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  1. I got 3 marks before I unlocked the pershing, and I have almost a 4k average wn8 in it. I only have about 10 APCR rounds, the rest AP, all standard consumables, and rarely platooned. I managed to get over 1600 average dpg with 1.77 spots and a 74% winrate over 178 games. This tank is just amazingly good, and I find it far better than the pershing. Even stock this thing is a direct upgrade to the T21, which is pathetic when you think about it, poor T21. Oh and my favorite game would have to be: When I had the 76mm, I got into a tier 9 game. I was kinda bummed out, thinking "well guess I'm counter scout this game". Halfway thru the game I get bored and yolo this VK45.02B that my team hadn't penned once the entire game. I drove up past him right after he fired, and then parked on his rear and kept shooting him in the butt. His allies got a bit pissed and tried to kill me, but as soon as they popped out my allies happily shot at something they could pen finally After that I spent the next minute just nibbling on the VK45.02B's rear, since he couldn't shake me off, and he couldn't turn around to shoot me as my allies would kill him the instant his front isn't pointed towards them. I managed to do almost the entirety of the VK's health that game, and walked away with an ace tanker and a VERY salty VK driver messaging me afterwards. 10/10 would yolo again.
  2. ikr, wot forums are fun for trolling and nothing else. Just left my clan though, too much autism and drama.
  3. Gotta run them BIA hax yo, only way to keep my winrate above 50% cuz mm iz riggd
  4. Yeah he might've just been angry or something, but I don't care who he was mad at or what happened, sabotaging the whole tourny team like that is not acceptable under any circumstance and it just shows that he will probably do it again if he gets pissed off. Shame, since I kinda liked him in the first round of tourneys we did, but he got really toxic after that and then became completely untrustworthy >.> I got pretty much the response I expected from the wot forums community, the first 4 posts were "reported" and then several that were spelled backwards or upside-down XD
  5. He was not, he was just butthurt that we did not need the tanks he wanted to bring for that one tournament.
  6. So my team won every single game in the tier 10 tournament tonight, and we were on the last game to see who gets first in the group, when the 5th member of our team moves everyone out of the ready list at the last second because he is a pissy little POS. people other than the team captain should not be able to move others out of the ready team members if they don't restrict this, you should not be able to do it in the last 10 seconds of the countdown is this punishable? If not, it definitely should be The asshat's name is FoxeyFlames, you probably don't want to make a tournament with him since he's so toxic.
  7. The fv304 isn't particularly effective, since it has around an 11 second reload time with vents and rammer. 11 second reload for 50-150 damage average, and that is not counting the misses due to the gun being horribly inaccurate. The bishop is better in every way except side to side arc and speed. It has more HP, more accurate, reloads faster, silly armor against low tiers, and is a tier lower. Pretty much the only thing the fv304 is good at is running around like a crazy and pissing off people hiding behind rocks who don't know how to move back and forth 1 meter which makes you miss. RIP shell flight time, I brewed an entire pot of tea and got halfway thru the tea party before the damn shell hits (or more likely misses) anything. Best use I got out of my fv304 was shooting a T34 heavy for about 3 minutes, while he sat stationary behind a hulldown spot. I did like 50 damage each time, even hitting the turret top from pretty much max range. I think I got one pen too. The fv is fun however to climb hills and be at strange spots, such as climbing the hill on Cliff where lights usually go
  8. Yeah it's definitely not a bad tank, I just feel the speed doesn't let it be a true medium. Now the T20, that tank was great
  9. I'd say the T-44 is more comfortable for me in tier 10, due to the speed and the trollier turret. The pershing can't bounce many tier 9/10 with its turret, but the T-44's is half autobounce.
  10. So I have both the Pershing and the T-44, and I have to say the T-44 is a much better tank. Sure the Pershing has a bit more gun depression and a better gun mantlet, but the T-44 is faster, smaller, more maneuverable, more accurate, and smaller&trollier turret armor. The Pershing's low speed and large size make it much worse than the T-44 at being a medium tank, and the fairly inaccurate gun makes it poor for doing anything at mid-long range. What do you guys think?
  11. My grind of the 13 90 was incredibly frustrating, partially because I expected it to be good after the 12t and 13 75 cancers. My main problems with the tank: Terrible accuracy, my T49 tends to hit more shots. Bad pen for tier, most lights a tier lower have more pen, this stacks with the bad accuracy. saying "just shoot gold" doesn't make it a good tank. You don't need to spam gold in a good tank. Bad acceleration and bad track traverse makes you bleed a lot of speed when turning, it is almost impossible to circle anything but an e100 or maus, which you can't pen from the rear with AP anyways ._. Clip reload is prohibitively long with a low ammo capacity, your damage output is limited by amount of ammo and bad gun stats. Clip potential is ok, but an RU251 come pretty close to it with just raw DPM if using HE. This tank can't pen heavies or mediums easily, and light tanks like the t49 or ru251 will absolutely annihilate this tank 1v1, I can't count the amount of times I rush a scouting spot in my T49 or RU251 just to derp and ram an amx 13 90 without it doing half my hp. With all the other lights out there, I feel the 13 90 needs some minor buffs most preferably an aimtime/accuracy buff. I would also settle for a shell reload buff, since if it could dump it's shells faster that would give it an actual role.
  12. On my ELC AMX I am working on my 4th skill, my setup looks like this: Commander: 6th sense, BIA, Camo, Sit. awareness (76%) Driver: Clutch Braking, BIA, Camo, Offroad driving (76%) Equipment: GLD, vents, optics Ammo: 30/6/0 I have 3 marks of excellence and have stayed between 90-100% on my MoE since then. I have more kamikaze medals than spotter medals. My setup lets me active scout, since I don't need to wait for the binocs to set up, it lets me snipe because the GLD makes the aimtime more manageable, and the vents just make everything a bit better. I used to run rammer instead of GLD, but I noticed that it's better to get the shot aimed and shot faster than trying to DPM anything.
  13. The VK 45.02 A was one of my favorite tanks to play, and it is the best bully of mediums and lower tiers. It is pretty fast and maneuverable for a heavy, and the DPM is good enough to smack puny mediums. I agree with the post a bit above, find all the 175 pen tanks, and make them rage.
  14. This is my favorite tank to play after the ELC. I was surprised how I can manage to hit 400m+ shots with this thing. My favorite kind of maps are ones where light tanks always funnel into one spot, I can usually get a good pen before rofling away. Also maps that I can be up on a hill and shoot down on top of enemies. Delicious engines :3
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