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  1. If only I could be as good as you at tier 10. lol.
  2. Am i missing something or are you also teal
  3. Adz has only recently started to perform well.
  4. It's as if current skill has nothing to do with overalls.
  5. EU's hitting 200k online every weekend, that's far from dead.
  6. Adz who gives a fuck. You don't want to get xvm focussed anyway.
  7. Take me for example, I was terrible for a while and as such it takes a while to move my win rate upwards but I have over 4k dpg on tier 10 meds. Overalls don't really indicate anything about a players current skill. I'm also not saying adz is right, who gives a fuck about wn8, it's meaningless but he isn't a bad player.
  8. Carbonward who is considerably better than you told me that his dpg on both servers is within 5% of each other. So go back to being bad please.
  9. Well for one , fuck the queen, and two that's a british ship and british troops, maybe you're trying to make some sort of point , I don't get it . Also Assasin clearly pads winrate in platoon and can't call anyone bad at the game with that tier 10 dpg.
  10. Because EU is so easy and NA is so hard. And since adz is QB level on NA you must be tcamir level on EU.
  11. Yeh im sure you'd shit out well over 4k dpg on EU , don't talk shit man. It's all the same.
  12. adz it's wn8 , it's meaningless drivel. Cheer up son.
  13. Well I can't afford it either. There's a reason I never have any credits LUL
  14. Look at all these plebs with lower recents who pad in tier 9s, be a real man, play 907 and tvp all the way . Kappa
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