoid them overmatching your sidearmor. As for the tier 9 Strv, you are going to have a lot harder time with your armor as most tanks you will face either have a 122mm gun or are able to fire HEAT as a gold round, in either case they will just autopen your
  21. I would argue that the Jagdtiger actually isn't very good at making credits, nowadays 200 penetration simply won't cut it a lot of the times especially with the "improved" tier 8-mm and with something as slow as a Jagdtiger that can't really choose its engagements effectivly and by spaming gold your creditincome will go down the drain, especially with such a low-alpha gun. Basically everytime you have a Chrysler or a Defender in front of you you either spam gold (and probably still lose unless the enemy is retarded) or you spam AP and bounce 80% of your shells on the enemy "weakspots".
  22. If I had to guess I would say the red zone around the gunmantlet in 305mm thick whereas the 2 "boobs" next to the gun are 235mm thick. The Upper-Upper plate then should be 178mm, the Lower-Upper plate 152mm and finally the lower plate 114mm or 102mm (If I had to guess 114mm, it is paper either way) Ehhh, the armor is pretty much the same as the Tier-9/10 Foch (~270-280mm EFA against AP, ~300-310 against HEAT) minus the tumurs but a bigger lfp which means the upper hull should be able to bounce most tier 10 non-TD standard rounds semireliably, though on flat ground gold won't have too
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