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  1. What tank to buy(obvisously premium) if I decide to reinstall and play just for fun? Slow heavies nope. There are comments about 120-1G below, maybe that as I have 122-44 and I kinda liked it long ago.

    1. PityFool
    2. Deus__Ex__Machina


      wait for lootboxes and keep an eye on the advent calendar 

      this is the "leaked" list for the calendar, and so far its been right

      Somua SM

      Lansen C

      Centurion Mk. 5/1 RAAC

      Škoda T 27



      Lorraine 40t

      M48A2 Räumpanzer

      Strv 81

      E 75 TS

      Caernarvon Action X

      WZ-111 Alpine Tiger

      VK 75.01 (K)

      Object 703 Version II



      Rheinmetall Skorpion (no clown camo)

      WZ-120-1G FT


      Strv S1

      AMX 13 57

      3D Style “Klarer Himmel” for E 100

      3D Style “Galahad” for FV4005

      out of everything there the 703 II and the LT432 are prob the best choices

  2. I want to get Borderlands 3 so much, but afraid my hardware wont handle it well. I can run FH4 1080p but afaik, it is space level optimized.

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    2. punishersal


      Its notebook with 1050Ti 2GB, i5 8250 and 8GB RAM.

      It kinda fits around Minimals reqs, but I read some people suffer big fps drops when in combat. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      If I can run it smoothly (on lower settings) then so can you. Their dx12 optimization is god awful though, I had to manually switch it back to dx11 which runs well.

    4. punishersal


      Got the game friday. It automatically set to 1080p, but pretty much everything low. Still, smooth FPS and it looks like BL2. Yet there are some stutters in some fights. 

  3. I still have my WoT account and I just cant care about it anymore. Wat do? Maybe I should prem spam till credits end?

    1. Private_Miros


      The lockdown that bad, eh?

  4. Out or curiousity decided to test whether my laptop (GTX1050 2gb) can handle demo Horizon 3 or H4. Horizon 3 runs 720p on low, looks wat and fps could be better but Horizon 4 runs 1080p Medium, looks good and fps is smooth. This is interesting. And now Im thinking of getting H4.

  5. Accidentally came upon WoWs video. Seems like they are adding subs after all. If anyone actually is playing that game

    1. orzel286


      Playing wows instead of The Actual Best Naval Game(tm) aka Azur Lane :eww:

    2. lavawing


      I second orzel's suggestion

      WoWs is ded as a naval combat simulator and dedder as a naval arcade. That said I still enjoying bullying people in super cruisers - kind of like playing heaviums in WoT

  6. First snow here, wasted some fuel going sideways in mah bimmer.

    1. j_galt


      Sideways is never a waste of fuel. Ex- ice racer here

  7. 0 vs O. Which do you think is better?

  8. I have 6mil credits and 5k bonds. I return to WoT for one last time, wat I do?

    1. Marver95
    2. BadLuckCharm


      Put pancake on head and run.

    3. Diriz0n


      Play tanks straight until you can afford M6O?


  9. Oh yeah, apparently I still have WoT account. Maybe I should go on artilery tk streak for science? Or do something else with it?

    1. PlanetaryGenocide


      Well, you can't TK artillery anymore since team damage is disabled, so you should probably do something else with it

    2. Draco912


      he could always get behind arty and push them into enemy fire it would cause the same outcome.

    3. PlanetaryGenocide


      That would probably be more boring than actually playing arty

  10. So yeah, finished TW3:WH with both DLC. This is the real product which is worth 60dolllars\euros. Storytelling and soundtrack in BaW was just epic as whole game. My mind is blown now how CDPR managed to set such high standarts. Having played only TW3, I became a fan of series. Fuuuuck, I cant stop praising it :D

    1. Assassin7


      Yeah, its literally the absolute benchmark for any singleplayer Story game. Its rediculous, CDPR are probably the best AAA game devs out there as well, They just want to make epic games and The Witcher is the result of that

    2. Haswell


      If you don't mind quirkiness, I recommend Nier:Automata. Great arcade fighting gameplay, very deep and sombre narrative, side quests that will break your heart and make you question your moral compass.


    3. Assassin7


      with bonus Boob and Ass physics

  11. Finished The Witcher 3 main story.  Dem feels

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    2. Haswell


       Yen is the only proper choice, Triss basically took advantage of Geraldo's amnesia. :doge:

      It's also completely canon in the books that Geraldo and Yen actually had chemistry between them.

