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  1. its only about a half second longer 8 sec reload compared to 8.4, M60 also gets better aimtime/dispersion with the same gun handling as the M48. and obviously way better mobility so honestly depending on what these armor changes are it could easily replace the M48, but again that heavily depends on what WG does with its armor.
  2. tank was buffed back in like 2016 iirc, they gave it pref MM and dropped it down a tier. its been OP ever since, but its never been much of an issue until now because hardly anyone owned it even with the past Blackmarket sales. but now basically everyone has one since it was a very common drop from the Key lootboxes. tanks not even remotely fair to play against having a tier 7 hull at tier 5 and being fast af, and with pref MM ur consistently gonna be bullying tier 3/4's
  3. i doubt you would even recognize the game anymore if you do decide to come back i recommend studying tanks.gg for awhile first, so you have a better idea of how to fight all the new OP shit in the game and dont find out the hard way in-game
  4. you know just as well as i do those kinds of stats are never disclosed, but id guess its the latter. i ran it maxed at 18% on several tanks just for the memes, and i was getting a fire almost every other game. and a ammo rack like every 2-3 games when shooting for modules. which far more often that you would ever get on live. tanks i ran were the 5A/VKK/907/Kran. i highly doubt the skill will remain the same as it seems bugged or unintentional that its doing such consistent module dmg. i had this same feeling tbh. you think ur 4-5 skill crews are pretty good on live (and they
  5. the new adrenaline rush for Ex is a pretty big change compared to the one we have in game atm. 7% reload reduction for being 50% HP or below is kinda nuts. also as Lavawing hinted at, the skill "applied mechanics" skill is pretty OP in the sense that you just get a faster reload on demand for using a repair kit (which can be used at anytime when the skill is trained) but i also discovered that for whatever reason it can be double stacked by running two repair kits and using them both. or even having two just to extend the skills buff. there are other similarly OP proc based skills if you
  6. @Assassin7 another thing to note is that alot of the skills on sandbox dont proc until ur in battle or meet certain requirements. unlike the current system that just outright buffs ur tanks overall, the new system sets goals or thresholds to meet in game to gain benefits and buffs from ur skills. while at first this seems shit (and it is) the other side of the coin is also problematic, in that many of these situational buffs are huge compared to the current skills and under certain circumstances in battle will basically make ur tank a god. and so it raises the issue of unpredictabi
  7. one of the better tech tree meds now, its got a hydraulic suspension system that activates at low speeds and gives more gun depression. its alpha was cut to 360 from 390, but its RoF was lowered to the point where it still maintains amazing DPM. the gun handling is slightly better and the armor on the turret was decently improved.
  8. 274a im forever cursed to get the 3rd mark on a shitty loss i guess
  9. on NA @ tier 10 nearly all 150-mm+ guns are either shooting HE or gold. s,conqs are hardly seen anymore tbh as the cheiftian/Kran/STB are better, but yes the s,conq would suffer alot with constant 3 arty and being weak to HE spam.
  10. Most of the HE hate in WoT stems from arty and certain tanks balanced around HE spam (183/4005/derps ect.) obviously these HE changes dont really fix these tanks and their issues, and are honestly just a half assed workaround that comes with its own downsides. but tbh half the time we can only expect a half hearted attempt from WG when it comes to balancing the game anyway. These HE changes punish the few who blatantly spam HE at everything, while rewarding those who use it intelligently against soft targets. but also gimp soft tanks as a whole against HE, while also gimping heavily
  11. Interesting you say that, because ive noticed how we haven't actually gotten a Christmas tech tree on time since the Polish HT's. EBR's: Delayed DoubleBarrel tanks: Delayed Italian HT's: Delayed all of them being new lines balanced/marketed around new gimmicks, and all of them failed to meet the Christmas deadline.
  12. incase anyone needs a recap, the machanic is useless unless ur braindead. almost nobody will ever think to fire 2 seconds before the next shell is loaded to get the max reload reduction. and the reload reductions are pointless because even then you just wasted an entire extra shell regardless. The DPM/Reloads: through the processes of SuperTest, WG consistently nerfed the reloads across the board to go in line with the reload reductions, so the reloads are trash because they dont want the reload reductions to be too good once the mechanic kicks in. But as i just mentioned the mechanic is
  13. well its been a very long time since ive played the T-10 so maybe thats why, since my expectations weren't really set that high after playing the tier 10 on Common Test before the release i was expecting the entire line to be hot garbage. but found the tier 8/9 to be way better tier for tier, compared to the 10 anyway.
  14. @SchnitzelTruck what made you hate it so much? like honestly. ive seen a fare few people shit on it. while i on the other hand enjoyed it, enough to 3 mark it anyway. it felt quite comfy/capable to me
  15. im sorry but i honestly contracted brain cancer reading this not trying to start a fight on which brokenly OP tank has the biggest OP Epeen here, because neither tank is balanced. but a cheiftian cannot be killed "fairly easily" when played by someone with half a brain, nor can the 279e just drive sideways and expect to survive lmao. both tanks are broken equally and dont belong in the first place. also ur proposed idea of how to balance the 279e/Cheiftian makes zero sense, you basically just want to pull a WG and completely ignore the core problem of the tanks and just make the gun
  16. @Rexxie interesting albeit i dont get how so many are playing it so badly, im currently holding a solo 72% wr/90 games/2700 dpg. granted my opinion could be skewed as im running full purple equipment with a 5 skill crew. ill admit the gun handling can be a bit derpy at times, but i mostly play the tank as a close range brawler against other meds and sometimes even heavies in ideal environments. at which point personally the tank feels nuts IMO. overall id say it prob is a harder tank to play compared to a prog, as positioning is key. as well as having the few extra milliseconds
  17. @Private_Miros i humbly ask that you abuse ur admin powers to rename this thread back the the 3 mark thread seems the original poster came back to troll and changed the title
  18. Fishbay & whatever is most cancer to the current tank type im playing
  19. quite the opposite for me them teaching pubbies about aggressive early game positions that they can never utilize with their complete lack of skill is my one gripe, seeing some braindead pubbie trying to fight me for a key position that they will die in while accomplishing nothing is beyond annoying.
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