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  1. Since this thread has already been necromaned, I will jus reply too Anyways, running 122m on 101st is not that good idea. With prem shells you get almost same pen (almost as hight, not almost as low) as D-54S. Difference in damage might seem to be worth it as its 320 vs 390 + 25% RNG rolls. But, D-54S has better accuracy and aim time, faster shell and fires a little faster. Plus, D-54S gold shells have much much more penetration. If you want to snipe, maybe, but maybe then 122mm might be good. But even if you have to quickly get a shot at some less-armored part of tank, or at larger distance, you want D-54S with its 2,1 sec aim time. Plus, if you are using Historical Gun Sounds, D-54S has lovely reload sound. I have 501 (or 502?) battles on SU-101.
  2. From some sources, I found this player: He is from RU server, but I still decided to check what is the situation with clan (yes, he was in one). And what I saw, was something non-understandable. About 20 players had winratio under 20%. 20% with several thousands of battles played! I checked some of them, and they had most of battles spent in company battles. I dont understand. Its this new kind of botting to bot in company battles? Here is the link: http://www.worker.noobmeter.com/clan/ru/04KO/60856;jsessionid=04B90549457DE0916778790997E09764 Clan is on RU server, as I mentioned, but its still the same case.
  3. Yeah, it was looking kinda unly too, because a shoe box isnt best thing to put it in. So, to fix that, I bought PC case (it came with a bit more powerful PSU too and made wire-ergonomics better) This is how it looks now:
  4. Nuclear explosion Anyways, I keep all my drinks on right side next to laptop to avoid such accident
  5. Had to go to heavy tank fighting areas with my pluton mate because our T29 and IS were sitting in base and watching birds. Lorraine arty also said that "TDs are in attack but heavies are camping".
  6. Forgot to post here and after seeing this section, I though I need to post atleast something here. Sooo, before I found this foru, I already had about 13k battles. After showing my defeat in Obj.704 with 8,6k damage and loss into some WoT channel, Private_Miros told me to post screenshot into Name and Shame thread. And since that Im registered here. I have over 2k posts in official WoT forum, but I dont think people recognize me in random anyways Im trying to improve myself, but as I said, im playing kinda for fun and dont rush to look at my stats. Like I say "I just try to make damage." So, in short, Im some random playererererer playing for fun (kinda of). I dont play heavy tanks as I tried them and found that Im big noob with them. Instead of bashing random teams with my noobness in them, I decided to stay away from them and not drag others down. I have been playing WoT for over 2 years and I even have Tetrapack. Im also keeping all gift tanks because I dont know why. Plus, I like beer (having one atm, finished another one few minutes ago). Have seen some tonks in real life and, darn, they are so beautiful and detailed. Before someone asks/says, I dont play arty I like SU-101. 501 battles in it and I can play it even after 20 defeat streak. Never felt so Free and Refreshed in any other tanks. Also, I haz B2 and Type 59. Aaand I haz unusual system to play on: (probably will make thread about "what is this" later) Until then here is something what I made in my free time. forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/314048-jagdpanzer-viii-sandkatze/ forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/232534-object-692/ forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/168837-jagdpanzer-vii-jagergepard/ Something to lift up someones mood or something: P.S. I cant escape Walls of text for some reason
  7. Ok, Im not someone who judges by stats, but...Wat, wat iz dis? This player noobmeter link
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