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  1. Havent played the e50 in awhile...like a month or 2 ....most of what my recents are now are t54e1,t30,t34-3 and a few other prems
  2. Ive been looking at pbkac and foxie for awhile,its certainly an option im considering. And considering foxie is rebuilding actually makes me want to join a bit more. That being said im also considering another clan thats rebuilding ,but i really dont have a good reason to want to join other than the sheer " how did you even get into x clan" But i have my doubts about being able to play at that level. Ill have to sleep on it for awhile. I like my dead tags. Also woot woot for 2700 recent
  3. 6th sense should only come as a 2nd perk if maybe youre getting BIA first... otherwise....first. 6th sense isnt for knowing your spotted when your brawling, its so useful for late game stuff im not sure why you would wait for it...
  4. hey everyone, while i love my current tags, its just a tad too empty here for me to stay. so im looking for a CW clan that is ideally at slightly higher in recents than i am ,however i realize thats not always a possible thing, so im just trying to find a clan thats around my level in general. i dont mind clans that are rebuilding ,as long as its an active rebuilding. (yes im aware my XVM camo is strong) gl/hf -hanger
  5. Ok ill send you both friend requests. I wont be on to play til tuesday though =/ Basically ive procrastinated learning a guitar solo (its boring) and now i have a day to learn it.
  6. i think ive finally plateaued at 2k wn (although in the past week ive been sub par as far as i know.), and i dont personally mind being here, but my clan is quickly out growing me and i would rather be at their avg than be dragging it down, so ive come here for help. -i think one of my largest problems is positioning, i simply dont know where to be in early game situations to pick up early damage. i know where most of the easy reset points are on cap circles but i dont know all of them. -ive hit somewhat of a glass ceiling in terms of damage, i seem to get stuck on 2k damage on my t
  7. edit, nvm, my note taking skills are obviously not up to par at 0' dark thirty, mod can you delete this thread pls
  8. i've finally ground my way to the wz 120 but one thing that im not really sure what to do with is the turret. i have the 2nd gun purchesed and am working on researching the new turret, but until i have the 3rd gun purchesed, is it worth getting the new turret? basically its a loss of armor,DPM and HP. but saves 2* of gun depression, and some p/w has anyone else elected to stay with the stock turret until purchasing the 3rd gun?
  9. not exactly unicum, but would like to join very much heres some of my stats of recent and past http://i1313.photobucket.com/albums/t544/blahblahblah1902/Untitled_zps0xgdwfz3.png
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