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  1. are the new french heavies worth it (have the tier 8 unlocked) or should I go for the conqueror instead? Was excited for the line but the huge cupolas and weak shoulder plates look terrible.

    1. Hellsfog


      I find the new tier 8 french heavy to be meh.  The super cong, however, is very good. 

    2. sohojacques


      Watched skill4ltu (is that how it's spelt?) last night and he, like a lot of other players, hated the tier 8. But he was loving the tier 9. That's all I got...

    3. DHP


      Yeah T9 seems amazing.

  2. almost want to keep the AMX M4 1945

    105 goldspam makes it op 330 alpha 2.2k dpm monster

  3. anyone in America wanna try my product on amazon and give me a honest review (pls 5 stars)? I'll include a refund in the package so its basically free for you.



    mods delete this if its again wotlabs rules


    1. Luna


      This is a really iffy rule on amazon. Paid reviews are illegal, free "sample products" are on the border between fair and not.

    2. Goldflag


      It's legal. A lot of people do this.

  4. is it just me or do you sometimes fear that family/friends suddenly died when they don't reply to calls or texts when they have been away?

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    2. RC_Tank


      more often than it should

    3. orzel286
    4. Medjed


      Not only when they don't return calls/texts, but when i know they are on a longer road trip i always think have they arrived safely because fkn car crashes happen all the time

  5. quick anyone have any ideas on what to name a fishing sinker/weight company?

    1. GunnSm0ke


      straight to the bottom...

    2. PlanetaryGenocide
    3. punishersal
  6. is a radiator required for a watercooling loop its just a locked CPU.

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    2. Folterknecht


      You need a rad and a pump.

    3. Daezara


      Reservoir -> Pump -> CPU block -> radiator -> repeat

      if cpu block or rad first doesn't make a difference, but make sure the pump is pulling liquid directly from the reservoir. and no, a reservoir can not take the place of a radiator.

    4. Goldflag
  7. is the JT worth it now since it has OP hitpoints?

  8. I don't think the Republicans will ever win another general election.

    1. Wewum


      I would have to disagree.

    2. westybig


      im dissapointed by the lack of angst this post has caused

    3. Luna


      Im disappointed jn the fact that peoppe havent read the rules on "no politics"  

  9. pls add me for platoons no tier 10s im too poor

  10. i was in erlenburg city and T49 i was engaging pulled back and never returned. Five minutes later, I found him on his side, stuck. He had backed up onto some rubble and flipped over. loled for 5min

  11. did wg nerf the 128 mm german gun

    e75 and jp 2 rolling 400-440 literally 9/10 times

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    2. MacusFlash


      Lot of your high rolls go to finishing shots. If only WG decide to shows us rolls, not just dmg.

    3. SoliDeoGloria



      Theoretically, if you test* what your ap/apcr rolls are on targets that have more than your max roll, you should have an even distribution to either side. RNG is RNG man. *(granted with a large sample size)

    4. Goldflag


      No, if you take out the shots that kill people, you should still get a even distribution that averages at 490. Changing the sample size won't change any outcomes as long as the sample size is large enough.

  12. is it good or bad that my gpu never goes over 60 degrees?

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    2. Goldflag


      oops somehow the 60 got deleted. yeah i get only around 60 Celsius under load and i thought that was abnormal since people say 75 is like the normal load temp.

    3. Medjed


      depending on what cooling you have on it....it's probably good since it never goes above 60

    4. BlackAdder


      Depends on few thing:

      • cooling (good or bad)
      • ambient temperature (do you play outside of your house @ -5°C :D)
      • sensor working

      As i mentioned before, try finger method. But my 970 only sometimes spins vents, like playing 30min wot, gpu turns on vents for 1 min, and then again shut down vents. On finger it's little warm and no real heat is dissipated.  

    1. Zinn


      Are you perhaps new to the internet? :doge:

    2. An_Arty_Player_Hits_You


      there's also giant horse dildos on amazon/the internet.... didn'tcha know?

  13. why is that when i move my computer 0.0000001 nanometers my fans start clicking like crazy?

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    2. Shade421


      Hmm, did you mount them directly to the case with screws, or is there something in between? I ran in to a problem with some shitty Cooler Master fans where the blades would nick the case if I mounted them with just the screws. Solved it by replacing the screws with sticky velcro pads instead.

    3. Goldflag


      oh nvm i solved it it was hitting a post

    4. bjshnog


      So the morning after I read this, my fans started clicking like crazy for the first time in months. WTF?

  14. Wtf another terrorist attack in Europe 

    rip Belgian islamic republic 

    1. Goldflag


      Donald trump guaranteed nomination...

  15. userbenchmark.com
    is this a good site

    1. Wewum


      I would recommend against that website. Use actual, real-life benchmarks.

    2. Android25


      When you put too much money into your computer as a poor college student http://www.userbenchmark.com/UserRun/609553

      @Wewum It's fun to just use every benchmark you can find... what's the point of throwing thousands of dollars into your computer if not to try and get high benchmark numbers :P

  16. lol it actually works


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    2. Crossfader


      is that a boat ?

    3. MAJEST1C
    4. zapyoug


      is that supposed to be a computer case?

  17. will my computer work only when i put my intel and radeon sticker on it?

  18. http://imgur.com/QpPBoOA

    is this safe? I built my case from scratch so I don't have any way to secure my parts lel

    1. BeyondD


      Only German engineers know if this safe so the anwser will come soon tm.

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      well if it can easilly handle the strain of it hanging it should be fine. I would be worried about heat transfer. you might want to make more space for airflow. just my 2 cents. Also make sure you can get a good fan configuration. 


  19. noctura fans look super gay lol

    1. Shackram


      They're good but they choose an awful color scheme.

  20. how does this look?


    I've ordered everything except for the SSD and the gpu which im waiting for to go on sale.

    1. Fulcrous


      Western Digital > Hitachi.

      Outside of that decent I guess but very limited in upgrade capability in the future.

  21. What are you guys opinions on power color Radeon cards? I've heard both praise and criticism.

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    2. Kitten


      Heavily dependent on the model. Some are good some are bad, do your research before buying as always :P 

    3. Folterknecht


      Sapphire would be my first step when looking at AMD, after that maybe Asus and MSi depending on the model.

    4. _Assad


      Sapphire and MSI are the top competitors for AMD imo. They both have fantastic cooling units for the GPUs

  22. is 4590 worth of over 6500 if the former is $30 cheaper?

    1. breeeze


      they are mostly the same in performance. Depends what you wanna do with the system, Skylake gets DDR4-RAM so you won't have to rebuy RAM with the next upgrade, but Mobos might be more expensive etc...

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