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  1. Please note that "effective hp/ton" doesn't really exist, atleast not in the way you think it does. If it did the current FV4202 with its 12.26 HP/ton would already have similar acceleration to the batchat, atleast on hard terrain.
  2. Whoever hated the original Grille is going to have a field day with the new Shitbarn, whoever decided that it should get a mobile chassis with 10 degrees of gundepression should get punched in the face...
  3. The testserverstats are already up on tanks.gg. https://tanks.gg/v09201ct/list
  4. The Caernavon went from absolute shittier to godtier in a single patch, it gets fucking 2.7k BASE-DPM on a fucking tier 8 heavy, slightly more that the Super Conquerer fore some stupid reason. You get the same rate of fire as the Object 907 for only 40 less alpha 2 tiers lower. I can see this thing replacing the IS-3 on most positions except for pure hulldown-positions that don't require gundepression because of the somewhat unreliable turret against gold rounds. This is it boys, the IS-3 is getting powercreeped.
  5. As long as you don't act like a complete retard you will be fine (Being an asshole is fine as long as you don't overdo it), the mods a very lenient on this site. Then again, please act like a complete retard because the ban threads are usually the most entertaining threads to read on this forum...
  6. With a line of Russian Commissars behind you ready to shoot you, you would be a lot faster on your feet too.
  7. Let's see... Tier 4 and below: noone cares about those except for certain low tier wankers anyway. Tier 5 to 9: fucking boring to play, superheavy speed meets unreliable armor as everyone will just shit on your giant tumor. Low-alpha-high-DPM guns simply don't work on slow moving bricks without turrets, you either stay back and snipe pretending to be a shitty version of the swedish TDs or you drive fowards like a retard pretending to be a heavy assault gun and either face an enemy that is too stupid to shoot at your giant tumor or use your DPM to do some damage before you
  8. Basically the situation with the KV-85 with 122mm at tier 6 vs KV-122 at tier 7 which gets with the magic power of belencing better gunhandeling and double the gundepression even though they are literally the same fucking tank.
  9. Let's see... The Americans have a ton of Sherman-variants for obvious reasons. The British have the Sherman Firefly. The French have the Ravioli-version of the Sherman. The Russians have the Patriot-version of the Sherman. I guess the next logical step is for the Germans to get access to the Captured-variant of the Sherman...
  10. Gameplaywise they would be very similar to the Liberte, Stupidly thick armor on the upper plate (Think of the Liberte with 370mm nominal thickness on the upper plate and you would have the "new" tier 10 heavy if I remember correctly), shitty sidearmor and a bigger gun (Was it a 120mm or a 155mm on the tier 10?)
  11. According to your source you only get a token for completing the final (15th) missions with honors so it should be fine. Something to note however, the source is not clear on this but with the new system in place you might have to now unlock the final mission for all 5 classes instead of skiping one class by completing the other classes final missions with honors.
  12. Basically a free Object 260 for everyone who already has the T55A. Atleast I will get to unlock the finaly female crewmember (fuck that firemission, seriously) who will enjoy being the commander in some tank full of men ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  13. Tell them to get the fuck out of there and don't take a "no" as an answer, they are most likely going to suffer a direct hit otherwise.
  14. Don't be stupid and get the fuck out of there if you can, especially if you live anywhere near the southcoast of Florida. This was the aftermath of Katrina hitting Missisippi back in 2005 as a Category 3 Storm: Irma is predicted to hit Florida directly as a Category 4, potentially 5 Storm, it is like a fucking nuke going off and Florida will suffer unprecedented amounts of damage. If you live there, get your family and get the fuck out of there asap.
  15. Thats why you don't sell any premium tanks ya fools, especially when it is still being sold. The new armor will be stupidly trollish as people will be actually forced to shoot the hull instead of autopenning the turret which is able to riccochet non-HEAT rounds when using even only 1 degree of gundepression, so any ditch in the ground will suddenly turn your armor from butter into magical riccochet-zone of pure frustration.
  16. I extracted the formula from the source code of the webpage @hall0 posted and since only one was posted it is most likely the same for both gamemodes.
  17. The exact formula they use is: Amount of earned bonds = 4 * 1.18 ^ ((baseEXP - 400) / 100) (This value wil then be rounded to the nearest integer) Or in simple words: You get 4 basebonds for exactly 400 baseexp which doubles for every ~419 additional baseexp you earn (400 exp = 4 bonds, 819 exp = 8 bonds, 1238 = 16 bonds, 1657 = 32 bonds, etc. You get the idea)
  18. Fabunil

    AMX 50 Foch B

    Unless you get to rush some poor lonely idiot or clip some retard in the middle of the open field it is just another turd. The Waffle was dangerous because it combined having insanely high clippotential with having a turret, giving it enough flexibility to actually (ab-)use that gun. The Foch requires the enemy to play like a donkey to be any effective (so considering the average player it makes sense for them to consider this turd to be OP i guess)
  19. Burrito, taco taco, burrito, taco taco taco, Don't think just because I got a lot of money, I'll give you taco-flavored kisses, honey Fulfill all your wishes with my taco-flavored kisses Taco taco, Burrito burrito Taco taco, Fulfill all your wishes with my taco-flavored kisses! Taco taco.
  20. Do not worry, WG heard your cries and decided that they are going to buff it in one of the upcoming patches. Maybe.
  21. Quality > Quantity. As a shitposter myself when seeing a shitpoasting thread I expect the shit to be atleast of decent quality instead of some obscure reference. I would rather see a half-dead forum than one filled with diarrhea-quality shit posts.
  22. http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/profile/31312-gasai__yuno/content/
  23. The WZ/Rheinmetal/Sheridan are basically just gimped tier 10 meds that trade any armor/firepower for mobility/camo, so with the current map meta you are better off just playing a tier 10 med instead. The 13 105 and T100 are a slightly different story, the 13 105 is nice because it is a lot more flexible than the batchat with the smaller clip/shorter reloadtime, the T100 on the other hand is hilarious at times as it gets equipped with a Romulan camouflage-system making it probably the best active spotter in the game.
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