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  1. When googling about this one on russian side of internet, sources say that all 3 crew members were placed in turret. Ammo rack placed horizontally around the turret ring. It was supposed to have autoloader (not magazine) and ATGMs for one of two possible guns.
  2. I want to get Borderlands 3 so much, but afraid my hardware wont handle it well. I can run FH4 1080p but afaik, it is space level optimized.

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    2. punishersal


      Its notebook with 1050Ti 2GB, i5 8250 and 8GB RAM.

      It kinda fits around Minimals reqs, but I read some people suffer big fps drops when in combat. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      If I can run it smoothly (on lower settings) then so can you. Their dx12 optimization is god awful though, I had to manually switch it back to dx11 which runs well.

    4. punishersal


      Got the game friday. It automatically set to 1080p, but pretty much everything low. Still, smooth FPS and it looks like BL2. Yet there are some stutters in some fights. 

  3. It still hurts seeing what they have done to 101st. Yes, it has that 122mm but now its just a kinda mobile TD. I liked that thing a lot before I returned to WoT after few year break. Now its sad to see it. It's like having fun with your best friend, having drinks, doing stuff and so on, but one day its time to go each own's way. Then you meet few years later and he's not fun and games anymore. Marriage has taken him. Now he is just regular person. You know each other, but its no fun like before. (Post wasn't made sober, dont mind me)
  4. Introduction of Type59 which also is reason why I have one. Once I was in KITTY (if anyone left here remembers that clan) and got chance to take part in one of campaigns. Thus 907th. It was damn fun. I remember trying to poke above those rocks on Mines hill with M26 thinking my mantlet will hold all the shots, but it didn't. Commander did have something to say about that I have no idea how pleb like me got chance to play with those people, but I would pay to do that again. Then there were weekends when we would play platoon drunk with friend. SU-152 derp yolo. It was back when gold ammo for credit's was just idea. Also, original KV-1S 122mm... those who remember...
  5. I typed in google "world of tanks saliva ladies and gentlemen" and one of links led to russian WoT forum. Over there someone was asking what song was playing in background of that video.
  6. I still have my WoT account and I just cant care about it anymore. Wat do? Maybe I should prem spam till credits end?

    1. Private_Miros


      The lockdown that bad, eh?

  7. So here Iam just sitting half drunk. Open this thread, read responses and Iam wat iz dis
  8. E3 is cancelled also Not sure what is going to happen with IHWC, in Slovakia, this year. When I read that both Estonia and Lithuania had infected, it immediately became too close for comfort. Until about few days ago, we had just like 2 infected but that number rose to 16 now. For our small and mostly calm country, this isn't nice experience. Government is trying to setup some kind of alert state now. Yet, just few days ago, we had group of people who decided to travel to Italy just because as they said, "they had paid for everything". Supermarkets and stores, afaik in capital city, are filled with people buying toilet paper, frozen and canned food and such stuff. One thing is to read about these pandemics happening somewhere far, but another is them being so close. Not being paranoid and panicking, but all of this feels crazy
  9. Out or curiousity decided to test whether my laptop (GTX1050 2gb) can handle demo Horizon 3 or H4. Horizon 3 runs 720p on low, looks wat and fps could be better but Horizon 4 runs 1080p Medium, looks good and fps is smooth. This is interesting. And now Im thinking of getting H4.

  10. Is this game worth trying just for some non-serious playing after work or is it more like EVE?
  11. Came here just to see how many O Haswell had to fix this time
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