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  1. Source: https://thearmoredpatrol.com/2019/06/14/wot-supertest-the-t54e2/ Doesn't look to bad, aside from the aim time and accuracy along with the tumor. Im going to assume it also has mediocre dispersion values, but overall its better than the T34 in regards to a higher alpha tier 8 American HT Premium....which is mostly what i think this will end up replacing. Kinda looks like they basically took the Tier 10 M48A2/T54E2/T123E6 From the Files and down tiered it to tier 8.
  2. So you thought WG couldn't do any worse after the V4, 279, and Chieftain? https://vk.com/wotclue?w=wall-70226354_1984992 silly Komrade No details of statistics yet, will update when they arrive. Types of shooting: you can immediately shoot two guns and wait for a CD in 10-17 seconds (alternative), or you can prepare a shot (charge) in advance, 5-7 seconds.
  3. its a tutorial system of sorts for new players, "teaches" you the game while also giving you some stater shit like free xp/gold. And also basically lets you get any tier 6 you want from the tech tree for doing next to nothing as its very easy to get through so it more or less dose the opposite of what is suppose to do, because instead of letting you learn the game it just throws you into tier 6 after glossing over some shit you wont remember 5min later.
  4. this isnt 2015 anymore, people dont "grind" most new players get to skip to tier 6 via the training grounds, or buy their way to tier 8 via the premium shop. throw in a little gold+free xp and bam your at tier 9/10
  5. thats not the vk45 its a captured tiger 2 at tier 7 its also apparently coming via the twitch prime loot that we get every month for free
  6. all i see is "No Pen" because with all of the hulldown tanks there will be in this years ranked, your gonna be better off shooting primarily HE. Also RiP NA/SEA for having ranked canceled (though that may not be such a bad thing) @Sapros as for whether or not ranked its worth it? No. Only things that would be worth it would be the possibility of a good tier 9 tank (note the word "possibility" because we have zero info on the vehicle and it could end up being trash-mediocre) or the Bonds for the sake of the tanks for bond feature and whether or not there will be any worth while tanks for purchase there.
  7. STB-1 Gun Changes are ass. the better aimtime helps you not miss as many close range shots, but it still derps the fuck out at range the lower alpha is shit and often lets people simply out-trade you.The siege mode dosent work on this tank, it sucks not having the -10 gun depression all the time and the -5-6 on the sides is limiting. and overall the UDES/M48 is a better option at this point if your looking for a ridge line medium. the engine buffs are decent and let you maintain 50 across most terrain alot of the time The turret changes are very good and quite noticeable, your able to bounce a fair amount of shots especially compared to before. but its worth noting that its not immune by any means and can still be 22'd most of the time. Leopard 1 Gun changes are nice actually. The 278 APCR is amazing and having 323 APCR as gold is much more fitting for its "sniper" role the higher alpha IMO is nice as well as the leo 1 often has to minimize exposure so getting more dmg per shot on avg during those opportunistic moments is an improvement for me. the little changes to dispersion accuracy and aim-time ofc are welcome too. mobility changes are hardly noticeable Kharkov Surprise Surprise: its fucking garbage. The entirety of the 1-5 is a TD camp fest that brutally punishes any kind of push (its also completely open to arty) the 6 line where the Trench is located isnt deep enough to be realistically used by anything that isnt a low profile Russian hover med, and will let TD's pop shots into your turret/cupolas otherwise. (its also open to arty) the 7-8 lines where most HT's will be was completely ruined compared to before. They removed alot of the smaller buildings that provided protection and allowed you to move up in the E/F-7 areas, they also put holes/windows in alot of the buildings in that spot along with larger rubble piles. overall this means the city has tunred from a close range brawl to a 100+ meter Hulldown pixel sniper fest. In addition the removal of so many buildings have allowed both TDs from the Fields and arty to loop in opportunistic shots. the 9-line is similar to before so mostly useless, and the 0-line was cut in half and had more rubble piles added for more hulldown pixel cupola sniping fun.
