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  1. Out of curiosity and because i dislike when WG warps a vehicle┬┤s uniqueness by changing its historical values to whatever suits them, i decided to compile a list of all the guns found both in WoT and WT and to compare the pen values at 100m on the same shells preferably. WG treats many shells as APCR(Armor Piercing Composite Rigid) despite the fact they where in reality as an example a mere APC(Armor Piercing Capped), APCR in WoT has disadvantages in normalization. War Thunder as far as i am aware respects the historical penetration values. Take into consideration Wargaming uses quite a few fake guns usually by adding a letter to the end of the name of the gun and same gun with same ammo can have different pen values in different vehicles, its a mess that its pointless to go into detail. From what i can tell, it shows wargaming its very lazy when it comes to ammo and even with ammo there are probably fake ones, it would be better if WG didnt even use the real name of the shells since its simply for show and apparently its what they have started to do as can be seen in the light tanks, specially tier 10 ones. On the left pen values in WoT for AP, APCR, HE(when main ammo), HEAT and even HESH, on the right pen values for WT same shells, however when i specify the kind of shell in WT side it means WT doesnt use same shells as in WoT more or less... USA 12.7mm M2 HB: 27 - 25 37mm M5: 48/70 - 76/66 37mm M6: 56/78 - 89/78 75mm Howitzer M2/3: 38(HE)/91 - 10(HE)/89 75mm M2/3: 92/127 - 88/137 75mm M6: 96/143 - 88/109(AP) 3-inch/76mm M7: 101/157 - 125 76mm M1: 128/177 - 125/215 76mm T185E1: 145/210 - 231/200 76mm M32: 175/210 - 231/ 90mm M3: 160/243 - 164(APCBC)/188(AP)/260 90mm M3A1: 192/243 - 192(AP)/270(APCR)/305(HEATFS) 90mm M41E1: 181/250 - 102mm(HESH)/169(APCBC)/270(APCR)/320(HEATFS) 90mm T15E1/2: 170,192/258 - 216(AP)/202(APCBC)/266(APCR) 90mm M54: 219/275 - 169(APCBC)/270(APCR)/320 105mm M4: 53(HE)/101 - 26(HE)/130 105mm T5E1/2: 198/245,260 - 248/310 105mm M68: 268/330 - 127(HESH)/320(APDS)/355(APFSDS)/400(HEATFS) 120mm T53: 248/297 - 246(AP)/319(APCR) 120mm M58: 258/340 - 302/380 152mm XM81/M81: 76(HE)/85(HE)/152 - 354(HEAT)/431(ATGM) UK 40mm QF 2-pdr: 64,78,88,121/121,145 - 72(APCBC)/79(AP) 40mm Bofors: 63/101 - 74(AP) 57mm OQF 6-pdr Mk.III/IV/V: 110/180 - 111(AP)/126(APCBC) 75mm OQF Mk.V: 91/144 - 91(APCBC)/109(AP) 76mm OQF 17-pdr: 171/239 - 168(APCBC)/226(APDS) 77mm OQF: 148/208 - 149/203 84mm OQF 20-pdr: 226/258 - 215/283(APDS) 90mm T208: 202/238 - 297(APFSDS) 94mm OQF 32-pdr: 214,220/246,252 - 239(APCBC) 105mm L7: 268/210(HESH) - 302/127 120mm L1A1: 259/326/120(HESH) - 361(APDS)/152(HESH) 120mm L11: 270/310/140(HESH) - 397(APDS)/408(APFSDS)/152(HESH) 183mm L4: 310/230(HESH) - 254(HESH) USSR 12.7mm DShK: 22 - 25 20mm TNSh: 28/39 - 25/34 37mm SH-37: 46/62 - 57(AP) 45mm 20-K: 51/88 - 68(AP)/94(APCR) 57mm ZiS-2: 112/189 - 134 75mm KT-28: 38/37 - 34 76mm L-11: 66/85 - 76(APBC) 76mm ZiS-3: 78/120 - 104(APBC)/130(APCR) 85mm D-5S: 120/161 - 142/175 85mm ZiS-S-53: 126/167 - 142/175 100mm D-10: 175/235 - 208/250 100mm LB-1: 190/247 - 208/235 100mm D10T2S: 201/330 - 235(AP)/298(APDS)/330(APFSDS)/390(HEATFS) 107mm ZiS-6: 167/219 - 195 122mm M-30: 61/140 - 36/160 122mm D-25: 175/217 - 196/223 122mm M-62-T2: 258/340 - 276/400/360(APDS) 130mm B-13: 196/171 - 223 152mm M-10: 86/110/136 - 54/122/130 152mm M-64 90/303/395 - 54/229/250 152mm ML-20: 86/135/250 - 49/165/250 Germany 20mm KwK38: 23/46 - 45/63 20mm FlaK38: 39/51 - 45/63 30mm MK103: 95/110 - 53/93 37mm KwK34: 40/69 - 54/83 37mm KwK36: 40/74 - 64/90 37mm KwK38: 42/74 - 67/91 47mm PaK: 62/115 - 87/102 50mm KwK38: 60/96 - 73/130 50mm KwK39: 67/130 - 96/149 75mm KwK37: 38(HE)/43/87 - 10/54/100 75mm PaK40: 108/154 - 146/195 75mm KwK40 L/43: 103/139 - 133/173 75mm KwK40 L/48: 110/158 - 135/176 75mm KwK42:150/194 - 185/225 76mm Pak36: 96/166 - 133/188 88mm KwK36: 145/194 - 162/219 88mm KwK43: 203/237 - 232/270 105mm StuH42: 53(HE)/64/104 - 22(HE)/84/115 105mm K18: 169/227 - 200 105mm KwK L/68: 225/285 - 244/272 128mm K40: 231 - 224(APC)/237(APCBC) 128mm KwK44: 246/311 - 264(APC)/267(APCBC)
