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  1. I have also been unable to find my groove. Over-aggressive seems to be a common factor. I’ve been playing faster tanks to try and relearn the maps faster. Maybe I should be playing heavies instead, just to stay alive.
  2. Ummm...



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    2. Rexxie


      wait how did you get your TI to even open, even fresh copies of it have been crashing for me as soon as i start it

    3. Fulvin


      @Rexxie Did you deleted all the config crap from appdata/local/smellyriver folder when doing new install? Because there are some tanks that crash the program for me, after which it will crash instantly on startup because it will attempt to load the same tank again unless I reset it by wiping the folder.

    4. Rexxie


      No I didnt! I had no idea that was there. That's helpful, I havent been able to use TI in months because of that!

  3. Super Mario 64 and Final Fantasy 6.
  4. If you are looking for a training clan, I'll second the Minions. M-I-T best training clam NA.
  5. I want to fight for PetCo in the campaign. I'm not much of a pubber but bring me in as a legionnaire and I'll show my worth.
  6. Honestly, BUNNY was my first choice. In the last season they spent lots of time on the T10 map. And hell, who wouldn't want that pink bunny on their tanks? But I talked to Crackajack and with the collapse and rebuilding, he said they probably wouldn't be in the next campaign. Main edited.
  7. Tags are already dropped. WoTlabs is just taking it's sweet time. Does FOXEY have any openings?
  8. I'm a pure solo-pubber that loves team modes, go figure. I want serious CW, including the stronghold grind. The campaign will be a great place to start, but I want continuous T10 action after that. I offer a workable garage at tiers 6, 8, and 10. X's: E100, E5, T57, IS7, Bat, JPE; VIII's: 50100, IS3, T69, T32, Persh, 1390; VI's: Bromwell, T37, Plus some other non-meta at 6 and 8. I can commit >4 days each week, ~5PM to 9PM MST for CW and SH grinds. Honestly, I look forward to grinding stronks. I am familiar with how it all works from my time in the Minions. We participated in several
  9. My T-44 is so cursed it can cause entire teams of blues and purples to lose to greens and reds just because I'm on their team.

    T-44 worst tank in game...

    1. koel76


      150 solo battles in t44...70%wr. I disagree, you are just bad :doge:


  10. Is XVM broken for anyone else? I get nothing in game and when I go to the website, instead of the usual login/activate services at the top, I just see a blank grey bar. Cleared browse cache, no change...

    1. Private_Miros


      Same for me, but then suddenly it worked again in-game. No notification in garage, and XVM website gives no log in either for me.

  11. Calculated view range and reload time aren't showing in garage anymore? FreeXP and Gold locks are missing too. Did a clean install, it defaulted to SD client for some reason though. Cleared cache. Running all optional mods and some other stuff; HangMan, Tessumod, paintball, gold prem tank icons. What file should that stuff be in? I might try poking around myself... Updating to HD client, maybe that will fix it. Edit: Now on HD client, removed HangMan, still missing.
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