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  1. It's not like the Foch will suddenly become competitive with the buffed sidearmor, its just a gimmicky tier 10 TD, nice to get if you already have the Foch but otherwise not really worth grinding for.
  2. I just checked the wiki: http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Matchmaker_(WoT) So tier 8+ meds have the same weight as heavies whereas at lower tiers the heavies haver a higher weight. I wonder if they changed it at some point, I always thought only tier 9s and 10s have the same weight (considering that meds and tds only start becoming competetive at those tiers)
  3. Essentially they buffed the upper plate from 51mm to 76mm of effective armor, not enough to bounce most rounds you see flying around at tier 8 nowadays. The buff will only be relevant when fighting against 175mm AP-pen or less, aka shitty pref. mm, shitty scouts and lower tiers. From the picture it doesn't look like they (luckily) didn't include the flat 127mm strip on the front to the buff so the change probably only make a huge difference against HEAT and HE-rounds. Turretarmor changes are more relevant, basically they are turning this thing into a non-pref version of the Type
  4. Whoever designed this tank deserves to get fired.







    1. leggasiini


      If you thought Type 4 is disgusting, wait until you get the Type 5

  5. Pretty sure that every tank is the game can get up there one way or another.
  6. Klimbing iz phun In all seriousness, there are only a few climbs that are actually useful/broken in randoms, useful to know when you can use them but most of the time you will never be in a situation where you can use them effectivly. As for WG fixing the climbs: How long did it take them to fix something as simple as the E5-cupola? It is clear that at this point WG doesn't give too much of a fuck anymore.
  7. Why do people keep claiming it has a better turret than the 113. It doesnt, its the opposite: the WZ has slightly bigger cupolas and the HEAT-able area in the turretfront is slightly bigger because there is a giant hole behind the 300mm thick gunmantlet.
  8. The new upcoming tier 8 premium is looking great.
  9. I honestly can´t be bothered to care anymore at this point tbh.
  10. Testserver is up, the WZ on the ct currently has 2650 baseDPM (with food and vents you can get your reload below 9 seconds) and it gets 7 degrees of gundepression for some reason. Armor is mediocre at best for a tier 10 heavy, 330+ heat can easily go through the upper plate when not using your gundepression and i have been penned in the gunmantlet several times by heat, so basically play it like a beefier Russian med.
  11. "To compensate for the buffs to the Foch-line we decided to nerf the the Bat Chat 25 t to shit so that French tanks on average do not outperform Russian tanks. In other news we decided to buff the IS-7 ground resistance to Russian hover-med-level to make it more historically accurate as well as buff the DPM to 3000 base so it can effectivly engage the Maus before we are gonna nerf that one to shit"
  12. Basically the 30B goes from being a Leotard-clone to being a STB-1-clone. Also, you posted 3 pics of the Tier 9 Foch... Anyway: The tier 8 gets 3 shells in the magazine with a clipreload of 2.7 seconds The tier 9 gets 4 shells in the magazine with a clipreload of 2.4 seconds The tier 10 gets 6 shells in the magazine with a clipreload of 2 seconds All of them get the same (50B) gun with 257 penetration. Verdict: Meh, I really don´t see the point in driving a turretless autoloading tank tbh... With an autoloader you want to be able to play aggressiv
  13. I love how ranked is just one giant shitty grindfest that you are forced to play if you want to stay competetive.


  14. WG´s idea of a "weakspot" is interesting, all it will change is that it is easier to penetrate the angled UFP with gold...
  15. Atleast that cancer won´t be sold on the other servers (On the EU-client the tankmodel is even missing)
  16. Funfact: With the Rheimetall Panzerwagen/HWK 12 being the only exceptions, all tier 10 lights have worse accuracy than the tier 8 in the same techtree (HWK and the Panzerwagen have the same accuracy, though the panzerwagen has shittier softstats for the gun). Why? Because fuck you. In the ass. Infact, abysmal accuracy on light tanks is almost exclusivly a problem at tier 10, this isn´t helped by the fact that you actually have to aim for weakspots at higher tiers. Ontopic: The T92 is decent for a tier 8 light, personally I would never buy it though, after the li
  17. He knows...:QBSeal:






    1. Assassin7


      you're disgusting. but its also the best thing I've ever seen

  18. That´s where you are wrong, both programs work the exact same way in that regard. Just look at the challanger for example in both tanks.gg and TI, it has a 200mm zone and the next thickest part in 89mm and in both programs the color of that 89mm zone is a light orange.
  19. tank.gg and TI both assign the colors the same way, i.e red for the thickest armor, green for the thinnest, and every other color is assigned and everthing inbetween along the colorscale depending on how thick it is compared to the min/max armorvalues. Because of that if you look at the colorscales of different tanks you will see that they all look slightly different.
  20. Random 113 buff for no reason... Also, they changed(nerfed) the WZ-111-5a: Reloadtime from 9.9 seconds to 11.2 (13% increase) Standardpenetration buffed from 244 to 250 Aimtime buffed from 3.2 secs to 2.5 secs Src: http://wot-news.com/main/postmsg/240516/45169/3/wz-111-model-5a As a comparison the Maus gets 0.3 secs longer reload for the same alpha but with much better gunhandeling, assuming they didn´t buff the softstats to Russian med-levels. They also changed some of the personal missions which I can´t be bothered to translate: http://w
  21. I don´t see a reason not to go with the topgun, you get slightly better accuracy/gunhandeling aswell as the better damage and much better penetration. The difference in DPM in irrelevant and there are very few situations where you can actually use that extra rate of fire to your advantage.
  22. As far as heaviums are concerned: The 907 is probably the best medium/heavium you can get atm, practically no real weaknesses except for the typical Russian gundepression, basically an upgrade to the other Russian T10 meds. The 113 is more of a true heavium as it has both good mobility and decent armor as long as you don´t mind all the module damage. The E5 can still hold its ground after the nerf, it lacks the mobility to be a true heavium though. Also, E50M is weak.
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