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  1. About 1,5 months in new job but feeling like Im too slow learner and just frustrate employer. Its a totally different field from what I did at school and havent done much of current job things in life, but still feels dem bad.

    1. clownshoes2


      I felt the same way but I always told myself this. If they didn't think you could do the job, they wouldn't have hired you in the first place.

    2. Medjed


      As long as he keeps you don't quit it yourself. Even if it's slowly, you still learn and improve. Be sure they ain't charity and that they will fire you if they ain't satisfied with you. To me looks like you're underestimating yourself way too much.

    3. clownshoes2


      Good employees that want to learn and show up every day and get better are an investment. Just keep pushing forward and owning up to your mistakes when they happen, and they will. Just learn from them and never make them again.

  2. Anyone knows\is there electronic component which at first charges itself and only then allows current to flow through it?

    1. Assassin7



      Though i think that still allows current while charging.

      Either that or an Inductor. But im not sure there is a single component that allows current through ONLY after fully charging (though I do think it would be possible to make one with capacitors and such)

  3. Happy birthday to me. Now I drink oke

    1. Kitten


      happy birthday man :) hope shit's getting better

    2. punishersal


      Thanks! Still fighting to get things better

    3. Medjed


      H-Bday buddy ol' pal :party:

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  4. Impossible to play anything with eGPU using some of latest nVidia drivers. Game has lag stop each 4-5-6 seconds. While using older drivers, games run fine. And Im still alive.

  5. The more I drink/spend time between people the more I see how shit my life is actually. Last chance is to go and work off that year aboard. If that doesnt help, then I might jusy aswell just get done with this.

    1. punishersal


      I dunno. Maybe I just go and forget everything.

      I just have ao much shit inside me, I dont know how to tell

    2. Sergeant_Fgt


      If you got friends you can trust, its often a good thing to just talk. Good friends understand, no matter what it is.
      While trying to forget something is effective short-term ( a lot of ppl drink, my mum did so for example - I do not recommend this obv ), its not a permanent solution on its own. In case you want to get rid of stuff in your life, best thing is to work something out. Same thing with getting over somebody when you break up, best solution is keep on and do something fulfilling, maybe meet a new guy/girl while doing so.

    3. kolni


      Working abroad isn't only a new place to see, it's also a place to meet new people. I don't know how you feel about socialising and having to put yourself out there for a while, but it usually pays off. Even if you have a lot of weight on your shoulders there's bound to be people willing to listen, try to understand and bond with. I don't think it's fair to oneself to accept something you aren't happy with. 

      I'd personally take the offer and cut your losses. Who knows if you even want to go back? The job might be the same, but as I said it's new people and that means absolutely everything for a job. 

      There's bound to be people that like you for you and genuinely care about you, you just gotta have the courage to stick it out until you find them

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  6. Harry Potter and the Philosophe'rs swastika Harry Potter and the secret gas chamber Harry Potter and the Reich's goblet Harry Potter and the Ahnenerbe Medal Harry Potter and the blood half Reichfuhrer Harry Potter and the Fuhrer's gits
  7. Another night another liter of booze



    1. Medjed


      Press the bomb....what kind of shitty advice is that :serb:

    2. punishersal


      When the man is killing you, man, you press the bomb

  9. My life is a sinking ship and its time to abandon it

  10. This seems imo the best option so far. Nothing gets removed and nothing gets nerfed. So arty players dont have to scream "dont remove arty". Even just one check box, like with game modes, would do. But also that might create increased arty count in games for those who want to play with arty. From other side, there are enough, probably, people who dont know about option to disable game modes and there still would be plenty of people "willing" to play with arty. Anyways, if this gets implemented, I even would play WoT again.
  11. So, today starts special celebration in my country. In these following 2 days, everybody (kinda everybody) drinks beer (a lot), eats home made cheese and cook meat.

    1. Wewum


      Have fun!

    2. Medjed


      That sound like a life everyone could get used to, every day!

    3. punishersal


      Yeah, everybody would get used to it. Its like you can get drunk in public and nobody (even police) can do anything. ( i have kinda tested it). Because if you dont gave any booze in your blood that night, you better have a really good explanation...

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  12. Found this on some russian page Imo, because of "unique and un-usual TOP" it seems that he means all of Tier 10 tanks in SWE tree.
  13. I think I have finally found what Im actually interested in. I need money for courses. Friend is suggesting me to go work aboard in same company he did. Its some storage work but still payment is much better than I would get here. A year there would give me some financial reserves. But thing is that its hard to decide just because its far away.

    1. TheMarine0341


      Do it. Theres a bigger world out there apart from your little space

    2. Kitten


      Do it. 

    3. NoobestNoob
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  14. Hello again depreasive feeling. When only thing I can think about is how to get rid of myself. I thought I got done with it. Or is it just waiting and reminding me to get done.

