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    Goldflag got a reaction from koel76 in They say you need a low tier medium or a fast firing one - I think they just tried to   
    wow your monitor is insane
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    Goldflag reacted to General_Fault in do you guys think that arty actually makes a good amount of people play less or quit?   
    A good amount? No. Just the good players. There are far more 12 year olds with 7 iq who stick with the game just for that slot machine rush when they blap someone than there are players who are good enough to even realize that it is arty that is shooting them. There are copius terribads that probably think everything is arty since they can't understand the vision mechanics and never see what's shooting them, even if it's a Ferdi 80m away. And there are at least 20 terribads for every blue or better. Make no mistake, WG gives precisely zero fucks about what the good players think.
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    Goldflag got a reaction from VikkoTheTusken in The level of game-play and teamwork of South American players on the WoT Blitz NA ser   
    why would you play blitz
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    Goldflag reacted to Medjed in What is up with the bombardment of neg reps on Fiaura? What am I missing?   
    they are jealous because she has bigger dick than they do
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    Goldflag got a reaction from cpraf104 in IT'S MAH BURTHDAY!   
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    Goldflag got a reaction from Bludsuager in Defeat Map: Himmelsdorf Vehicles: T34 Exp: 2,098 Credits: 130,805 Battle achievements   
    noob t34 statpader damage famer uninstall
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    Goldflag got a reaction from PlanetaryGenocide in take lessons boiz, this is how you team battles. this strat is patented. http://wotre   
    thanks so much im going to become a super uni!!
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    Goldflag reacted to Zezti in Got rekt by QB like a shitter today GG   
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    Goldflag reacted to Trumpetah in Researched: AMX 50 B researched. Undistributed experience spent: 196284. Free Experie   
    It certainly can't make you feel elevated.
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    Goldflag reacted to aaveq in chatbanned again, tk'd by arty twice this session and can't even scream at them   
    wish them aids by platoon invitations
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    Goldflag reacted to Medjed in 26 minutes left on the plane. I like the comfort of interwebs on the plane with usefu   
    shout allahu akhbar and all of a sudden you'll be alone in the seat Keepo
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