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  1. its been nerfed for a 5th time (prob gonna be dropped to tier 8 soon) - Today, the 5th (fifth) iteration of the Object 752 tank (USSR, TT-9, special, 3-shell drum) went to the supertest.More nerfs to the god of nerfs. Well, then move on to level 8 already?- Spread per 100 meters from 0.38 to 0.4 - Aiming time from 3.07 to 3.26 s - Time between shots inside the drum from 3 to 3.2 s - Average damage per minute from 2.019 to 1.996 - Dispersion from running gear movement from 0.24 to 0.26
  2. it got nerfed even further, worse aimtime, worse intra-clip, worse HP goes to show how much of a meat grinder ST can be
  3. tbh both the 430U and 260 are more than good enough for it, its just a matter of patience even with the 268 v4 ur not gonna just magically get 10k combined out of the blue, its gonna take time for a game like that to roll around regardless of what u play
  4. iirc i did mine in the 430U? 430U tbh is ur best option IMO. Mobility, armor, and DPM. you could try the 705A and hope for the right game, or even a 268 v4 to get more blocked dmg and have the higher alpha.
  5. source: https://vk.com/wotclue?w=wall-70226354_2257522 Another Abomination added to ST in WG's Quest to ruin the last decently balanced tier in the game Things to Note: Boat Shaped Hull (like 907) Half of the LFP doesn't exist or isn't a hit box, other half is very well angled. UFP is very well angled so likely strong (public release image claims 180mm thick, but the leaked ST image shows 300mm) Turret will likely be weak to Gold 290mm almost completely flat, but may be strong against HEAT as its spaced with thick armor. -8 gun depression (with how that guns mounted? lul ok WG) essentially a Kran's gun with fast clip reload and x3 440 alpha
  6. yes we have? the prem was shown in the first dev diaries vid object 703-II
  7. we have had a million threads about when a new tank will have updated wn8 values here over the years got to the point where people would meme/troll/mass down-vote anyone who made one. but i guess wotlabs is too dead for even that much nowadays
  8. this is the nicest response ive ever seen to one of these kinds of thread here congrats @Wanderjar
  9. source: https://vk.com/wotclue?w=wall-70226354_2213178
  10. the reloads haven't been adjusted yet, has the same reload times as the 122mm ver personally id like the 100mm version more atm. -7 gun depression, actually decent gun handling. much more fitting IMO especially now that they have butchered the armor down, could maybe make it a bit more mobile now that the armor isnt really HT armor but more heavium armor. but overall the 100mm version looks more enjoyable than another derp fest IS-3A like gun
  11. 3 little things ive learned when 3 marking that are super important 1:View Range doesn't matter what tank, try you max ur VR as much as possible. this means both VR skills+food+ optics if viable. 2: Tracking Shots Track everything if/when available, in fact make it a habit even when u aren't 3 marking 3: Composure Stay clam, getting angry will only make you play stupid. think things trough and make smart choices, dont always try to be aggressive and force a good game. some games will require slower/campy game-play to get anything out of them.
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