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  1. That's the Angle or Slope indicator, gives you an idea which way your shells will drift at long range since you are shooting from a slope. Like left to right slope would make your shells drift right of where you aimed.
  2. Everything works great for me in-game, fixed the default zoom problem I had before also, but as soon as the game ends Crash to desktop. I've tried all the fixes listed here, installed the Damage font (right-click inst) and even dropped that file into my res mods thinking somehow that may have been the issue, still CTD after every battle. Honestly I'm pretty happy with it, just reboot from SSD real fast, but would be cool if we could get some kinda fix . Thanks man
  3. Were you guys around when the WG official talked about winstreaks and the probability of being top-tier after or during the 'end' of such a streak? It was pretty obvious, and since Ex-nayed from official comments, but the more you win>the more likely you are to be bottom tier and/or not top-tier. True or not has been much debated, but Solution=platoon with good people that can carry a game without being top tier, or stop caring about your luck.
  4. #1 NECRO How is this not locked by now? Listening to bad opinions is only a prerequisite of people that give a fuck what you have to say, we don't. I honestly don't mean that to be rude, I mean that to be from someone who contributes to the information you come here to learn. If you worked at an Engineering company and I had played with Lego's once, would you care what I said about your methods? At all? Yes maybe, just maybe there is a glean of positive information in there for you to improve yourself, but is it worth letting every kid who ever played with Lego's give you advice unopposed? No. That's why we're here, to tell it like it is. If you say something stupid, we will tell you "that was stupid." Politeness breads stupidity in a private forum, you need somebody to tell you you're dumb when you say something dumb, or you would audaciously continue to post BS without proper research. This forum is to "Cut through the BS", not propagate it, if that's too harsh for you then please follow this link here , where people care only about civility and none about facts.
  5. PPS, I also installed the Melty's mod from your pack afterwards hoping that it would fix it, I used to run that crosshair also, it didn't fix it obviously. I'm still competent enough to make the necessary changes while keeping melty's, but something to keep in mind. Thanks again man.
  6. Hey man, Long time, just reinstalled a week or so ago, and since then have been driven fuckin nuts by the sniper zoom system. Used to be, I stay zoomed out at my preferred level, by hitting the sniper key (shift by dfLt i think) I could zoom in to my preferred zoom, like if you knew a guy was about to come around a corner, but wanted a better situational awareness of your tank as you moved to position; You could then hit Snipe to zoom back out to normal, or wherever you had it, as you maneuvered your tank> then hit Snipe again to go back to 8X zoom or whatever directly where you were holding the RMB to keep the tank aimed. Now, every time i hit Snipe it takes it to the furthest Zoomed out Snipe mode or like 1X zoom. How can I change it to the way it used to be? Like it leaves it zoomed where you last had it zoomed, and zooms Out to normal when you are already in Snipe and hit the Snipe key again? Thanks man, I know I could've figured this out on my own before 'the quit' but can't figure it out now. Sorry for buggin ya P.S. wow my recent is shit, played sober about 5 times out of the last 50 or so mwahahahaha, totally worth. JK where mah purples go fix me
  7. Thanks man, I guessed that might work and put my old avatar_ih back in, and seems to have worked. Thanks!
  8. What do we do if we want to keep Dynamic Camera turned on?? I like the smoothness of on the move sniper view and what not Didn't see anything in the Readme about it, or is it as simple as just keeping it clicked in the Settings?
  9. Good work dude, impressed you can work so many bugs out so quickly, and that you have the patience to do so...
  10. Kraft is completely right, but I don't think that was the message that RBS was going for, and I also think Kraft knew that but was clarifying for some people who might hear the wrong things. So now I have just spoken for 2 people who are not me......... Meanwhile back at the Ranch.......So along the lines of what RBS (i believe) was getting at, I have xvm as do most of my tonksing buddies, and probably my biggest pet-peave is when the game is loading and I hear one of my toonmates say "ohhhh jeeeezus" or something along those lines. And I'm like 'what?' (did he shit his pants? did his game freeze up? did that guy who's girlfriend he boned just show up outside of his apartment? WTF?) and I ask again 'what wtf?' And they say "Dude look at all the reds on our team." Now we've just spent 15 out of the first 20 seconds talking about something that literally almost matters none at all, bad teams are everywhere, prepare for every game as if your team is bad, you have to carry to get high WR/wn78914, it's gonna average out and if it doesn't then fuk you carry harder shutup.... I could've spent those 15 seconds telling the rest of the team how much XP I had left to my next tank, or about the TopGun I got 8 games ago, or ask them if the Lowe is gud?? But seriously, this drives me crazy... Luckily most of them have caught on that I don't wanna hear that shit, but still. Now I admit, occasionally you get the game where your team is full of Reds and the other team has 3 Purple platoons, and in that case it's usually bend over and try to get some good damage in before Mongo comes up behind you with no lube, but either way those games are still winnable and extremely rare. If it's not the NBA Jam All-Stars vs. WashingtonElementary-School for the Disabled JV team, then you should do the exact same thing you should do in any other game. And honestly even when it is that game I still pretty much handle it the same way and hope for the best, just a little more aware of what might be getting ready to happen... People think it's a joke when they hear 'carry harder,' but honestly it's just a short version of the above... Maybe I should've gone with that...hmmm
  11. ^^^Wut, i am reluctant to try shooting people thru stuff already, I've been on vacay since the just before the patch so I don't know yet, but if those little stone walls on Fish can't be penned then I am really lost for how I thought this was gonna work...
  12. Swolja

    T110E5 help?

    Ohhhh dat reverse speed.... Absolutely the most frustrating part of that tank, I think E100 feels like it reverses faster even tho probably not Hi Kraft!!!! I get back the 31st, but I think you're still afk til like the 7th or what??
  13. Swolja

    T110E5 help?

    plus it can do stupid stuff like drive on top of the hill in the middle of Komarin after you solo whatever shows up early game I think this was my latest game in it is why I remember.
  14. Swolja

    T110E5 help?

    Lineup in a training room against a WTE100 on Malinovka, faceoff across the field and have him start shooting at you (seriously trying), lower front. Objective: make him bounce most/all of shells. Obj140 might be more practical but I think the Waffle showdown sounds more fun, and should be tougher I feel like most people just don't get how to play this tank well, which was me at first also. It has really nice armor, unless you play it like it does.... It's not tough enough to just square off against other tanks, but it is if you use it's mobility, peak-aboom, depression and the Olé swivel of the front just as they're about to shoot you. (Good traverse) Whenever you do get squared off against another tank and caught slightly in the open, angle the front some and then move like MichaelJFox on cocaine playin dodgeball; because that tumor on top is pretty easy to hit, but they do have to Aim at it, a little off to one side or the other and they likely will Bounce or flat Miss it, but if you're too still or predictable they will eat that shit up. Lot's of other stuff I'm sure but just some off the top of my head. Also, fast for heavy, get to good forward spots quickly and safely before the enemy team can deny them to you.. etc etc
  15. ^^ I got halfway It was the X2 everybattle all-day erryday event, now that I think about it I only played like 50 games, but I got roughly 120k xp then they early-server patched and I had to leave for vacation early that morning. Loveee that tank though, I get back in 2 days and think it'll take all of about 1 night to get my Leo.
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