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  1. IMO nerfing the armor was a mistake, it basically had 112 levels of armor (using the Kirovets-1 model as reference), now its armor will essentially make it a hipster IS-3 with the ability to actually kinda sidescrape. also that frontal turret armor is scary with how flat the turret face appears to be. IMO the tank isn't OP (atm) if you understand how the firing modes work, it offers no real glaringly obvious advantages over something like an auto re-loader or a traditional autoloader. in fact ill call right now that much like the Italians only competent players will be able to utilize these tanks properly, while ur avg pubbies will yolo for 1-2 shots then die, at least in their current state (providing WG dosen't overly buff them) IMO the tanks stats on ST were fine how they were regarding the tank itself, all they needed to change/adjust/test was the reload/intra-clip/switch times for the different firing modes. as thats kinda the whole point of the tank
  2. after a bit of frustration and jumping back and fourth i managed to get this done
  3. The tank was just added to the files in the third iteration of 1.6.1 showing that the tank is likely very close to being released already
  4. source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/09/18/world-of-tanks-supertest-news-the-double-barreled-vehicle-is-entering-the-supertest/ We are especially interested in the gameplay concept, not so much in the dummy vehicle itself. None of this vehicle’s characteristics should be taken seriously. It will give all of you (and us) an insight into what a double-barreled tank could look and play like in World of Tanks. So, let’s break the ice and take a look at the first-ever vehicle with two guns (no, Franken and Stein don’t count) as well as its stats. Might i be the first to call out that they seem to have just used the Kirovets-1 Hull for this napkin design tank? Also it appears to be using dual IS-3A guns (for now) so horrid gun handling combined with 1,400m/s velocity memes and 270 HEAT pen. so essentially just like the IS-3A it will be OP in a close range brawl and useless in any mid-long range fights For those who dont understand the Reload times/how the guns work (vid is time skipped to the explanation of the firing modes)
  5. Not sure how accurate/true this is, but it was pulled from reddit. XVM works off of a public database, The XVM DB does a mass rotating pull once a month from wargaming API (I think the limit is 10k names per day?) then soft updates if an XVM mod user is in a battle. all those game stats get sent to the XVM DB and updated a small bit until the next mass pull cycle happens. So having the XVM mod is a bit like spying on everyone's stats in your match and the mod on your computer takes the names from your battle list (all 30 of you) and sends a 'pull' request to the database to get the stats of the player with that name. With the anonomizer running, theres no name for the mod to pull from so it just displays blank stats. There's no Buy in or consent from other players, its just the XVM database displaying stats. This at least gives you the option to hide stats to prevent focus and have a better player experience. @Wanderjar was actually referenced as the original poster From what i understand its only effective in hiding ur stats in-game, not as a whole. if somebody wants to check ur stats after game by looking at ur profile it will work just fine.
  6. source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/09/16/wgfest-post-show-qna-bond-shop-and-more/ – We cannot release a bond shop so far due to a number of technical problems. Fuck Off WG, Thats the same excuse they used back in 1.5 or whenever it was many months ago when we were first supposed to get the bond shop.
  7. Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/09/15/wg-fest-2019-a-look-into-the-future/ New Vehicles/Dual-Gun Tanks We’re constantly looking for new ways to develop the existing tech trees in our game. We don’t have any master plans for the introduction of specific machines yet, but we’re pondering some interesting concepts. After all, aim has always been to introduce tanks that will provide you with fresh and unique gameplay, and add variety to your daily gaming experience. This is precisely the case with dual-gun vehicles, which are about to enter the closed Supertests. These vehicles will be equipped with two guns, allowing you to shoot both simultaneously and sequentially. We’re actively working on the mechanics of these unusual machines, and their concept may change as a result of testing. Keep your eyes peeled for a Developers Diaries video and a dedicated article to be published tomorrow, going into more detail on these unique battle heroes. Twin barrel tanks. We want twin barrel tanks to appear in our games. In a very short time the tests will start again in supertest. You can fire both shells at once, or fire them individually like Italian autoreloaders, however both shells have the same reload item. Salvo fire (Fire both shells), requires charge up time. This kills your DPM but allows to inflict massive burst damage. (Plans for a full Dual barrel Branch are in the works featuring both the ST-II and a dual barrel IS-4) Sandbox During the next iteration of the Sandbox, we plan to test reworked mechanics for dealing damage with HE shells. We’re currently testing a system in which the mechanics for dealing damage will be calculated more fairly and become more predictable, both for the player who inflicts it and for the tank hit