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  1. Hello and welcome! Hope you learn lots of stuff!
  2. Der is Gr8 ppl hurr! Welcome to WotLabs!
  3. I like Bromwell way more than your shitty way of making up a new name for it... CromB sounds gay.
  4. I thought I would magically get in just cause I have Purple in my name.
  5. Going to your local Town Municipal Building and asking if they have any volunteering jobs is always a good thing to do too.
  6. Good luck and Hope the best for you no_name. Don't play shitty like you did there ^
  7. I see this 2 things: There are more places that heavies and mediums can brawl. BUT, This makes Lights struggle at getting spotting damage for their missions. So there for WG will need to fix the missions again, go fucking figure.
  8. I'm sowwy I don't have Tier Xs to platoon with you. I want to, but It just won't be the same lel... I'll platoon with you, but just know I don't have many High Tier Tanks.
  9. Type 64 - Able to flank pretty well - Play it like a passive scout at times and #getrekt
  10. So what would you really recommend for Clan Wars? Even though TDs are hardly used in Clan Wars the last time I knew. 263 line doesn't look good until the SU-122-54, but I've heard bad stories about the 54... lol 1k dmg almost each roll #420YOLOSWAGBLAZEIT JgPzE-100 for sure
  11. Hey there guys, Started a Topic on the WoT Forums to see about what TD line to grind. So I thought I would ask here too!
  12. Wow. That's pretty good thank you for the stats and such Fail. I'm going to try to get the FCM through getting gold in Tournaments.
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