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  1. Personally I find that the NA population issues are having an effect on single, random games. To me it seems like orange is outnumbering yellow players which suggests a lack of players managing to better themselves to such an extent that they become competent. It's winter now and there's still summer level of majority orange teams which puts you back in the, "if you're platooned you've a decent chance of winning" meta. Also, in an effort to make cw more appealing to all, WG managed to make everyone hate it. There again with only three active lines being ground (and I totally forgot about the IS4 until just now) and not really enthused about the "new" tier 8 lights, nor the Czech line which with the feel of fan art to it combined with internal WG politics manages to perfectly encapsulate how incompetent some branches of company are, I know I'm at the end of my WoT run. The above may be a combination of confirmation bias and burnout but I'm spending a lot more time playing AW, returning to single player games and essentially tossing a coin to log into WoT or WoWS. Not going to say WoT is dead but it certainly feels past its prime.
  2. Think we can all agree it's got nothing on this. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKTkzvaZWrs
  3. I used a female crew on the AMX. Le sigh.
  4. Isn't the shame three fold because the alleged cheating is done to get a tank so powerful that it would have a major impact on the future of CW and pubbies? Whatever is done to get the T22 has to be added to what effect, if any, it'll have on play until it's "balanced". OP tank in the hands of good players isn't a good formula.
  5. Is that a typical reaction Hudstr22? There's plenty of advice on this very forum to use pubbies as meatshields, funny they might find that annoying or insensitive. You don't think a team with 10 orange players on it has lost from the start, especially if there's a competent platoon on the opposition? Because I've seen NAE populated by oranges since the summer and we're back to the days where the better player pool seems smaller and you're either on the blue/purple platoon team or you're not. Easy win or easy loss. Last paragraph is bizarre and typical of a subsection of players on this forum that were ecstatic to use XVM to get a leg up on their competitors but hated it when it became mainstream and they got targeted. Sectioning off prizes for people that hit certain goals in cw, different forms of play, different games for that matter will always see the better players club together to ensure they get those prizes. Should "shitters" do so or players perceived to be undeserving - I'm thinking Goonswarm during their first incursions into EVE, then the elite, a la BoB at the time, react in very similar ways. At least the T22 is open to all that want to attempt it, not to a few hundred of the game's best players. Posting quality and levels of smugness on this forum have gone in opposite directions recently.
  6. If you're not on a premium account or don't own a premium tank, tier 6 is generally best profit/tier ratio in my experience.
  7. You called? I suggest if you're invoking reverse xvm, counter it with free for all counter battery so at least two spend all game attempting to find the opposition arty and invariably fail.
  8. Bioshock trilogy because apparently they passed me by - $6.74 Alpha Protocol - $3.74 Silent Hunter 3 because I wanted a sub sim and it was 3 or 5 - $4.99.
  9. There's enough evidence and reports out there to justify video games, mainly focusing on keeping reactions and mental activity going. afaik there haven't been enough studies into gaming communities to justify that aspect, mainly because we're stuck with the 10/1/.1 active poster theory (10% read forums, 1% post. .1% are very active). What's the full title of the thesis and personally I'd advise getting in touch with CCP games and asking them about the academic interest in EVE. They had professors and graduate students asking on a weekly basis about the game stats and until Eyj├│lfur Gu├░mundsson left a proper Economics professor. http://marketsforisk.blogspot.co.uk/p/useful-videos.html explains EVE economy. CCP Quant, Edvald Gislason is the new Economics guy. Giving yourself a question to answer gives the thesis direction. Maybe something like, "What can we learn from video games?"
  10. Got carried away with all the 1990s stars turning up.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HFCv86Olk8E
  12. I haven't quit but playing on teams of 10-11 oranges into November suggests a large portion of the good player base has because these were summer teams. Went on 12 game losing streak on Saturday which has been a good while since that happened. Got 290k free xp, 11k gold and little to spend it on, am grinding the CGC, Wee Zee 120 and AMX 30, after that I'm stuck asides tier 8 lights. Not to mention cw in its current guise has ruined end game. Grind for new pointless tanks just to compete in tier 6 light circle jerks? Nah. Went clan hopping for a bit, I get the impression there's very few clans with a plan and even fewer with adequate attendance. There's no enthusiasm for cw.
  13. Back in the early days of community management there was a report done on forum visitation by players, it ended up becoming as close to industry standard without much followup because very few community management and dev teams know how to use forums. It became the 1/10/100 rule - Out of 100% of players, 10% would visit the forums and 1% would post (0.1% would become hardcore posters to follow the same "rule"). Rather than use this to improve forum usage, it became industry acceptable to ignore forums as "the minority" and frequent posters as the "vocal minority". Point being, traffic to forums/websites is a poor way to get an accurate figure of if a game's dying or not but if your vocal minority and minority posters are leaving, there's clearly serious issues with the game - be it competition, balance, burn out or lost interest.
  14. .com and .eu fell off a cliff. Both have a little recent kick upwards, was that the x5 event?
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