  2. About half way trough i start speaking more english, and start packing those shots more efficiently, so more shots and less moving/looking around.
  3. Over the last 65 days i uploaded everyday my best shots with arty as i attempted to 3 mark as many as i could before patch 9.18 hit, its a total of 2h7m, in the process i 3 marked all german arty, tier 5 to 8 russian and last one on last day CGC. So if you happen to enjoy witnessing some epic arty shots, you will find inside stuff like a full hp maus going to garage with 1 clip from a bat chat arty(no fire or ammo rack), a full HP IS-4 going to garage with a single shot from a tier 7 arty(+ a bit of fire) and a grille(tier 5 arty) penetrating a T34 at 800m on the turret in "arty safe" locations among other tier 8 heavys... 99% of the shots are with HE. I will continue to play arty, main focus 3 marks atm. I stream hopefully everyday here https://www.twitch.tv/frenzierr The playlist https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YA1NBpJ6lnM&list=PLeemf-uWAN2O3TzwNZKoV7c9Y5eAEE9lI
  4. Well i guess that would also happen... hopefully such players could be punished for unsportsmanlike conduct... if it only worked the way it is supposed to. Make it only count if you top 10 in experience. Problem solved.
  5. I had an idea on how to significantly reduce the amount of artillery in the game, i do not like stun mechanics, simply because i do not want to be stunned by arty. I think the problem currently its simply the amount of players playing arty, you get arty way too often, and too many, it becomes frustrating, so its very simple... in order to play arty a player would need to play with a regular tank, for example: You play 1 battle with a normal tier 10 tank, it means you can play 1 battle with a tier 10 arty; you play 2 battles with a tier 9 tank, it means you can play 1 battle with a tier 10 arty; you play 4 battles with a tier 8 tank it means you can play 1 battle with a tier 10 arty, or 4 with a tier 8 arty... and so on, but it would only work upwards and never downwards, meaning if you play 1 battle with a tier 10 tank, you can only play 1 battle with an arty of any tier. This would reduce the amount of arty in more than 50% assuredly and increase the amount of normal tanks in queue, meaning you would more often land in a battle without arty or with only 1 arty. I am an arty player, just like i play any other tank, currently i am only playing arty because i decided i will 3 mark all artys before WG changes them, i recognize how artillery can disrupt gameplay, especially when it does not behave logically due to xvm focus, however i do not think there is anything technically wrong with artillery, and if anything it would require a buff in order to be able to impact the outcome of battle across a large sample in the same manner it can be done with any other regular tank. I would not have any problem adhering to a system like this, Please do not waste your time replying remove arty from game or whatever negative opinion you have about arty or arty players, i have probably heard it all before many times, arty has been part of the game since 2010, and for me the problem its simply in the fact you get arty all the time, i enjoy playing arty so i accept i have to deal with it when in a not arty vehicle and so i play accordingly.