    1. FavreFan4ever


      Hang in there. You're stronger than you think you are.

    2. Medjed


      m8 if anyone here knows what you're talking about believe me it's me and i know how fucked up you feel and everything, but it's not worth it....just do things that make you feel better and occupy yourself with something and soon enough you'll be distracted from it and won't be really beating yourself over about it.....

  15. 1. Got bored of WoT mostly. 2. Same old maps again and again. Yes, you can use different tactics, go elsewhere but in the end its same old shit again and again. It felt a lot like routine. Cant not quote this: So I quit. 3.Grinding was no fun anymore. Felt too much of a work. 4. Arty. Was exhausted of having to hide from it nearly every time I got lit. Now it feels like I maybe even got paranoia that when I get lit up, I will get shot unless I hug something. So, meh, fuck that.
  16. Becaus of ice hockey championship, past week has been literally drinking everyday hard

    1. Android25


      Lol... The NHL playoffs are going on right now, who has time to watch anything but the final championship game in the world championships :P


      Looking at roster right now for USA... Never even heard of anybody on the team because everybody that's any good either is or recently was fighting for the Stanley Cup

    2. Hoolfool


      is it the world cup of hockey thing or world juniors or something else? haven't paid too much attention to anything but the NHL this year :P  

    3. Android25


      I assume he's talking about the World Championships because the NHL playoffs are stressful but not "drinking everyday hard" stressful until the elimination games of the Cup final if your team is in it... I don't think the World Championships are stressful at all though because who really cares? The best players from most nations aren't in it anyway.

      Blackhawks are out of NHL playoffs though so I'm not paying too much attention to the games any more :/

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  17. Because there was Steam and then "herpa derpa lets have our own Steam-alike program that everybody must use, derp" began. Anyway, BF1... CoD devs had a fucking ton of time to make it happen, they missed the opportunity and now EA took it. They shouldn't be surprised. Since there is no such "loud" game about WWI, I bet BF1 developers will have shitload of eyes watching them (player base wise).
  18. Damn, my car has Nokia 20Wx2 rear speakers which are literally 21 year old now. Plus they have half torn apart that upper cover(membrane?). Yet they still have no additional noise and anomalies till very Last volume level(59/62 volume).  That is some serious quality.

  19. Spoiler

    While drinking today I remember about Xfire and just read that it already shut down. RIP. I did actually use it while playing some games, especially S.T.A.L.K.E.R. so I could chat with friend without tabbing.


  20. Quote

    Next time I will have to take serious life decision, Im  gona make it while drunk. Yolo.  Maybe then I will have actual life and girlfriend. Im shit and nobody will renember my shitty life anyway. So why not beat the shit out of life?


    1. Kitten


      :feelsbad: you need a change of scenery m9

    2. punishersal


      I dunno. I have had thoughts to drink till knock down or let some accident happen so I could  just restart myself

    3. Kitten


      don't think is worth doing it like that...

  21. Any people willing to play on my account? Not asking people to grind tanks for me, but asking whether anyone wants to play on it...like for scientific reasons or wat

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    2. JSalvy


      Man, I would love to play but you're on EU :( 

    3. vernl


      So far: t59 seems overhyped indeed, 907 probably god-tier Rumed

    4. Hoolfool


      I'm on the west coast of the U.S. so the ping isn't that great, but its playable for sure. Would definitely be interested though if you wouldn't mind :) 

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  22. Dunno wat to do with my account. If I come back to wot I will most likely be gone in day again(unless I get into clan/get plutoons which somehow gets me to play). And just forgetting and leaving account alone seems wat

    1. Kitten


      could always lend as a sock :cri:

  23. When seeing/hearing about people I used to know, I nearly always see that those who did not that good in schools, are actually doing better in life now, or are somewhere now and having some actual life. They have or had their girlfriends, friends, jobs and other stuff. Feels so damn shitty that sweating about marks now seems so pointless and nearly mistake I did. Not first time Im having thoughts that I should have had "drinked around" more at school.

    1. Medjed


      Exactly. I can't even be mad at them doing good in life, but knowing that some people literally barely could pass grades and were like seriously retarded when we were in school now having quite life, while i'm a shitbag who had straight A's in school and considering killing myself every fucking day.

    2. Sidus_Preclarum


      Funny, was talking about exactly that with a friend in the pub,

      Besides the obvious "School wasn't what you needed" cases, I had a friend in high school who was constantly rated "lacking" (my own level was "mediocre"). Last time I heard of him (5 years ago), he was the Press Counselor of the French Embassy to the USA.

  24. Recently got to finally watch Das Boot in one piece. But that soundtrack has been stuck in head for much longer, since I heard it for first time.

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