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  1. So yeah, finished TW3:WH with both DLC. This is the real product which is worth 60dolllars\euros. Storytelling and soundtrack in BaW was just epic as whole game. My mind is blown now how CDPR managed to set such high standarts. Having played only TW3, I became a fan of series. Fuuuuck, I cant stop praising it :D

    1. Assassin7


      Yeah, its literally the absolute benchmark for any singleplayer Story game. Its rediculous, CDPR are probably the best AAA game devs out there as well, They just want to make epic games and The Witcher is the result of that

    2. Haswell


      If you don't mind quirkiness, I recommend Nier:Automata. Great arcade fighting gameplay, very deep and sombre narrative, side quests that will break your heart and make you question your moral compass.


    3. Assassin7


      with bonus Boob and Ass physics

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