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  1. I have been playing the 140 lately and getting really good results with it even though the 140 got a nerf with the HD rework. It probably helps that I am getting a fair amount of tier 8 battles. You can also watch the two latest VODs to watch the games. 35 games - 5.7k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?qm6oo6dweeka193
  2. I finally got 3 MoE on the Strv 103B today. Played for 2 hours and managed to go from 91.17% to 95%. Eventhough I got all the bad maps (again), this time I was slighty more consistent. Uploaded the last game that I played. Quite a nice game with some nice teamwork in the end. http://wotreplays.eu/site/3654473#malinovka-fyreon-strv_103b
  3. My last 18 games for Sheridan 3 MoE - 4.1k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?86xitnddd73xk72
  4. I played some games in the WZ-132-1 on another account. Actually really liked the tank, but maybe I got really lucky with maps and the matchmaking. Anyway here most of the games I played. Had 2 games in which died doing almost nothing. 11 games - 4.3k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?58k8gj54twi45mr
  5. Not sure if there is any interest in replays of WZ-132, but I might as well put them up. Played some on stream today to unlock the tier 9. You can also watch my latest VOD on Twitch. 13 games WZ-132 - 3.1k average https://www.mediafire.com/?5hmf9v87z76kfq5
  6. Sorry for the lack of replay packs lately. I have not been playing tier 10 much lately. Only really played some 30B and Maus. Not sure if I can even put a replay pack of the 30B, since it is quite hard to get decent games in that tank. Have been playing mostly the new lights in order to unlock the tier 10 lights. So today I got the Sheridan. First 15 games were quite good with 4.1k average damage. https://www.mediafire.com/?s8lt6g561ddzket I am not sure how I can describe the play style that the M48 needs. I don't think I really play the M48 differently compared to the other tier 10 meds. You just have to take into account the poor camo rating and the low top speed. So maybe if you don't read the map properly you get caught a lot? As for the gun, I think the gun is pretty reliable. With my setup of vents, bia, food I don't really miss a lot of shots unless RNG doesn't favour me. It is also pretty good at snapshotting in my experience. Although if you can fully you should of course.
  7. M48 Patton - 11 games - 5.6k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?nmf8522k256c4le
  8. Well I can't be too aggressive when I play, because there are always people willing to throw away their tanks just to kill me. If such a thing happens too often, I tend to go tilt. Fair enough, but once you get to that position you are somewhat stuck there and are likely to take a hit when you want to leave that position. I watched your replay, but I don't really think this was the greatest example of why to push 9-0 line on Sand River right from the start. Sure the Jgpz is spotted at the start of the game, which I guess was the most important spot besides the tvp. I feel like you were somewhat lucky that game. When you crossed at E0 the STB could have easily shot if he was paying attention. After you killed the PTA, you did some nice damage on the tanks in the middle. However, you could have died easily near the cap since you were fully in the open. You could have done most of this from the K line as well and that line offers more protection. Although in the end you have a nice score.
  9. Double post. Guess something went wrong when saving my replay. If you someone would kind enough to delete this post, that'd be appreciated
  10. I am not quite sure when I started to play at my current level. If I recall it correctly, it must have been somewhere in between 20k - 30k games played. I suddenly made the jump from playing at 3-3.5k WN8 to around 5k WN8. Have been playing around 5k WN8 ever since I think. Not quite sure if WN8 is the best metric to evaluate player performance though, but it is the only thing I can remember. However, it might be possible using a stat tracking website, like WotLabs, to find out exactly. Hello again! Well if he hadn't fallen back and taken a good hull down position, I would have been swarmed and killed. Just by being there and probably getting some damage done himself, I could hold there and we could back their attack on that flank. We might have lost the game otherwise. Or maybe I should say, it was nice to change to see someone not brainlessly suiciding into the enemy team like the others did on that flank As for Sand River assualt, the route that you mention is the one I suggested in my earlier post, but that was probably wasn't as clear as your image. I agree it is probably the best route in general to take if you also have some support on the mid ridge. The position of the first red dot is a good position to take, but like others have mentioned this position is completely negated by arty (although which position on that map isn't?). If they have a lot of tanks at the second red dot, the position can be sub-optimal as you can not really push from that position nor leave it if they still have tanks in the middle that can not be pushed. Once you get to second red dot position, you should probably have won the game by then. I don't think that it is a good idea to go there right from the start. It is a too big of a risk and the position does not allow you to relocate if needed (at least at the start of the game). In general I think it is the least risky route to take on that map. In some cases pushing down to the middle bit can be a good option as well in the middle to late game. I'd say you don't go there in one go. Personally if I get spotted crossing E0, I prefer to regain stealth for a bit and then make the push to the first red dot. If you hug the redline properly, tanks in the middle will spot too late for the campers K line to shoot you. Either that or they have a really small window to shoot you. Note that I assume here that there is nobody sitting at J0 spotting you constantly. If there is, it is a lot riskier agreed. I guess in the end it all comes down to the game at hand whether you can actually make it across without taking any damage or more damage than necesarry. The factors I just described are the ones that I take into account when considering such a move.
  11. Sorry for hijacking your replay thread, but I uploaded a Maus replay pack. You can find the link to it my replay thread.
  12. As per request: some of my latest Maus games that were actually decent. 18 games in Maus - 5k+ average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?bf1bhiqd1h5qscv
  13. I managed to get the 121 marks to 100% today even though I started to play it worse than I did before I got the 3 MoE on it. Here are some of my recent games in the 121: 18 games in 121 - 5.2k average damage https://www.mediafire.com/?t3o4p6a26lb7pta
  14. It is a very good position, but I don't like to commit to it at the start of the game. When playing assualt you need to rely on your team to push 1-2 line. Otherwise you might end up in a crossfire from both sides of the map. This is less of a problem when playing encounter or standard mode on that map, since most teams do not heavily commit on both sides for you to get into a crossfire. The thing with the middle is that you can't stay there forever or you end up being shot from multiple angles.
  15. Yesterday I finally had some decent games again after a horrible weekend. Played some M48 Patton on stream and averaged about 5.5k damage. I put the link to the VOD here, but I can upload the replays if needed as well. https://www.twitch.tv/videos/130016862 Thanks! Well I never thought there would be an audience that would want to watch me play as there already loads of streamers out there. You are welcome! Hope it was somewhat useful
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