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  1. The base rep is insane for a decent game at the moment. How much base rep from that game of yours breeeze?
  2. Haven't tried it yet, but AW is patched and ready to go. "GLOP" looks really great tho. There's only one map at moment tho, isn't it?
  3. SlenderMoose

    Skyrim SE

    Gonna wait until some basic mods like skyUI drops before I go full orc.
  4. SlenderMoose


    Yeah, it looks like good fun!
  5. I just have to say U love 'em all and the crew lvl as fast as the female crew. Wish they would put them on sale on EU so I could get em for the 2nd account.
  6. Feel 4 u NA guys. AW maybe be a little unpolished, but it's still great fun!
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