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  1. starting to regret getting the scorpion G at christmas, my god it is so bad I even put GLD on it trying to get it to hit something and still it keeps missing. Worse accuracy than my 112 honestly.. I though I bought a sniper


  2. http://wotreplays.com/site/3294239#karelia-l0g4in-112 I got 1109 base exp on a loss with around 8k combined and 3,6k blocked. I threw at the end by not backing up enough but other than that anything I coulda done different?
  3. fucking arty, I swear to god I'm not even a good playing but sub 50% wins today cause arty has been in my face all evening

  4. Yeah I know right?! Ever since I started playing again my recent wr and wn8 arent too good. before I took the hughe break I was like 57% 2800wn8 recents now I am pleb
  5. Hi Guys! Just wanted to congratulate myself on achieveing one of my goals in this game stat-wise, which is 2000wn8 before 10k battles. I set this goal when I had around 1300wn8 and 4k battles under my belt and now a couple years later I did it. I'd like to thank wotlabs in general for the help it was provided me and I'd like to thank some people in specifically. @WaterWar For being my 1st and 2nd FC and mostly for giving me the chance to play with guud playerers @Gharirey For being angry german and giving me and seafood42 a shitton of crap when we played bad while platooni
  6. This was a good game from me, still what can I do better? http://wotreplays.com/site/3155108
  7. weekend meta.. holy fuck I havent played on a weekend in a long time and now I remember why


  8. Fucking arty balance.. got 1 shot 3 times so far today in tier X games FML


  9. Gewd damnit! Reading this thread makes me wish I wouldn't have poured 350hours into the division for the past 6 months and played tankus instead When Lava endered it broke my virtual panzer heart and made me pursue stupid games Maybe it's time to saddle up and grind Good luck nurkie
  10. Hi, again. Seems things are getting away from you a bit cause alot of people are saying alot of stuff. Lets try to tl:dr some of it. CPU choices: i5-6500 vs older gen i5-4xxx/5xxx I'd stick with the newer 6500 simply because you get to use DDR4 and it has better future compatibility DDR3 VS DDR4: Read above^ GPU: GTX970 vs R9 380X Here you need to decide where your budget is at. A 970 goes for $300 and is roughly 10-30% more effective than a 380X. However a 380X goes for ~$205 and will still play WoT on just about maxed settings and is a very good bang/$ card especial
  11. Noone should ever run a FX6300@3.5 it's a crime But anyways I missread the 1st post and thought you where going to play WoT and other big title games on this PC. Seeing as reading it again ur only playing wot. @Folterknecht is right Intel works better with WoT since the game engine is from strong ancient soviet republic and single core is all that matters. So basicly i5-4440+ any Z97 mobo, 8GB RAM, SSD, GTX970
  12. Funny thing, playing at max settings while streaming with my FX6300 Edit: I'm running FX6300@4.6GHz, 8GB RAM, SSD and R9 290 4GB OC. Runs all this shit just fine
  13. Too lazy to go to newegg and build a shopping cart but I'd guess GTX 970 gpu with 120-250GB SSD, AMD FX6300/8350. AMD 990FX chipset mobo, 8GB RAM. Case and cpu cooler of choice and decent 650w+ psu is what you can look at in that range. Budget it too stiff to go for intel CPU or DDR4 shit. AMD gives more overhead for simple OC and performance/$
  14. Serious suggestion tho, WN9 ofcourse, also a feature that shows you how many games untill you reach your next WN rank based on you total amount of battles and your recent 60D progress would be fun. I think there is some website that does this for you if you input your numbers manually. Ofcourse this would only give you a rough number of games needed to progress your stats given that you don't atleast get worse at the game
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