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    Tortoise_ reacted to Crossfader in When will Europe wake up?   
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Shifty_101st in WHY DER NO CHIEFTENNNNN EXPETOOD VALUESSSSSSS   

    WASSUP BOYZ got here first
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    Tortoise_ reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in Artillery - The Bigger Picture   
    >MFW I see a purple in my SPG
    >Be Me, Arty Fag
    >TD Week is in full swing
    >Have a chance to actually do my job
    >Scanning map for for TD campers 
    >Suddenly see the most beautiful painted royal purple username ever
    >Weaving seductively in his Digital Camoed Three-mareked AMX30B
    >zoom in to take a closer look of this majestic creature
    >fleshlight falls onto the left maus button
    > Enemy Destroyed 1900 HP
    >Calls me a faggot
    >Entertain the thought briefly
    >I console him with a friendly LOL in chat
    >Chat bursts into flames 
    >go back to trying to look at pretty username colors for two minutes
    >Enemy TDs crush friendly pubbies 
    >Lose 1-15
    > ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Vetro in Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence   
    Object 260

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    Tortoise_ reacted to Vetro in Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence   
    The DPG required for this is stupidly high at the moment. If I didnt do at least 5k combined, I would lose like .25%
    Fairly certain this is on the level of the 907, although this tank has a lot more survivability.

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    Tortoise_ reacted to Assassin7 in Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence   

    RIP 3 million credits
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    Tortoise_ reacted to SchnitzelTruck in Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence   
    I win the game /thread
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    Tortoise_ reacted to kolni in Hello all!   
    Welcome to the endless pit of statpadding while trying not to statpad so people think you are actually skilled but everything is statpadding so everything is statpadding so your stats are useless because you are obviously statpadding in your unstatpaddable tanks because you play unstatpaddable tanks for them to not be padding so you're in theory statpadding for antistatpadding
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    Tortoise_ reacted to sr360 in How to deal with frustration and poor performance   
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    Tortoise_ reacted to MrsmilieyfaceC8 in Looking for a clan   
    you're complaining about being called bad
    you're calling clans with averages that have higher stats than you bad

    top trel™
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    Tortoise_ reacted to TheMostComfortableTanker in T95E6   
    Fun Fact: This PoS has 0 armor on the turret floor.  I just tested this.

    That was AP btw, not APCR.  23mm average pen, 29mm max.
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    Tortoise_ reacted to CarbonWard in T95E6   
    I don't need to take a bite from a dog turd to know its dog turd.
    Just by looking at its stat you can figure out that it has zero redemptive quality what so ever.
    0.40 accuracy and AP shell means it will be absolutely shit at shooting anything further than 250 meters.
    Shit DPM,
    No armor to sustain itself on the frontline
    No mobility to play 2nd line.
    Its a medium tank that can't medium, and a heavy that can't heavy.
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Griffin_of_Might in Upcoming tier 10 Light Tank?   
    T62a Lightweight  
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Valachio in Valachio Watches   
    Relaunch is live right now!
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    Tortoise_ reacted to LemmingRush in 100 games 62a - 3rd moe   

    Will be on my youtube channel in a bit.
    If you want to download them, you can do it here

    Why the low winrate?
    When i started off grind i had a massive losing streak, normally i stop them but my goal was to maximize dpg, and i was getting consistent 7k-10k combined damage losses, so by the time i was at 50 battles i had a 42% winrate but 4050~ dpg which i didnt mind.

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    Tortoise_ reacted to 1n_Soviet_Russia in What are the chances of the TVP 50/51 getting nerfed?   
    E5 needs to be nerfed before the TVP
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    Tortoise_ reacted to X3N4 in What are the chances of the TVP 50/51 getting nerfed?   
    Don't think it's gonna get nerfed. It's clearly not as good as M48 for instance even right now and every czech shitter will get it and do horrible in it cause it's really a skill tank. If you're not good in this tank you'll die all the time cause of the size, lack of armour and bad camo.
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    Tortoise_ reacted to sniper_012 in 2v6 carry in M46 Patton and Skoda T-50   
    11k combined damage, Crucial Contribution, 2x Defenders and assorted other medals

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    Tortoise_ reacted to Rexxie in IS-6 Gold Challenge - Revisted   
    Some of the older WoTLabs members might recall my original IS-6 gold challenge (http://forum.wotlabs.net/index.php?/topic/8734-is-6-gold-challenge-part-1-completed/&do=findComment&comment=185519) nearly two years ago, where I took the popular opinion of "you need to spam gold in the IS-6" and mythbusted it by running a 0 APCR loadout. It's been a long time, and I think there's a new popular opinion - that the IS-6 is mediocre in today's metagame. I'm going to put that to the test by repeating my gold challenge and comparing it to the old results.
    As before, I will play the IS-6 for 50 games, recording a plethora of statistics on the way. I will be playing without any gold ammo. There are some caveats - I don't think I'm as good as I was two years ago, so the comparison isn't exactly as legitimate as it could be - but I think we can have some good fun infotainment regardless!
    Here are the current statistics of my IS-6 (oh gosh its been years since I've used this program):

    Although the crew has gotten a bit better, I will be using the same exact loadout as before:

    All replays will be hosted on mediafire
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Sorphius in Not Complete Shit. Need Clan to Match.   
    Yay!  FOXEY's not complete shit!
    Side note -- not sure who you've poked, but shoot me, Havoc, AllhardAllthetime, or Besieger a pm in game or on the official boards.
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Inciatus in Type 5 Ke Ho - Tier 4 Scout Light Tank   
    Oh my god your xvm camo
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    Tortoise_ reacted to zapyoug in Next campaign   
    NA is always capable of going full retard
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    Tortoise_ reacted to The_direwolf in This is going to be your year (Free life coaching inside)   
    There is but one task i must perform:
    Quit World of Tanks.
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    Tortoise_ reacted to Gashtag in This is going to be your year (Free life coaching inside)   
    Oh fucking please do it! 
    Yeah... Hope.
    Anyway faggots, I hate new years, because it reminds me I've put off living for another year. 
    At 23:55 on the 31st of December 2012 I made a resolution to find a passion, work my ass off at it and to make it valuable to earn money out of. I found it in 2014, and have worked on it since. I asked for help in this thread and got a rough idea of where to start thanks to @DingBat and later on, more advice from @OOPMan. I bought some books and started teaching myself how to programme from scratch.

    Have a few other books in a different room that I'm currently reading... It wasn't always easy, and it still isn't, but bit by bit in 2015 I studied hard and learned quite a lot. In the greater scheme of things I've barely scratched the surface, but it's the little wins that keep you going.
    So in early 2016 my resolution is to finish the first step of what I started and make my ideas (that I currently also have written out in various use cases and use case diagrams) actually turn into cash. Then I'll actually have my own freedom (not just a 9-5) and hopefully start to live a little. God damn that first sale will be sweet. 
    Koel, I wanna know more about what you meant by that money focus/time thing... Feel like it's relevant.
    Happy next digit guys!
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