by a HE shell. All changes from previous Sandbox iterations will be saved. More detailed information on all changes will be published closer to the start of the Sandbox in a dedicated article. We’re going to launch the next iteration this autumn. Everyone is eligible to participate and evaluate the modifications we propose—you just need to download the separate Sandbox client. The changes we’re testing are very important to our game, so we would like to once again invite everyone to share their feedback. The Anonymizer The anonymizer is a tool that conceals a player’s real username in battle. This feature was announced at last year’s WG Fest, and is important to our players. The main task of the anonymizer is to maintain a certain privacy in game, and the tool we’re currently working on can solve this issue. We had several ideas of how the anonymizer should work in World of Tanks, but the most fitting concept for players would be that the player should be anonymous only during battles. How does it work? You select an option in the game settings and activate the anonymizer. The game generates a random username in each battle. It’s not a random string of symbols, but a word that more or less makes sense, so other players won’t even notice that you have the anonymizer turned on. They will only realize it after the battle when they want to see your battle statistics. The anonymizer will let many players feel more comfortable in battle. There will be less “social pressure”, and you’ll be able to play your favorite game in peace. Session Statistics At the time of launch of session statistics, we were already actively working on its second iteration, and are now ready to share our plans with you. Win percentage, number of vehicles destroyed, survival rate, and number of opponents spotted will all be added to the session statistics to make your experience more enjoyable. An options button will be also added to configure the feature to your needs. You will be able to change the priority of economic parameters and select what data will be hidden. In fact, you can enable/disable almost all parameters, all while tracking the average experience earned per session. We also decided to add an option to not reset the stats every day. Now it’s up to the player to decide when their session starts! The new version of session statistics coming out next year will cover several game modes. Your statistics will be available in a special menu where you can see your efficiency in the Frontline mode, for example. Level, Frontline experience, average rank per session, Personal Reserves, Credits—you can see it all. Also, this feature will allow you to analyse your battle efficiency in each mode, including: Damage to main objectives Base capture points Damage by consumables Average blocked damage And much more. Finally, we plan to replace the Personal Rating that’s shown in the Achievements section with WTR. Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/09/15/wgfest-2019-info/ Wargaming is experimenting with “Quality shadows” without utilizing Real Time Raytracing (RTX) technology, which allows to use the advanced ray tracing technique in the game without the need of a hyper expensive graphics cards. EnCore will receive an update as EnCore RT for testing your gaming rig with the new quality shadows feature enabled. Service Reward (Free T-50-2). This will be continued this year with extra rewards. Rewards will be announced in few months time. New branches and nations – WG has been adding new stuff into the game and fixing the current , nations are not a priority. Tier 9 premium vehicles. Might happen in the far future. Matchmaker: the template system works and fixes the “tier 8 vs tier 10” problem, where you are never outclassed. WG is working on mitigating changes from special events that would influence the normal matchmaker balance. Next step for matchmaker – less battles with 3 arties per team, and more often with 2 or less. PvE modes are being worked on. Few tanks have been rebalanced like the Type 5, Leopards and FVs. The Type 5 derp gun nerf has worked and put the 2 main guns into similar capability levels. The FV 4005 nerf made the tank adapt a lot more careful playstyle without hindering the damage output too much. STB is quite good now according to WG, and statistics show good performance levels. 430U nerf was cancelled as the nerf didn’t show any promising results. WG don’t want to overnerf the tank, so that they wouldn’t have to follow a buff – nerf – buff – nerf cycle. The new tank rebalances are likely to be delayed as WG is focusing on shell rebalance first. RNG changes – no plans. 25% is here to stay. Artillery. After shells rebalance, changes might happen. French cars are not getting changed for now. Statistics show them to be good but not OP. They are quite comparable to other nations’ light tanks. They are under constant monitoring and might be changed if needed. British lights overall are made to be played in a very particular way. WG says that the tanks are performing well.
  8. its apart of the new common place "Not fun to play, not fun to play against" mentality WG seems to be adopting
  9. no actually its about 190mm on flat terrain/equal ground. dosen't hit 200+ unless your angling it. Working armor model here: https://armor.wotinspector.com/?targetVehicleId=56081,59410,51731,34836&mode=xray.armor&platform=pc
  10. at least you can play this one more than 4 times a day, and aren't limited because of some mobile gaming tier fuel mechanic.
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