    3. punishersal


      Yep, that is another reason why I went with Yen. Wasnt easy choice still :D

    4. Balthazars


      Can definitely recommend both HoS and BaW, both really well written with some great quests and the former in particular has probably the best antagonist of the entire series. The feels at the end of BaW are also real, it's a proper send-off for the character and series.

  12. I think Iam starting to understand why the all hype of Witcher 3.

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    2. punishersal


      I 9 out of 10 Gwent games, I lose :D

    3. Balthazars


      6 hours ago, punishersal said:

      I 9 out of 10 Gwent games, I lose :D

      In the base game, Northern Realms spy-and-bond based deck is super OP and will roll basically anything you come across, if you care about Gwent. I actually found it super-addictive in-game and collected almost every card out there. :P

    4. punishersal


      So far I can only pack full set for NR but yet lack more powerful cards. Iam trying to collect as many cards as possible from merchants. Also I chose 3 cards from Zoltan instead of gold.

      Gona try your suggestion also then.

  13. Damn, Witcher 3 is so addictive

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    2. RC_Tank


      it really is a masterpiece

    3. Balthazars


      Yep, one of my favourite games (and game series) of all time.

    4. punishersal


      Been playing it for week now and still can't go to Skellige just because quests wont stop appearing. Wat is this?

  14. Happy birthday to me. 

    Logged into WoT today and saw that I have 7 days of prem. Dont know why, but Im gona pretend its gift

    1. sohojacques


      Happy birthday. 

    2. Wanderjar


      Happy birthday, may RNGesus smile on you

  15. So much fun drinking alone. Maybe I should just again play HEAT-120. That tank is only thing that gives me any fun in this game now.

    1. RC_Tank


      HEAT-120 and 5A with HEAT are the only things that could get me back into tanks tbh

    2. dustygator


      OOTL, is the HEAT-120 referring to the WZ-120? Confused because even a full gold loadout can't save that garbage tank.

    3. punishersal


      Eh maybe it is garbage tank. Still I dont know why, but I like playing it. Yes, there is 430u now, but still.

  16. Apparently sooner or later the day comes when playing video games seems as much interesting as watching paint dry. With some rare exceptions.

    1. RC_Tank


      currently where i'm at right now

  17. Dafuq is the point of Indien_Panzer? Couldnt understant it neither sober nor under influence

  18. Drinking'n'wasting away WN

  19. I think I am getting it now.

    It's just a fucking video game so why should I care about some damn numbers?


    Also, arty still gay

  20. Yeah, WoT is no fun to play at all

    1. punishersal


      Even booze doesnt make it fun.

    2. sohojacques


      Yep. Yet I’m still drawn to it like a Romero zombie who inexplicably returns to the mall.

  21. After getting 4,2k dam battle in Type59, I remembered another reason I left. When playing alone, I get too much focused and stressed in these kind of battles. And my "engine" isnt doesnt like that.

  22. Still wanted to see WoT my eyes, so I installed it after all these years. SU-101...it was my favourite tank when I left. Nimble af and quick shooter. Why does it seem so sluggish now?  Yeah 122mm gun now, but what happened?

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    2. hazzgar


      The meta is super passive now. @SchnitzelTruck with the new MM you are not bottom tier as often and you can still bully same tier meds. Worked well for me. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      Oh the MM changes hit NA? Something positive came out of the last 5 yrs of development!

    4. hazzgar


      Yeah MM is decent now if you don't count way more arty for some stupid reason

  23. Friend is saying I should return to WoT because he has nobody to play pluton with. I left WoT at 0.9.1 or something. Is returning even a thing?

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    2. lavawing


      It's like getting your s(h)at on by your grossly obese, bearded Belorussian part time dominatrix full time grand-aunt. So yeah, it's bad.

    3. Jesse_the_Scout


      In fairness I'm not in the position to judge the last couple of patches since I've barely played. The MM has supposedly seen a significant improvement recently and some other lesser improvements have been made. Personally I still get triggered so fucking fast if I play that I doubt I'll be a regular again anytime soon, but your mileage may vary.

    4. hazzgar


      All you need to know is gameplay has become more passive than in TD meta. Everyone is playing defensively because everyone is amazing hull down and only like 5 t10 tanks can reliably push.

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