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  1. Yeah, I have heard about Hutton orbital and free Condas somewhere too One of gaming press sites had article about it, iirc.
  2. I have engineered FSD to 4th class on Python atm. I get about 24ly jump range with outfitted Python which is enough for me. No problems with that. I dont think I need much more because not doing serious exploration and all the missions I get are within my jump range, except passengers but I ditched those. I meant in-system flying times. 10k Ls distances (I have had several 100k Ls+) is long enough to start doing other stuff but I cant if Iam carrying cargo because of possible interdiction. Its fun to rip apart ships with 3x MCs when they interdict me (except condas so far) though.
  3. What tank to buy(obvisously premium) if I decide to reinstall and play just for fun? Slow heavies nope. There are comments about 120-1G below, maybe that as I have 122-44 and I kinda liked it long ago.

    1. PityFool
    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      wait for lootboxes and keep an eye on the advent calendar 

      this is the "leaked" list for the calendar, and so far its been right

      Somua SM

      Lansen C

      Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

      Škoda T 27



      Lorraine 40t

      M48A2 Räumpanzer

      Strv 81

      E 75 TS

      Caernarvon Action X

      WZ-111 Alpine Tiger

      VK 75.01 (K)

      Object 703 Version II



      Rheinmetall Skorpion (no clown camo)

      WZ-120-1G FT


      Strv S1

      AMX 13 57

      3D Style “Klarer Himmel” for E 100

      3D Style “Galahad” for FV4005

      out of everything there the 703 II and the LT432 are prob the best choices

  4. Aaaarrgh, those damn flying times to reach location just take away fun for me. Whatever I try doing, requires staring at screen for minutes or doing something else besides game while my ship reaches location. Game is ok, I just cant stand those fly times.
  5. I jumped Painite mine train and in several runs with Cobra(including 1 without shields for extra 16 tons), I made enough for nearly 4 Pytons. Somewhere deep in conciousness it seemed that it was wrong. It just felt that it shouldnt be that really easy to get this rich and buy whatever ship I want(except faction ones) Got Python and so far except for large cargo it doesnt seem that fun. Havent outfitted it really because low jump range surprised me.
  6. Then I was just in time to try and abuse Painite 180 Ly to nearest Painite mining system and then another 180 to Baiawa system to sell for highest price. Mined 10 tons od Painite, but damn tha felt slow. Feels like I would have to sit all day to mine full Cobra of Painite Is it like this for everybody or its just my lack of experience/equipment?
  7. Due to your suggestion, I bought Cobra. (Maybe I have played a little bit too much this weekend) And damn, its totally new perspective. I immediately increased cargo space for those rocks, while still having semi-frustrating experience of mining->scooping. But it opened chance to do real cargo missions. I already flew few 200k missions. I decided to ignore recommended rank and just accept as long as I can fit delivery in my cargo space. Iam about 500k now and Cobra is kinda a bit more upgraded. "Only 4,85 million" is still like crazy much for me atm Those 200k missions seemed like gol
  8. Im on keyboard and mouse. I have xbox one controller but I dont think its going to be better choice. Playing only in Open. And a little bit more progress When I had Sidewinder (bought Eagle Mk.III yesterday), I did some courier missions but they all had, imo, low pay. Did few criminal hunting. Not much fun with tiny lasers as enemy shield kept recharging several times .This slow pace of game is kinda cool yet sometimes a bit frustrating due to flying around system. Trying mining now, but Abrasion blaster and SSD missile somehow didn't do anything or I just used them incorrectly.
  9. Decided to finally give this a try. Aaaaaand I somehow rushed and left Imperial Systems too soon or Iam missing a lot of info on game mechanics. I have been wandering around several nearly empty systems until I reached one of nearest high security systems, but missions there are way above my rank. Mining as source of income is also still secret because mined ore in tutorial mission just says "nope" when I try to cargo scoop it. (EDIT:figured it out) In short I understand nothing so far
  10. When googling about this one on russian side of internet, sources say that all 3 crew members were placed in turret. Ammo rack placed horizontally around the turret ring. It was supposed to have autoloader (not magazine) and ATGMs for one of two possible guns.
  11. I want to get Borderlands 3 so much, but afraid my hardware wont handle it well. I can run FH4 1080p but afaik, it is space level optimized.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. punishersal


      Its notebook with 1050Ti 2GB, i5 8250 and 8GB RAM.

      It kinda fits around Minimals reqs, but I read some people suffer big fps drops when in combat. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      If I can run it smoothly (on lower settings) then so can you. Their dx12 optimization is god awful though, I had to manually switch it back to dx11 which runs well.

    4. punishersal


      Got the game friday. It automatically set to 1080p, but pretty much everything low. Still, smooth FPS and it looks like BL2. Yet there are some stutters in some fights. 

  12. It still hurts seeing what they have done to 101st. Yes, it has that 122mm but now its just a kinda mobile TD. I liked that thing a lot before I returned to WoT after few year break. Now its sad to see it. It's like having fun with your best friend, having drinks, doing stuff and so on, but one day its time to go each own's way. Then you meet few years later and he's not fun and games anymore. Marriage has taken him. Now he is just regular person. You know each other, but its no fun like before. (Post wasn't made sober, dont mind me)
  13. Introduction of Type59 which also is reason why I have one. Once I was in KITTY (if anyone left here remembers that clan) and got chance to take part in one of campaigns. Thus 907th. It was damn fun. I remember trying to poke above those rocks on Mines hill with M26 thinking my mantlet will hold all the shots, but it didn't. Commander did have something to say about that I have no idea how pleb like me got chance to play with those people, but I would pay to do that again. Then there were weekends when we would play platoon drunk with friend. SU-152 derp yolo. It was back when
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