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  1. Agreed, SA should be better than camo. I will take that into account when I play the Patton again (I really want to raise the DPG to 4.4k and WR to 70% again). I took joat because my driver and gunner and commander and loader (that order) keep dying after med kit.
  2. Sample size 130 Continuation of my last 70 games. All 9.10 replays. DPG dropped by 20 since last 70 games. Also please vote in poll. http://www.mediafire.com/download/6pdxxxu727r964g/Darnia.zip enjoy
  3. Not sure where to go from here though. Sitting on 26k credits. Sold SuperPershing stupidly for short term gold spam. Have Type 64 but not on when people are doing strongholds.
  4. No platooned games. Even if I wanted to I cannot find anyone. I tried for my Pershing and didn't get much. Rexxie, I ran small repair and med kit in the beginning, but 10% repair speed and 10% less crew death is pretty good. Patton loses its loader, gunner, and driver a lot. Also gets racked a ton. I tend to play games in very small batches like Poltto. For sake of getting the replays out sooner, I fired AP to save money. People do not realize that most of the stuff you see in tier 9 can be penned with AP. I only load APCR in tier 10 with E-100s.
  5. I have tried playing in one go but unfortunately I cannot sit in a chair for 8 hours straight.
  6. Hello WoTLabbers! I am a reroll yes Lurked on a person called "Kewei"'s thread. Good player. Seems like a nice guy but a little arrogant. Stats https://www.mediafire.com/folder/mm481oerz4rha/M46_Patton Loadout Was aiming for 4k DPG. Started with 26 games at 4.6k but I hurry too much and it dropped. I usually don't use food but for sake of Kewei I use it! Spammed AP at towards end because I ran out of money QQ. Still did good damage though... Maybe I should have not fired so much APCR... Have fun!
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