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  1. Intro: Hi, I'm GLM (GOLUM, GLIM) whatever you prefer. I'm looking into coming back to league, after missing out one season, due to military. I have played league since it came out, and have had my ups and downs. Other then the last time I played league, my attendance was 100%. Exception for last time I played league, my college came out (which was taken care of) and my computer got fried. To a point, where I played on standard client, on lowest settings, and barely got 5 fps. (Un-playable). Do I have a new computer? I sure do. Also, I played league whole time when it was tier 8, new to ti
  2. thxs swipple. and good luck in elevate!
  3. SetToDestroyX is a new team previously known as Ban Hammer currently in the Silver League. The team is filled with experienced players that come from various teams from Gold, Silver, and Bronze league. Our main goal as a team is to learn from whatever we can and get to our highest potential level in the game. We are seeking for players that know what they are stepping into and willing and able to move forward with the team. Current Roster:GLM KaiserViticus Ozwald007 _Jdawgg Whiskey_dod chase_singed HamsterPower BBanzai Team Requirements:2+ seasons of experience in silver/gold league. (3+ in
  4. Ban Hammer Silver league team is now sponsored by SetToDestroyX! Follow us on twitter! @StDxWoT

  5. Have a good caller and good strats, and do no scrimms. Than I wonder why you have been in bronze for 4 seasons.
  6. Completely forgot the simplistic team, my bad. But still, that was 7/42 format, where the season only lasted 2 months long. Now the season lasts 3-4 months (mostly 3 and a half considering play offs). Skirmishes pay more, so more people joining for gold will mostly quit halfway through, since they won't have their gold and will have to play 4 months to play it. Given it's only worth it if you come top 3 in bronze to wait 3-4 months for gold. Simplistic did come 2nd in regular, but when it mattered the most, they came overall 6th in bronze. Good old days bud, miss them. Also good old
  7. what team? I haven't seen you on any bronze league top 3 team for past couple of seasons.
  8. No such thing as "casual" bronze league team. Even lower level bronze league teams scrimm a lot and are good/average. You eill just be wasting your time. 3-4 months league, casual teams dont last that long, wasting a league spot and your time. Most people will do skirmishes to get their gold right away.
  9. Ban Hammer is a new team that is a silver league team and is participating in the Gold league qualifiers for the up-coming gold league season. The team is filled with experienced players that come from various teams such as elevate Black, elevate red, the replacements, anonymous outlaws, simply irresistable, warnpeace and denial of scrubbies. The team currently has one open spot that they are looking to fill for the upcoming season. Current Roster: GLM (Captain) (2nd Caller) KaiserViticus (Main Caller) Whiskey_dod Ozzwald007 zGarmin _Jddawg HamsterPower Vexon1 BBanzai Team
  10. Ban Hammer Silver league team will be having a one open spot! let me know if anyone is interested.

  11. Just be aware of gold qualifiers, it has teams that recently got relegated from gold, silver teams, bronze and other new teams. I recommend start practicing and stuff before deciding onto participate in gold qual, because you dont want to go in there and lose very badly and your team Morale goes down.
  12. Only problem with that is kraft that gold quals start before silver/bronze. Soo u really cant see how well you do in those and than the gold quals.
  13. 1) Are there other ways to get into open cup/league or the other leagues? Yes, To get into Gold league there are 2 spots open through Gold League Qualifier, you can also get into gold league through silver league if you come 1st or second. To get into Silver league you have to do Silver/Bronze league qualifiers and place in top 5 in that league or come in top 6 in Bronze league. To get into Bronze league you have to do Bronze qualifiers and be from 6-15th spot (I believe, may also vary every season) or through Open cup. To get to Open Cup, just register for those every week when they pop
  14. He forgot to post it, but he comes with a bundle. I come with fixer, so you also havr to accept this green shitter.
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