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  1. The the drug that this game strangely is for me. I am back again and am looking for mates to platoon with.
  2. Can I get your IGN? I would be more than happy to friend you! Added you!
  3. It's been a while, but I am back into WoT, and I feel that it's probably for the better that I try to get into the habit of platooning more. I still want to learn from better players, but I also am not afraid of playing with everyone basically! I am on NA, and have every tier besides 2 and lower naturally.
  4. The second step is to increase the problem. I see you online quite a bit. I think it's been a while as well.
  5. Hi guys! I am looking for people who don't mind playing with someone who is bad, feels bad about being bad, and doesn't in mind playing tier 6+ (Strv a2 my love). I won't ask to get better, but I will watch for plays to be played, that I can learn from. I also am a filthy weeb.
  6. They just announced that they are canceling the new overmatch mechanics now. Here's the post from the EU forum. http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/601252-28-11-16-micropatch-info/page__pid__13438772#entry13438772 nvm, I am on the late train here.
  7. So, in regards to a nerf. Apparently WG is Buffing the signal range of the radio from 400m to 700m. Jesus
  8. I've had less than 10 wins the last 3+ games. What am I doing wrong? Doing the same thing 3 days before, I was averaging 60% winrate...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. MoshiMoshi778


      Not trolling, slightly angry if that makes sense.

    3. _Steve


      10 wins from 3 games isn't hard, git gud

    4. StormCrowReaperManyHats


      I'm pretty sure he meant ten wins in the last 3 days. Pretty sure.

  9. I am willing to platoon and give some non-scrub/not unicum advice if you want. The same applies to you @LudwigvonMises
  10. Thanks guys, I look forward to platooning with you guys in the future!
  11. I am grinding the 50-100, and I want some buddies to platoon with. I have tanks from tier 8-10, and some pref tier 8's if that's your thing. I also am looking to improve at the same time, so any comments are appreciated. Tanks and chill anyone?
  12. The only thing I miss about XVM was the server ping while in the garage. It allowed me to know if my internet was going to troll me or not.
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