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  1. Autism International: UK Election Special, where the best election slogan for either of the major parties would be "Atleast we are not the other party".

    It´s the American elections all over again, get fucked...

    1. Fabunil




      Good thing I´m not a brit, if I were I wouldn´t know if I should laugh or cry.

    2. How_Terrible


      At least Corbyn isn't the PM!

    3. MAJEST1C


      Well US origin is from UK after all :doge:

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  2. "Murazor is working on buffs for Soviet vehicles: Obj. 268, IS-7, Obj. 140, T-62"

    -A crayon eater from the balance department

    Meet wargayming, where ignorance meets incompetence.

    1. ZXrage
    2. Nekommando


      MY BAD!
      IS-6/ KV-5 might get pen buff to both AP and APCR but I'd be content with them shooting APCR as regular rounds, with no premium shells available (like the O-Ho 105mm)
      because let's face it, 260+pen 122mm / 289pen 107mm are extremely excessive especially for prefMM tanks.

    3. hazzgar


      @Nekommando yeah but 217 with no prem round would really gimp them in the world of Superheavies and no weakspots. 

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  3. People actually uploaded that crap...


    1. Fabunil


      ^I wasn´t climbing there for tactical reasons but for fun because I was bored since it was a regular skirmish battle.

      If you want to you can use the climb to get a IS-7 or a Maus (not kidding) up on that mountain within 2-3 minutes of the game to basically create an unbreakable camp for cw.

    2. nabucodonsor


      Yeah that position is op... Can you go even further and go to g1?

    3. Fabunil


      You can get to F1 for sure.

      Pretty sure you can get to te centre of every square on this map except for E8 though.

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  4. A useless tank acting as a crewtrainer for an even more useless line. On the plusside, it is not another Chrysler (yet...)
  5. Atleast we get the chance to create some dank memes out of this shitshow.
  6. They are gonna introduce it as a reward for some shitty gamemode. Not before buffeing the cupola and lower plate to 250mm, the upper plate to 120mm (with 300mm beak ofc) and the sidearmor to 100mm nominal thickness - because customers want a good chieftain and WG cares about its customers.
  7. How to contradict oneself in 2 sentences. I also love how they use the SJW-definition of "hate speech" and "homophobic slurs", i.e "everyone who hurts my feeling deserves to get lynched :("
  8. IMO him losing his CC-status is understandable and fair, however since they took down his video and threatened him with further DMCA-strikes they crossed a line that should not be crossed as they don´t even have the rights to do this (but fuck google and especially fuck wargayming I guess...) I certainly won´t pay those fuckers anything ever again.
  9. Power/weight of 4.64, the mobility is literally that of a Maus with a broken engine So basically the tank will be both frustrating to play as and against, gj WG, though atleast in its current state the tank isn´t as brokenly overpowered as the defender. Also:
  10. Member when they called the Type 59 broken and op?


    Ohhh, I member.

    1. hazzgar


      Old type59 was broken. It's still decent only because of how shit t8 meds are.

    2. rojo180


      I got mine to 93% today. Ground out 4.5million credits thanks to clan and personal credit boosters. :kreygasm:

    3. hazzgar


      @rojo180 I'm envious. As a teal moron I try to 2 mark mine but the gun is so damn unreliable I oscilate between 76 and 84 though I don't run food and spam too much sprem. Maybe I should but I hoped I would save that for 3 mark since maybe maybe it would be possible (but now I think it's not)

  11. Faillöwe got sum dreadlocks.



    1. leggasiini


      Faillöwe got pissed off because there is now 2nd Faillöwe so it became Rastalöwe

    2. Fabunil


      If only they fixed the gunmantlet...

    3. Fulcrous


      So instead of chocolate, does it use weed?

  12. So they are all pretty much either redundant or useless to begin with. Camo MIGHT be interesting on certain tanks, then again 10% camoskill only gives you like 2% more camo even on the most stealthy tanks...
  13. RIP Wotlabs?

  14. Kawaii nano desu~ Edelweiss: Softstatsu: Tier: 8, Medium Tanku HP: 1400 Power/Weightu: 25 Max speedu: 60/-20 km / h Hull turning speedu: 42 °/s Turret turning speedu: 38 °/s View rangeu: 370 m Hull armoru: 120/60/60 mm Turret armoru: 120/80/60 mm Alpha Damageu: 240/240/295 Penetrationu: 190/224/44 mm Reload timeu: 7,5 s Accuracy at 100 m: 0.38 Aiming timeu: 2,3 s Depressionu/Elevationu: -8°/15° Armoru: Basically a Panther-2 that trades penetration and accuracy for insane speed Nameless
  15. Unless you plan on playing the same tank over and over again for 400+ battles (or switch the equipment around everytime for 10 gold each time) it is cheaper to use the consumables instead of the equipment. Those consumables will also stack on top of the already equiped superequipments for an even bigger bonus... Rewarding tanks/camos/boosters for such a gamemode would be fine, the problem with this gamemode is that you are forced to play it if you want to stay competetive as it gives you a flat improvement to your tanks and gives an advantage to players who actually have th
  16. Arty is trash, don´t play it.
  17. Basically Rubicon all over again, except this time you will have to pay with braincells and time instead of your shekels. It would make too much sense for WG to just sell exp/credit boosters and reward tanks for those bonds instead of this... Can´t wait for the incoming shitstorm...
  18. What, you tell me the histoical Tiger in WW2 couldn´t pump out 10 kg shells every 3 seconds? WG is probably just wondering how often they can ge away with selling the same tank over and over again.
  19. We still have M60 codes left from the campaign, just message [current_clancommander] to recieve one.
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