  8. your doing quite well for someone with under 5k games tbh if you use discord id recommend joining the WoTlabs discord as its much more active than the forums nowadays, and will be easier for you to find toonmates/coaches
  9. this implies that you logged into tanks and are playing again in which case i am disappointed in you
  10. https://vk.com/wotclue?w=wall-70226354_1834582 Iteration 2 (Comparison goes with iteration 1!): _____________________________________________________________________________ • Changes for STB-1 tank (Iteration 2, CT-10, pumped through Japan): - Reload time from 7 to 6.808 (7.671 now) )- Damage per minute from 3085.7 to 3172.6 (now based on - from 3050.4) - Rate of fire from 8.571 to 8.813 (now based on - 7.821) - Projectile flight speed (BB) from 1050 to 1185 (based on now: 1478) - Flight speed "Gold" from 1050 to 950 (based on now: 1173) - The armor of the turret's forehead from 195 to 222 - Increased reservation of the turret of the tank: > The zones of weakened armor in the mask of the gun were removed; > Additionally increased the total reservation of the mask; > Increased general reservation of the forehead of the tower. • Changes for the tank Leopard 1 (Iteration 2, ST-10, Germany, pumped). New imbu brought, right? Changes:- The basic projectile (BB) is replaced from the armor-piercing-sabalite to the armor-piercing - this change is canceled, the projectile remains what it is now - Projectile flight speed (BB) from 1380 to 1480 (based on now: 1478) - Punch “gold” from 315 to 323 (based on now: 330) - Expanding the range of spread from running motion from 0.153 to 0.125 (based on now - 0.173) - Expanding the range of spread from turning chassis from 0.153 to 0.125 (based on now - 0.173) - Expanding the range of spread from turning. towers on max. soon from 3.07 to 2.68 (based on now - 2.76) - Expansion of the range of scatter from movement to max. speeds from 10.74 to 8.73 (based on now - 11.22) - Expanding the range of spread from turning to max. speeds from 7.36 to 5.98 (based on now - 9.32)• Changes for tank AMX 30 B (Iteration 2, CT-10, France, pumped): - As part of this iteration, the tank did not change anything. TTX remained as they were with the changes at the very beginning. Will test more. • Object 430U and Object 430: - There will be no changes in patch 1.5.1 for them. Previously, developers have completely canceled all edits. This was in the news: "On changes to" Object 430 "and" Object 430U "": https://vk.cc/9m7peX _____________________________________________________________________________ NEW, iteration 1: _____________________________________________________________________________ • Changes for the Type 61 tank (Iteration 1, ST-9, Japan pumped):- Basic projectile replaced with armor-piercing-podkalybernogo on armor - piercing - Damage BB from 390 to 360 - Damage "gold" from 390 to 360 - Damage from a mine to 480 to 440 - Damage per minute from 2440.3 to 2747 - Reload time from 9.589 to 7.863 - Rate of fire from 6.257 to 7.631 - Projectile flight speed (BB) from 1478 to 1185 - Gold flight speed from 1173 to 950 - Firing accuracy from 0.345 to 0.364 - Information time from 2.21 to 2.01 - Power from 604 to 750 - Power density from 17.26 at 21.43 - Speed of turn running from 48 to 50 - Max. speed forward from 47.6 to 45 - Max. speed back from 20 to 23 - Strength (HP) from 1700 to 1750- Armor of the hull sides from 35 to 45 - Armor of the tower's forehead from 70 to 85 - Armor of the sides of the tower from 60 to 80 - Extension of the range of variation from the rotation of the tower from 0.134 to 0.105 - Extension of the range of variation from the movement of the running gear from 0.134 to 0.096 - Extension of the range of variation from turning the chassis from 0.134 to 0.096 - Expanding the range of spread from the turn. towers on max. soon from 5.64 to 4.43 - Expansion of the range of scatter from movement to max. speeds from 6.39 to 4.32 - Expanding the range of variation from rotation to max. speeds from 6.44 to 4.79 • Changes for STA-1 tank (Iteration 1, ST-8, Japan, pumped): - Break from 218.7 from 219 - Damage per minute from 2002.3 to 2310.3 - Recharge time from 7.192 to 6.233- Rate of fire from 8.343 to 9.626 - Projectile flight speed (BB) from 914 to 1080 - Firing accuracy from 0.345 to 0.364 - Information time from 2.21 to 2.11 - Power from 570 to 650 - Specific power from 16.73 to 19.07 - Extension of the range of spread from movement chassis from 0.153 to 0.134 - Expanding the range of variation from turning the chassis from 0.153 to 0.134 - Extending the range of movement from movement to max. speeds from 6.9 to 6.04 - Expansion of the range of spread from the turn to max. speeds from 6.75 to 5.91 • AP for STA-2 tank (Iteration 1, ST-8, Japan, PREM): - Damage per minute from 2002.3 to 2145.3 - Recharge time from 7.192 to 6.712 - Rate of fire from 8.343 to 8.939- Projectile flight speed from 853 to 1147 - Gold flight speed from 853 to 988 - Power from 570 to 700 - Power density from 16.76 to 20.59 - Max. speed back from 20 to 23 • Changes