  6. What else would you be using to type if not a keyboard? "Failpadder noob with 3 marks on T110E5 IS-7 Centurion Action x E50 Conqueror T-54 IS-6 Ru 251 LTTB T-29. + many more. 4k Recent player. No. 32 on eu by D/g (4 weeks) But no im really just an E50 fail padder who only has 4k recent cos he plays E50... Wait he has 4k recent even with E50 wn8 nerf??? What is this. Now I am redline damage farmer... Soon to be rigger hacker noob cos noone can just admit im not a bloody bad player" Why do you need other people to recognize you are a good player? Who called you a bad player? You want recognition because you manage purple colors? Teal is a color, light blue, personally i just call your kind smurfs, smurfs from my experience are the worst kind of player in world of tanks, extreme tryhards who most of the time are absolutely sure they know how to play the game perfectly and everything that doesnt go their way is someone or something else is fault, RNG, MM, server(WTF), and they often bash any who has worst stats than them... you are playing this game on the same conditions everyone else is playing, any excuses to your performance doesnt help you at all... why dont you think about instead of all you could have done better, can you imagine all the outcomes of the many different actions you could have taken to influence the game differently at each moment in the game? The ability to observe, comprehend and then adapt is all you need to worry about. BTW do you upload your games to vbaddict? I would love to see your expenditure, a guy who says playing an E5 is very expensive... I didnt play my E5 extensively in randoms but im certain that if i did i would manage a decent average profit and 4k wn8 at least.
  7. Consistency can be achieved, across a large number of battles the performance is there, arty in comparison to regular tanks of same tier can do similar damage but win rate is usually lower if played solo, i have purple or deep purple wn8 in almost every arty i played, i grinded all arty branches, the problem is arty has been handicaped in wn8 for a very long time due to i believe the introduction of tier 10 arty that shuffled arty around tiers and messed with their performance in some cases significantly, its a bit like VK3601H that used to have or still has some sort of nerf on WN8 because those who abused it back when pay2win gold ammo for it was around had performances in it that rivaled tier 8 tanks easily. Personally i think its a good thing arty doesnt give much wn8, it works as a sort of deterrant so that at least those who care about wn8 will avoid playing it, so for the health of the game its good. I dont know how expected values are decided and whatnot, i would like to believe they are based not solely on overall performance across all time, but also on recent performance from last couple months, something tells me it isnt. It baffles me that i can do close to 2.2k average damage in a tier 8 arty and get between 3k-3.5k wn8 only, yet on some tier 8 meds/heavys that sort of damage might mean 4k-4.5k wn8... Most people dont even know what the WN stands for... (Weighted/Normalized Efficiency Rating)
  8. The crew was too busy drowning to be able to man the gun.
  9. http://wotreplays.com/site/3117739#fjords-frenzier-amx_40 Tier 6 carry, drowned a KV-1.
  10. Im more impressed by the amount of free experience... 2.3m... i have 400k "legit" free experience atm and thats the most i have ever had because i have not grinded any new lines in ages.
  11. He exposed himself on the ridge and got killed instead of simply spotting the M41 or simply standing behind cover and not exposing himself at all.. he died unnecessary to a bait because he did not take my existence into account... i was about to help him... but you are correct, it was unnecessary and it doesnt help me at all, to the point i didnt notice the matilda immediately as it was spotted.
  12. Updated with youtube video.
  13. Im playing to 1k battles with it.
  14. Its time to stop... every tank is born equal, no more discrimination. http://wotreplays.com/site/3113859#el_halluf-frenzier-amx_40
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