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  1. Comet is actually one of my favorite tanks right now, I heard it was also good for padding...I just find it extremely mobile
  2. 11800 battles... 11 in garage(Faillowe in this list) 2 not Total of 13 Tier 10s.
  3. Use this...its easy and is updated everytime there is an update or fix within a few days http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/196435-xvm-updater-26-one-click-installupdate/
  4. 87 battles in tier tens....totally knows what the fuck hes doing to balance tier 10 TDs(or tier 10s in general)
  5. I hear Garbad wants to start a EU account
  6. Im at the ISU-152 and am loving it. the gun at tier 8 just feels wrong lol
  7. I bought a T49 just for this and have made almost 500k so far
  8. powerscg


    Sidescraping>peak a booming
  9. finally got off my lazy arse and joined here. good job guys on the forums
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