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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from Expendable_Lad in Wotlabs hive mind: Go Swedish Heavy or Med line with tier 7 crew? New to tanks after   
    both lines have shit gold pen so have fun learning about all the new giga armored tanks with that
    better Grind goes to the HT's the tier 8-9-10 are all solid now
    the Meds are good for the tier 8-10, but the tier 9 is shit.
    my Vote is HT's
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Union 7 for the 279 is so stupid. Damage 3 internal modules three games in a row. Wit   
    705A with HE.
    Any high calibre gun with HE.
    Missions and winning games aren't directly related to each other, just do what WG intended and throw games because of their terrible mission design. 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from kariverson in Every time someone says 279 is OP I wish I could give to him for a game in ranked so   
    @kariverson this was yesterday btw in Ranked 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to simba90 in That feeling when you are in an EBR90 on Prok as the only light and in the opening mo   
    And then remember you don't have LT15 selected.
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to Haswell in Is incoming the hitpoint/alpha rebalance currently on sandbox likely to change the vi   
    WN9 is dead, has been dead for years now.
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Quite a few users here saying "WarGay" as a derogatory term for WG.... kind of homoph   
    You people actually give a shit? Most homosexual people don't even care, why would you? It's like getting offended on others behalf.
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from PlanetaryGenocide in Every time I feel like wot could be fun I take a look at this forum and my urge dies.   
    @Kolni what if they remove everything and just have T49 battle royal death matches? 

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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from DirtyACE7 in What's the verdict on the Lansen C? I'm not finding any threads about it. I also got   
    i can make a thread if youd like, overall if you like meds its def worth.
    combination of speed, alpha, DPM, and gun depression make it a nice change of pace from the typical pew pew dmg mediums.
    the gun can be a bit derp at times, but tbh i love it. feels like what the TVP VTU should have been.
    one thing to note tho, its a tier 8 leo 1. meaning you take alot of module dmg and are lit up like Christmas from rear shots, also very easily HE penned by anything including arty  
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from Matross in Is the E4 even worth getting? I have the free xp for it, and next month it's going on   
    save the xp for the swed mediums or something 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from Pinkamena_Kerensky in so the chieftain is just as OP as i thought it would be gg WG   
    @Pinkamena_Kerenskythey replaced the 88.9mm hull with a 127mm one
    also made the lower plate 215-220 instead of the previous 125-ish 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to Hellsfog in Only at level 5 personal fame booster so 60% total, worth doing level 6 at this point   
    The consensus in the clan was that up to tier 6 made sense if you were going to active for the entire campaign. so a total of 90% boost. 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from sundanceHelix in Need some feedback on the following: 1. How does the WZ11114 compare tier for tier to   
    1: they are nearly identical, but tier 9 has better MM
    2: standard B is better and has better MM, but the 65 is still good.
    3: everything about it is still good, but the pen holds it back in today's super-heavy/super armor meta
    4: for pubs? or for competitive? if for pubs then 4005,badger, E3, STRV. for competitive? the same excluding the 4005.
    and yes the T30 are WT4 (with the 128) are good enough for personal missions 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from Hellsfog in TIL that WoWS now has XVM. coooooooooool   
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to Folterknecht in Every time I get close to 3 marking the T32, I run into some idiots who either intent   
    I'm sure there is a downloadable skin out there ...
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from sohojacques in My overall win rate has drop 0.5% while grinding credits at tier 8 for the last week.   
    P.44 pantera--
    2.2k DPG
    1.1k avg exp
    41% w/r
    my weekend so far.
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from sohojacques in I T-49 derped 3 arty, plus 1 shit an ELC Even   
    had a game today in the VK 72 where i lost 2400 HP to arty, i got to kill all 3 at the end.
    Felt. So. Fucking. Good.
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from Medjed in Debating blowing money on Polish HT... yes/no?   
    buy a better game
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to Haswell in Day one of the end of net neutrality and netflix, reddit and wot having server issues   
    In Canada, we laugh at your petty politics. The fact that murica never enforced net neutrality with legislation but instead relied on the FCC for "oversight" is a bigger issue. Not saying the core concept of net neutrality is bad, but murica's take on it is laughable at best.
    If you want to treat net connectivity as a utility, start governing it with actual laws instead letting one party do whatever they want.
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to Assassin7 in Warthunder is great because instead of artillery you can bring your own planes to nuk   
    this video inspired me to go play a few rounds of WT tanks.
    I regret it. fuck that game. 
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    Deus__Ex__Machina got a reaction from Errants in is wotlabs ded yet?   
    not quite
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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to MagicalFlyingFox in Was Murazor fired? https://wot.express/news/world-of-tanks/menya-uvolili-pro-fugasy-i   
    First video is a bit ambiguous. 
    Going by comments, murazor is either airing his grievances and/or has stepped down from his role. Either way, Russians have not been happy about how he has handled his position he was touted as since he was supposed to be the link between the players and WG in terms of the direction the game goes in. 
    Going by the 2nd video, it looks more like he is complaining about all the hate he is getting and is trying to explain himself to the community. 
    He goes on about how he is so stressed, moving to cyprus, etc etc (in the 1st vid). 
    best comment from there:

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    Deus__Ex__Machina reacted to Nalok in Its OK to be bad, for every unicum there have to be some 45% out there willing to don   
    Yeah but you forget that for all of that armour the 268v4 trades in spee.. err.. flexib.. travers.. gunpo.. camo.. damnit!
    At least it might buffed soon.
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