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  1. My apologizes if that came off as complaining, it wasn't meant to be. It's more I'm looking for help and that was me describing the problems I've been having to give a frame for advice.
  2. I'd like some help with this as well if anyone can give advice. Problems so far: Arty shoves my shit in whenever it's present, particularly British arty Lots of open maps and slow speed are proving difficult Hard-pressed to deal damage as I'm so slow. Either the fight is finished before I get there, I'm banged up from people shooting me on the journey over, or I just don't make it period Most of my battles (10 out of 14) have been tier 7/8 heavy battles and it's making the grind tough. Thing is a fucking magnet for everyone to shoot at Playing off that, I'm getting penned frontally quite a bit, I don't trust my armor at all anymore I'm hoping the derp gun improves things a bit but right now I feel like I'm going to give up long before I reach it. For heavens sake, it took me 14 battles (12 losses) to get my tracks.
  3. Anyone have any tips for the Lowe? I've only just returned to the game and after a rough start in lower tiers I'm now pulling in about 2-4k damage per game in my Lowe, but I still can't carry to a win. It's just too damn slow. So how're you all doing it? I'm about 67 games in with a 43% winrate. I normally play solo on the frontal or secondary lines depending on tier, using the depression and side armor to my advantage when I can. I don't have any replays but I can start saving some up for critique. Again though, I think the biggest problem for me is how slow the thing is, I can't flex and I'm choosing the wrong flank to play in. I really like this thing, and I want to like it more but the thing is dragging down my win/loss ratio.
  4. My apologizes, I normally identify everyone in the internet as they, their, or you. Must have slipped by me this time.
  5. For two long years I've been playing a little game on the WoT forums, dancing as close as i could to the edge of the rules and seeing what it would take to get a warning. Thus far, I made it without getting a single one. Until today. The other day I engaged Kittikat in a conversation in one of Iron_Soul_Stealer's threads, this one titled "Sorry NASCAR Fans...but it's rigged Too..." After much joking was had and answering a question Kitti had about some previous postings of theirs, I made a joke on how they would be unable to remove their shameful post from the forums (and others prying eyes). Ever so boldly I stated the following: "And now, even if the mods delete the post or the thread it will remain in my posts. Forever." This was intended to be a simple, harmless jest, but the mods took GREAT offense to this! Evidently, this was seen as "Non-constructive/Spam" and my post was deleted, and my first warning was received. Tin foil hat time! In a way, I can't help but fear as though ISS had some hand in this matter, perhaps because they thought I had directed this comment at them. With their recent revelation/admittance of having a large "family" (alt accounts?) who gives them positive rep on all their posts, I have begun to wonder if they also group report. To wrap it all up... Is it just me, or does it seem as though the mods are acting incredibly overzealous of late? Often times "moderating" based off their views rather than what the rules say. And than if you try to even send in a ticket to report bugs or get a ban/warning lifted either takes forever to get a response (spent 45 hours waiting for a response to one of my tickets about a bugged items I paid money for), or you get useless automated responses. TLDR GG WG, you finally won.
  6. From the times that I've played on West, it feels like the amount of bad players are actually less in higher tiers. Lower tiers are flooded, but higher up tends to be much more balanced than it is on East. And on the topic of ping... I live within 100 miles of DC, where the East server is supposedly based, but my ping on West is better at almost every point of time in the day.
  7. Dark Souls fan?

    1. Burdenedfungus


      Of course! That game is so much fun

  8. While I'm finding this to be true thus far, at least the matches are a tad bit better. Tier 6 has some of the worst teamplay that I've seen these past few months. It's worth noting that some of the higher-tiered heavies take their health pools for granted, and like to take in more shots than they actually should. This gives me more time to whittle them down and rack up more damage than I could with the VK. Also, the Panther doesn't catch fire or have half the crew die when you look at it funny. That's a winner in my books.
  9. Doing stock Panther now. It's not nearly as bad as my 30.01(H) was. In fact, I'm quite enjoying it thus far. I can't wait to get it upgraded.
  10. Yeah, I've just about given up on this thing. Decided to buy it back and play it for a few final matches today, and you can see from my 24hour stats how that worked out. I just can't carry with this thing. Maybe if I'm the top top tier, but that's about it. The damage and pen (even using the L/70) just isn't cutting it, and the teams are atrocious. I know not to rely on XVM to get truthful winning chances, but when it says 35% for almost every match, or half the matches above 45% end up being complete pub stomps where we lose, it's not a good sign. I'm just going to free XP my way to the Panther. I only need 13k anyways.
  11. I've only heard it's name thrown around a couple of times, but I've never actually been to it. Guessing it's the same thing but on a grander scale.
  12. All you guys getting your posts/threads taken down and talk of tyrannical mods really makes me wonder... How the heck is our "Where is your anime profile image from?" thread in the Off-Topic section still in existence? Since it's derailment around page 3 (currently on page 421) we've discussed breasts, hentai, murder, relationships, and other various topics but no one's gotten a warning from anything posted in it... Do you think they pick favorites or let those threads they find humorous bend the rules a bit? Feels like they do.
  13. So I just tried a few games with the 7,5 cm KwK 42 L/70 (sniping gun) and I have to say, it's still failing for me. Once more I'm constantly on the front of some flank or another and I can't be far back enough to snipe, and when I need to dish out damage quickly, the damage dished is terrible. The RoF is nice, but for 110-150 per shot, it's just not cutting it for a lot of the fights, especially against heavies. I'm often the one dead before the enemy is. And of course, the idea of flanking is constantly out of the question due to lack of any sort of support, or the maps not allowing for it.
  14. I think I'll go do that than. I've got enough credits set aside for emergencies I could handle it. Thanks.
  15. I was actually not aware of it until I loaded it onto my crew. On all my other vehicles I had loaded up other skills/perks first and haven't finished grinding through them all to start BiA yet. I don't have enough gold left to change it out so I'm paying for not having done enough research on skills/perks beforehand. Hopefully it will pay off with future vehicles, I will suffer through till than.
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