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  1. due to the fast nature of WoT nowadays id say the 128 is better tbh, its main downside is its gold pen which will struggle against another E100 even. but the rof and alpha allow you to rack up dmg far faster in a brawl or in a steam roll. 150 is still viable for having higher gold pen and alpha, but in fast games you'll find yourself wishing you had the 128.
  2. i just realized that hardening could be used in CW/advances for more HP especially by monkey clans that camp
  3. most tanks will stay the same meta wise, but a few niche tanks/playstyles will benefit from the new Equipment. the Maus would def benefit from hardening and things like the VKK/E100 could possibly drop vents for it as well or even the improved spall liner for better arty/HE spam protection. Against my wishes the 4005's reverse speed crutch might be solved by the turbo charger , LT' players who prefer to kemp bush for spotting (Even 90)will benefit from the equipment that helps negate camo behind foliage and camo of moving tanks ect. The one thing that bothers me about this equipment change is the unpredictable nature of it, with all these new equipment pieces knowing what an enemy tank will be capable of will be much harder now. especially for the shitters who will run some wacky loadout that boosts their tank in some unpredictable way that will throw you off guard.
  4. so im not the only one that doesn't enjoy the 277 that much, often i find myself wishing i was in a 5A or 430U instead as well.
  5. i think this tank is highly underrated basically a better 704 in almost every way aside from speed, which IMO is the only really major downside it has. mostly because chasing down dmg in those fast games can be impossible.
  6. im gonna go ahead and say that ur prob just trolling? considering you are the literal definition of a low tier stat padder who cannot perform any degree of consistency above tier 5.
  7. tier 8 is ok tier 9 is decent tier 10 is probably the worst tier 10 superheavy
  8. well it dosent replace the super conq, in fact the super conq in all aspects other than speed is still better. but it at least makes the E5 more of a threat/more playable as a tank. instead of just being a worthless XP farm like it is on Live. tbh thats sort of how i fell about all of these buffs. None of them make the E100/IS-4/E5 meta per say, or even among best in class. But rather just make them more able to hold their own in a game rather than just being blatantly out classed by everything and feel like XP pinatas.
  9. the double shot is near useless in most situations and can be an RNG roll. often its smarter to play the tanks single shot/auto-re loader style. the double shot not only takes time to charge up, but it also ruins ur DPM far more than if you had just dumped both shells 1 by 1. Also both shells fly linear when you double shoot, so if ur shot misses or goes to armor it will bounce, it means both shells will typically miss/bounce. its basically just a fun gimmick to get off a meaty hit. also ive re-bound the double fire key to MB4 and im able to hold LMB to fire once loaded just fine
  10. im actually interested in what aspects of the game make you guys think the F2P experience is better? @dustygator @Rexxie in my mind is seems like F2P experience would be a terrible experience, but maybe im wrong.
  11. eh idk about snapping, its not very effective at firing on the move/turning the turret in reality. not saying its balanced by any means, being able to dump 720 into someone so fast and so often is broken when combined with its mobility and camo, but the aimtime is aids. especially at long range. i myself hold 2900 dpg. which is better than most my 8's at around 2400/2500. so yeah its strong.
  12. so much wasted tech tree potential being dumped into premiums that being said its quite interesting that WG sometimes still seems to be pulling tanks from this list rather than just making shit up https://wiki.wargaming.net/en/Upcoming_tanks
  13. pretty much the same hull/design other than the frontal pike having better armor so in theory yes? the armor was pretty decent during my experience.
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