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  1. THX everything working fine . i copied only this poliroid.pmod_1.26.1 from PMOD oficial topic and NO PROBLEMS
  2. I already downloaded it .. you can delete it thx u very much again kiss for u xD btw dont worry, this video is only for me :*
  3. this youtube link doesnt work why ? video is not unavailable
  4. pls why i cant check this link ? https://www.twitch.tv/videos/140997859 i need update my pmod pls i need guide instruction
  5. thanks you very much and thansk for your time pls dont delete this video from your twitch ... THX AND KISS FOR U btw wotlabs epic lags xDDDDDDDDDDDDDD ... xD
  6. thx but I do not know how to set it exactly like Sela had sorry for my basic english xD
  7. btw 2 xd : today was minipatch ... mod pack working ?
  8. without six sense sound it is unplayable for me ... sela can i ask plz ? can i download somewhere your side server crosshair ?
  9. Sela six sense sound does not work . and every battle my minimap have minimum size .
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