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  1. Interesting you say that, because ive noticed how we haven't actually gotten a Christmas tech tree on time since the Polish HT's. EBR's: Delayed DoubleBarrel tanks: Delayed Italian HT's: Delayed all of them being new lines balanced/marketed around new gimmicks, and all of them failed to meet the Christmas deadline.
  2. incase anyone needs a recap, the machanic is useless unless ur braindead. almost nobody will ever think to fire 2 seconds before the next shell is loaded to get the max reload reduction. and the reload reductions are pointless because even then you just wasted an entire extra shell regardless. The DPM/Reloads: through the processes of SuperTest, WG consistently nerfed the reloads across the board to go in line with the reload reductions, so the reloads are trash because they dont want the reload reductions to be too good once the mechanic kicks in. But as i just mentioned the mechanic is useless, and will almost never be of use. so ur simply left with a tank that has bad reloads/DPM for nothing in return. Just to give you an idea of just how bad it is, the Rhino with full purple equipment and a max crew with Food has a 13.9 second reload on its fastest shell (once fully loaded) so 14 seconds, most other HT's with that kind of a reload get 750 alpha, while other HT's with 490 alpha get sub 8-9 second reloads. most of the time you wont even be fully loaded by the time you get to the fight, and will only just be finishing your second shell in most cases. The Gun: this tank has the same bloom values as the CGC artillery when turning the tank/on the move, that should about sum that up. the amazing paper aimtime and accuracy are a lie The Ammo: this is another frustrating point about the tank. you have two choices, good APCR (268) with great velocity (1500m/s) and 325 HEAT with terrible velocity. most of the time you will want to fire APCR, because my god the HEAT is so slow. but as soon as you run into a Maus/E100 or anything with armor you have to then dip into a 1 minute long reload just so you can have a shell that can pen shit. which at tier 10 nowadays is basically everything. but at the same time full HEAT will drive you nuts because shooting anything at range will cause internal pain. The Armor: its not great/not terrible. On flat terrain the UFP is mostly weak to tier 10 standard rounds, and it cant reliably sidescrape because of the rounded hull. the Turret cheeks on flat terrain are only immune to same tier AP, but gold is an ez Pen. another point is that the Gun mantlet itself is only strong when facing directly at your target, turn a little to the left or right and the whole of the gun is 180-200mm. the tank also features a small Pyramid on top of the gun, this is a weakpoint. small but still an easy pen (170mm) the tanks armor will mostly excel in a perfect hulldown scenario where only ur gun pokes over a ridge/object. in this case it can be near impossible to dig out, but its a very niche scenario. the tank also features a 30MM roof and 20mm engine deck, and the flat areas around the gun and above the UFP are 45-50mm. in short this tank doesn't take HE/Arty well at all. Overall this is the worst tier 10 HT period, and if it makes it to live in its current state.....then its just a waste of time/xp/credits.
  3. well its been a very long time since ive played the T-10 so maybe thats why, since my expectations weren't really set that high after playing the tier 10 on Common Test before the release i was expecting the entire line to be hot garbage. but found the tier 8/9 to be way better tier for tier, compared to the 10 anyway.
  4. @SchnitzelTruck what made you hate it so much? like honestly. ive seen a fare few people shit on it. while i on the other hand enjoyed it, enough to 3 mark it anyway. it felt quite comfy/capable to me
  5. im sorry but i honestly contracted brain cancer reading this not trying to start a fight on which brokenly OP tank has the biggest OP Epeen here, because neither tank is balanced. but a cheiftian cannot be killed "fairly easily" when played by someone with half a brain, nor can the 279e just drive sideways and expect to survive lmao. both tanks are broken equally and dont belong in the first place. also ur proposed idea of how to balance the 279e/Cheiftian makes zero sense, you basically just want to pull a WG and completely ignore the core problem of the tanks and just make the guns so dogshit that its not enjoyable to play (anyone else getting 430u flashbacks here?). really putting a pin in WG's "shit to play, shit to play against" mentality there. also in regards to the campaign, and anyone bitching about the cheiftian not being available. its been available for two whole years and 5-6 campaigns/bond auctions up until now. if you didnt get one by this point, then you probably weren't ever getting one to begin with. and as @Assassin7 put it, good. the game doesn't really need more thrown into the pool.
  6. @Rexxie interesting albeit i dont get how so many are playing it so badly, im currently holding a solo 72% wr/90 games/2700 dpg. granted my opinion could be skewed as im running full purple equipment with a 5 skill crew. ill admit the gun handling can be a bit derpy at times, but i mostly play the tank as a close range brawler against other meds and sometimes even heavies in ideal environments. at which point personally the tank feels nuts IMO. overall id say it prob is a harder tank to play compared to a prog, as positioning is key. as well as having the few extra milliseconds of patients to aim a little more than most MT's.
  7. @Private_Miros i humbly ask that you abuse ur admin powers to rename this thread back the the 3 mark thread seems the original poster came back to troll and changed the title
  8. Fishbay & whatever is most cancer to the current tank type im playing
  9. quite the opposite for me them teaching pubbies about aggressive early game positions that they can never utilize with their complete lack of skill is my one gripe, seeing some braindead pubbie trying to fight me for a key position that they will die in while accomplishing nothing is beyond annoying.
  10. honestly watch replays on YT to help learn maps and positioning. And study armor models on tanks.gg like a fucking book because boy are you in for a treat in regards to all the insanely armored tanks currently running around. also learn which tanks have clips and such because there are alot more of those as well. honestly in general you should study tanks.gg for abit to learn about all the new tanks and gimmicks that you have missed
  11. i imagine at this point they just write a bunch of random shit on sticky notes on a wall and throw darts the polish mediums still being the most amusing to me: "Press a button to go faster lol, but make it only available on the tier 10"
  12. all i took from this was A: fuck HE B: fuck arty C: over complicated new crew system that everyone will have to re-learn D: Czech HT branch that will probably feature some new over developed gimmick we get these stupid developer Q&A's every year where WG promises the world while delivering less than half of it, while taking years to get any of it done.
  13. they just put it back up for sale for the next 28 hrs, whatever discount you had from the marathon will be automatically applied i guess enough people complained about how they took it right down after it ended.
  14. this seems like a terrible idea on a MT .42 dispersion and 2.7 aimtime while you are mobile Dispersion on the move [max.]: 0.15 [9.75] (0.25 [7.50]) Dispersion on rotation of suspension [max.]: 0.15 [6.57] ( 0.25 [10.95]) Spread on turret traverse [max.]: 0.08 [3.09] (0.1 [3.86])
  15. its not really good in any particular aspect, it has decent mobility and a 250-260 EF turret face with -10 but its gun is near defender levels of bad, and it has bad DPM/RoF. also Having HEAT as a gold round with such a derpy gun is pain. the MM atm only makes it suffer more because its mostly GSOR's and some 152K's neither of which will ever bounce you with 321/329 APCR, throw in a bunch of Borrasque's and other C45's and its a 90% zoom zoom autoloader bloodbath.
  16. im interested in how many people got new toys this year post ur results/regret and bad/good rng here
  17. 1.2k HP isnt great, but its armor somewhat offsets that, ive noticed my avg dmg blocked in the tank is about 300 higher than most of my other MT's. thought this could be inflated due to it being brand new. the 44-100 is still competitive because the chassis is insane, its basically a LT with slightly above avg armor for a MT, tier 10 MT gun handling, and good camo. and for a 250 alpha gun compared to similar alpha mediums its rof/dpm is high. also you just spam gold to offset the pen issues lol
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