for the Leopard Prototyp A tank (Iteration 1, CT-9, Germany, pumped): - The “Gold” projectile was replaced from a cumulative to an armor-piercing-snapper - The “High-explosive” projectile was replaced with DM11 - BB damage from 390 to 420 - Gold damage from 390 to 420 - Punch gold from 330 to 315 - Degree damage from 480 to 510 - Explode with a land mine from 53 to 105 - Damage per minute from 2369.2 to 2551.5 - Speed flight of the projectile (BB) from 1478 to 1380- Gold flight speed from 1173 to 1613 - Firing accuracy from 0.307 to 0.297 - Information time from 2.01 to 1.82 - Max. backward speed of 23 to 20 - The speed of rotation running from 42 to 40 - Expansion range scatter from turret with 0.134 to 0.096 - Expanding the scatter of movement running from 0.173 to 0.153 - Expanding the variation of rotation running from 0.173 to 0.153 - circle Expansion scatter from the turn. towers on max. soon from 4.97 to 3.55 - Expansion of the range of scatter from movement to max. speeds from 11.22 to 9.97 - Expanding the range of spread from the turn to max. speeds from 7.25 to 6.14 • Changes for Indien-Panzer tank (Iteration 1, ST-8, Germany, pumped):- Changed description - BB damage from 240 to 250 - Breaking from 212 to 218 - Gold damage from 240 to 250 - Bomb damage from 320 to 330 - Punch a bomb with 45 to 90 - Damage per minute from 2085.7 to 2172.6 - Accuracy of shooting from 0.326 to 0.307 - Information time from 2.21 to 1.92 - Extension of the range of variation from the running movement from 0.211 to 0.192 - Extension of the range of variation from the rotation of the running from 0.211 to 0.192 - Extension of the range of movement from movement to max. speeds from 11.6 to 10.55 - Expanding the range of spread from turning to max. speed from 8.02 to 7.29 • AP for tanks: Panzer 58 Mutz / Panzer 58 FL / Panzer 58 / Schwarzpanzer 58 (Black) (Iteration 1, CT-8, germany, PREM):- Damage BB 240 250 - Damage "Gold" from 240 to 250 - Damage landmine with 320 x 330 - sample landmine 45 90 - Damage per minute 1877.1 to 1955.4 - Airspeed projectile (BS) 1000 1150 - Gold flight speed from 1250 to 1478 - Overview from 380 to 390 - Accuracy of firing from 0.345 to 0.326 - Durability (HP) from 1300 to 1350
  11. taken from wot express, apparently it wont be for FL or Ranked. hopefully means its a bond shop tank
  12. source: https://thedailybounce.net/world-of-tanks/supertest-object-777-version-ii-tier-ix-reward-tank/ Okay, so what is the Object 777 Version II at Tier IX, what is it like? It’s a mobile tank with a low profile, well-sloped side armour and a menacing 122-mm gun. However, The Object 777 Version II has poor accuracy, low hull traverse and turret traverse speed, mediocre gun depression angles (-5°) and low DPM. In addition, due to the small size of the vehicle, penetrating shells can cause serious damage to Crew members and its modules. Some of you will probably remember this tank from quite a few years back, it was originally added to the files as a tier 10 but has now been down tiered and re-balanced as a tier 9. Speculation of this tank possibly being the FL reward vehicle has been floating around due to the timing (the FL tier 9 reward tank is set to be revealed this month) Personally i like the design of the 777 and ive always wanted it to be added in the game somehow. But part of me kinda hopes it isn't the FL reward tank as having yet Another Russian heavy tank reward/premium would be very disappointing and not worth an entire year of FL grinding. BTW: the armor doesn't seem to have been nerfed at all despite being dropped down a tier, so if your interested in the armor model just look on tanks.gg https://tanks.gg/tank/obj-777-ii/model
  13. on flat terrain there nothing special, decent but not crazy. But Hulldown the turret outside of the bulge area is pretty strong, basically immune to all AP/APCR rounds because auto-bounce angle. And even the Bulge area is a 50/50 to 320 APCR & 330-340 heat, and that's if you hit dead center. similar to a E5 cupola having your round go slightly to the left/right---up/down typically means a bounce. I dont have a more realistic image of it being in hulldown mode, but the green areas are where its weakest when hulldown. Most notably if a UDES driver over exposes their UFP the lesser angled area is an auto-pen to pretty much anything which i highlighted in green.
  14. like i said im very much so expecting the alpha to be nerfed to 440. the armor may see some nerfs as well by release, after all its German so its got a snowballs chance in hell of actually coming to live with these current stats. @leggasiini Even something like the new skoda premium only further proves my argument of Alpha power creep @tier 8 to be true. 19sec base reload that can get down to 17.5 when kitted, for 720 burst in 3.59 seconds from the first shot. FL being the perfect example of how broken tier 8 currently is with the Hordes of Progettos, skorps, SU-130pm's, defenders, TS-5's, EBR's ect. And these new premiums sure as hell aren't helping.
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