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  1. I want to get Borderlands 3 so much, but afraid my hardware wont handle it well. I can run FH4 1080p but afaik, it is space level optimized.

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    2. punishersal


      Its notebook with 1050Ti 2GB, i5 8250 and 8GB RAM.

      It kinda fits around Minimals reqs, but I read some people suffer big fps drops when in combat. 

    3. SchnitzelTruck


      If I can run it smoothly (on lower settings) then so can you. Their dx12 optimization is god awful though, I had to manually switch it back to dx11 which runs well.

    4. punishersal


      Got the game friday. It automatically set to 1080p, but pretty much everything low. Still, smooth FPS and it looks like BL2. Yet there are some stutters in some fights. 

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