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  1. Hello everyone! With the recent announcement of the end of the year campaign, my clan ESC is recruiting just a handful of players. Our goal is to field just one team for the entire campaign (yes, with enough for a few alternates as we all have schedule conflicts from time to time). We are a tight knit group of veteran players who have enjoyed CW at a high level, and have never failed to receive a reward tank when actively pursuing one. If a very relaxed but competent team environment appeals to you, and you're mostly just interested in completing the campaign with one static team for the tank reward, please consider us. Message "fourcat" in game on browser and I will be happy to discuss further with you!
  2. We're now needing about 3-5 more members for the campaign.
  3. Now that the campaign event has been announced, we are still looking to add 5-10 additional members for IS-5 grinding!
  4. We now have a small waiting list for future Skirmish signups, but are still bringing in new members to the clan DRE4D for the upcoming campaign and potential changes to CW!
  5. How could I forget? We also like to run strongholds to make that lovely silver for tournaments.
  6. As the title suggests, DRE4D is currently looking to bring in a number of additional members for the purposes of weekly Skirmishes, as well as the upcoming yet to be announced campaign for a sweet, sweet reward tank! Weekly participants of our tournament team have earned roughly 64,000 gold so far this year, and we'd love to have additional active members to rotate in, as well as potentially field a 2nd team each week. Of course, we'd be more than happy to have more friends to join us in Skirmishes each week, even if they are already happily clan-tagged. Also, with the upcoming campaign yet to be named, we'd love to have just the numbers required to get in and work our battle scheduling to ensure everyone who wishes to participate can get the reward tank. (IS-5?) For those interested in Skirmishes, we just ask you be forthcoming with your attendance concerns and be open to acquiring tanks for our strategies. For potential fits to join the DRE4D clan, our average wn8 is 2126, with a much higher recent across the board, and we'd prefer interested parties to at least be 1800+ overall and have a positive attitude. Anyone interested should feel free to contact the Commander, fourcat, at any time!
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