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  1. nobody is stupid enough to suffer through such shit for a few bucks or a premium also yes @kolni set the bar pretty high
  2. last i checked it wasnt just during Christmas. but i guess its more of an incentive to play it in a way. Also the Christmas Bonus has always allowed to you make credits/Break even in tanks when spamming gold+food+large equipment, even in 10's. It's part of what makes the Christmas event so good/OP , its also why each year WG makes getting the 50% credit bonus harder and harder to encourage you to just spend money to get it.
  3. Hardly. most of the people i know as well as myself agree the STB should have kept its natural gun depression rather than the siege gimmick, historical or not. and as far as hulldown capability goes? the Udes wins by a mile in its environment as the armor is far superior. the main reason the STB is more popular to the Udes is the gun, STB's gun now basically makes it the equivalent of a Japanese T95E6 but on a playable platform (no tumor). The Udes is definitely and underplayed tank, only real gripe i have personally is the gold pen in the current meta of lmao armor. but other than that its a solid tank.
  4. @kariverson the tanks.gg model for the VK72 has been incorrect for along while now, you have to roll back to like update 1.0 to get the correct model also the model for the 703 is obviously incorrect/incomplete. this is a more correct model: https://armor.wotinspector.com/?targetVehicleId=44289,63746,56323,56836&mode=xray.textures&platform=pc i Also find it very amusing that anyone would think the 703 is anything but broken in anyway, shows that all these years of powercreep has gotten to peoples heads.
  5. this is apparently the final version of the tanks in ST, which means we should expect CT to pop up soon as the tanks are scheduled to release early Jan IS-2-II (USSR, TT-8, pumped, mechanics of double-barreled guns): • Reload time of guns (1/2): 8.5 / 8.5 sec (did not touch) • Time to prepare a salvo shot: 2 sec (did not touch) • Reload reload lock time: 4 sec (did not touch) • Change of guns: from 5 to 4 sec. IS-3-II (USSR, TT-9, pumped, double-barreled gun mechanics): • Gun reload time (1/2): 10.70 / 10.70 s for 10.5 / 10.5 s. • Time to prepare a salvo shot: 2.5 seconds (did not touch) • Lock reload time: 4 seconds (did not touch) • Change of guns: 5 seconds (did not touch) • Engine power: from 750 to 780 • Specific power: from 13.52 to 14.06 ST-II (USSR, TT-10, pumped, mechanics of double-barreled guns): • Gun reload time (1/2): 11.25 / 11.25 sec. for 11.7 / 11.7 sec. • Preparation time of a volley shot: 2.5 sec. (did not touch) • Recharge lock time: 3 sec. (did not touch) • Change of guns: from 5.5 sec. for 5 sec. • Booking the forehead of the tower: from 250 to 300
  6. https://tanks.gg/ this site is ur best friend, learn to love it.
  7. It’s the same exact tank armor wise, but with a much much worse gun. Substantially worse pen/alpha/and DPM.
  8. @Panzergraf the E100 has been out of meta and power crept to shit for years. Over the years everything within tiers 8-10 has been dialed to 11, in order to stay competitive ur tank needs a combination armor, speed, pen, and alpha/DPM. if you dont have those ur going to suffer. basically all the meta tanks in tier 8 are premiums (surprise surprise) and all the meta tanks in tier 10 are CW/Personal MissionReward tanks
  9. 5 Years? this isnt even the same game anymore by comparison. to a degree you are probably rusty, but of most of it lies in the 5 years of changes and meta shifts id say i wont write a 500 page book of all the things that are different, ill leave that to others. but just know that at this point ur basically playing a new game and need to relearn everything practically from scratch.
  10. the tank really was added to the files on RU/ST previously the tank was only ever in the files on the CN server. so gold skin or not WG is preparing it for something...... @hall0 the gold skin is cheap and rushed, unlike the 59G skin which was actually well thought out and had effort.
  11. this means nothing to me WG is going full steam ahead making tier 9 reward tanks, this means there WILL be OP ones that slowly begin to ruin the last decently balanced tier in the game. now or later it will happen it also means purchasable tier 9 premiums are becoming more and more realistic for the future
  12. i wouldn't really mind the guy if he didnt turn every thread into a shit fest of arguing and fighting over unrelated shit
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