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  1. No work, no money here. Some people I know have gone aboard to work, childhood friend which I used to drink with has been aboard for year. Last friend might go soon too. Dunno wut do.

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    2. Shifty_101st


      Go to Hong Kong.  I'll be heading there when I graduate

    3. punishersal


      Hong Kong too far and I think I would need their language more than elsewhere. I once wanted to learn Korean but seemed too difficult to do that through internet.

    4. Jug0sLovEn


      If you cant find work, you can always go to DPRKorea, steal a propaganda poster and youll get like 15-20 years of work. Duck american dream, in DPRK no one is unemployed, not even the tourists. Best country evah'


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  2. I was kinda prepared to hear that U.S. might have very little of these trees. Im not that much informed about their fauna, but your comment increases my knowledge atleast a bit In RL, birch skin burns very well and long, also. Its good material for those who have wood-warming stuff in house. Wood itself is pretty strong, which might be reason for, especially this in screenshots, use for tanks. When cutting with chainsaw and stuff you can feel that easily.
  3. It's a birch. Yes, its all over Russia and some EU countries. Elsewhere, dunno how much.
  4. Reminds me of quote "The best defence is a strong offense".
  5. Imho, you hit the top of nail there.
  6. EU politics in nutshell nowadays.
  7. Okay, as someone who has not invested in neither of games mentioned above, but having some interest on what is going on, I wanted to say... Start Citizen seems like some hard hitting stuff (maybe) if it actually gets done. It seems like Star Citizen developers promised people to create product containing everything. Everything! Can't tell if it's correct comparison, but long ago I had idea to create mod for one of my favourite games. I had ideas and just a slight idea how to make it. But when facing reality on how it is actually is done, I couldn't do it. And SC just kinda seems that same way in my eyes. They promised a lot, they made huge ambitions and now they are struggling to make all of it happen. And now thing just looks like my country politics. You pay taxes(support) but it all goes into nothing. If here are any fanbois of that thing, yeah, you can hate me, I can't give a fuck.
  8. Seems like I might have serious anxiety disorder which I just found out. Its like my brain and heart and on their each own and sometimes I just want to stab myself in hear just to stop that shit.

    1. Matross


      Stop comparing yourself to others, that's when you can start learning about yourself. Life isn't a race. It's a marathon.

      Everyone ends up in the same place eventually. Make the best of it and enjoy it while you're here =)

      Also, no need to go full YOLO, take it a step at a time, everyone learns at different speeds. Again, it's a marathon, enjoy the run!

    2. punishersal


      I wish I had someone to run that marathon with :( When I think about life in long term from poibt where Iam now, I cant see the point of it.

    3. Matross


      Don't rely on others man. Gotta be strong yourself, to carry another. Once you become strong enough, others will flock to you since you'll have confidence =)


      Don't live in the past (comparing yourself from the past to today). There's a great saying...

      Yesterday's the past, tomorrow's the future, but today is a gift. That's why it's called the present.
      - Bil Keane


      Just playing devils advocate, if you can't see the point of it, aren't you curious to find out?


      Basically, it just sounds like you're overwhelmed and feel bad/sorry/pity for yourself. Get back up and brush yourself off. Ever watch Rocky 3? The scene where Rocky lectures his son about life?



      Just my 2 cents =T

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  9. Need to find more of something like this


    1. hallo1994


      You finally found out Zack Hemsey?! :wao:

    2. punishersal


      Found him few months ago, was especially interested in his Ronin album. I dont usually listen to hip-hol or rap, but I love listening Ronin album

  10. Wondering if my Type59 hasn't been stolen yet, because I haven't played WoT for some quite now.

  11. 55 mins till shops close. drink or not drink?

    1. Enroh



      Highly suggest a large qty of gin and tonic.

    2. Alex5978


      When has this ever been a dilemma?  Always drink.

  12. Having not played WoT for some time, I can say that I don't miss it at all. I can watch WoT videos and remember some moments I would like to replay, but meh...it would be no-fun-rage-shit-whatnot experience again. Since no RL friends have played WoT for even longer than me, and Im too shy to ask others to platoon with me () (im bad player, or was), there was no reason to play anymore. Grinding was no fun, playing was no fun. Game overall just felt like grinding for something. Something. And it just seemed like total waste of time. I just can't play for fun. I can go 100% or 0%. If 0%, I have no fun. If 100%, I hate it. I did not use XVM at all. End of my meaningless post
  13. Sometimes I wish I could take all decisions while being under some alcohol. Because then my heart doesn't rush like reds to cap. It fucking awful feeling when your heart beats too fast about every little thing, nearly. Mind understands there is no reason, heart doesn't. Maybe I should just yolo and try it sometime. There is just one life only anyways.

  14. Got new engine oil for mah car. Kinda exited to see what engine will say when I put it in.

  15. Just watched 12 (2007, Russian movie). Dem, haven't spent 2 and a half hours so patiently watching movie for long time. Can recommend.

    1. edger2020


      Russians have shitload of good movies, they are just not advertised as Hollywood ones. 

  16. Dem, how I like evening or night with some gentle rain. Especially hearing those raindrop clicks on surface sitting in car or just outside.

    1. prolix


      Put on some jazz and life doesn't get much better than this. 

  17. Finally decided to finish Borderlands: The Pre-sequel. Got all quests done. Dunno, Borderlands 2 seemed kinda more interesting. Guess I just liked non-space stuff more. Still, nice addition to BL story and ending definitely screams that there will be another BL game.
  18. Borderlands 2 just seems kinda more fullerer with quests and stuff than Pre-sequel

    1. Kitten


      Does it have the same annoying run everywhere thing?

    2. punishersal


      Not that much. Plus antigravity stuff kinda makes running around a bit faster.

    3. Kitten


      That's a relief, at least.

  19. Didn't have a single gram of booze in last 2 days. Now I can drink 2 beers to celebrate that.

  20. It's just thing that booze gives me courage I have always wanted for. It kinda changes me maybe more than others.

  21. Meery christamas Or waht ok

  22. Bought 3 bottles of Carlberg. Had I known, would have bought 6.  Wat is this lemonade or wat?

    1. aaveq


      who drinks this big brewery shit :serb:

    2. punishersal


      Dunno, it was on discount here. I expected better. But its shit.

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