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  1. Kw5rIbK.jpg


    1. CraBeatOff


      I'm so sorry.

    2. Fulcrous


      living on for abandoned, eh?

    3. kreigermann


      ... talk about polishing a turd.

  2. lJmYUU9.jpg

  3. rOTGyHe.jpg


    C H I N A

    The expected for the 1-4 was surprisingly high though.

    1. TheMarine0341


      Almost like the Jaun-For is a solid and strong tenk :D

    2. neziho


      Of course, but there's a lot of solid tanks with comparatively low expected damage like the T-10. 1-4 had an expected of 3.9k dpg. 

    3. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      The thing is most pubbies only get 2-3 penning shots so 3 shots @ 490 alpha will be a higher expected.

  4. neziho

    How to increase your WN8 (mindset)

    I play mostly solo, but ok.
  5. neziho

    How to increase your WN8 (mindset)

    rude. winning is hard when you got to get those sick dpgs. Just look at that recent e5 and IS7.
  6. NqDXSdo.jpg

    Shit tank + high expected = fun

    Fuck this pos.

    1. Hellsfog


      The Emil I gun trolls me.  I glad to see the Emil II is better. Thanks for that. 

    2. flare_phoenix


      I like the invite from Kekistani[-KEK-]

  7. neziho

    Your Favourite Albums? That's just the tip of the iceberg for rap music. I tried to keep each work from a different artist. I would check out the discography of each artist because the ones I picked were only my personal favorite from each individual artist. Also this doesn't even cover trap or anything really recent except for a few really popular works such as from Kendrick or Travis Scott. Hope that helps.
  8. DB5koGyW0AA0W3t.jpg:large

  9. Implying all waifus aren't trash.
  10. hWL32k1.jpg

    Ayy first tier 10 marked.

    1. RC_Tank


      congrats! it's a great feeling to mark something, especially a tier 10

  11. gjyKqVI.png


    1. ZXrage


      Now now, it's not often that all the players that play the Foch get to platoon :)

    2. 1n_Soviet_Russia


      its technically a threesome if they both are getting Foched at the same time...

    3. DirtyACE7


      This game draws players with fetishes from all corners of the exotic. I'm sure these two were dressed like gimps and whipping themselves as they played.

  12. vB6JvX3.jpg

    If only this happened more often.

  13. neziho

    Show Off Your Triple Marks of Excellence

    How do people play this thing for thousands of games.
  14. They could just reimburse players with prem arty with the equivalent gold value. Still don't think removal will ever happen though.