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  1. Even in Armored Warfare Chinese Tanks are Nothing more than Cheap Russian Knock-Off's. After all This Time in History they can invent revolutionary Robots and Make IPhones, But Still Can't Invent their own Damned Tanks :kjugh: 

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    2. Nekommando


      Chinese do have on-and-off relationship with Russia, that's why there are outright clones mixed with indigenous and/or licensed designs.  
      BTW iPhones are not designed in China, some other smartphones are, and among them some are kinda nice. But as to originality, they have much room to improve on. 

    3. PrivateBert


      Thanks for the negreps? But...why? Do you want to say they developed the iPhone? Apple will find that an interesting idea.

    4. engineered


      Fixed your neg.  Prolly some dude who keeps getting saved by the suicide nets in a Foxconn factory.

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