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  1. Howdy, Send me a MP in-game when you reach T7/8 (I don't have many lower tiers) ;) Speaking both French and English as well. I started playing back a mouth ago after a two years break, don't worry guys, the habits came back quite quickly (even tho the gold spam hits harder than before).
  2. Should definitely be back starting October With a new job and new computer (cause 60fps ain't enough).
  3. If I remember correctly at a time we used to run a T6 SH session with the lobsters and while koel was afk (or lost his connection) Virtual took the initiative. And well, the leading was more than decent Keep going mate.
  4. Don't worry if you don't see me that much in the next month, got some personal issues to close and I'm waiting for the end of the holidays to start playing hardcore (cause rip the teams we got these day ...)
  5. The Xeon is a good choice since you'll barely use the IGP in the i5/i7 anyway For the CPU cooling the Cooler Master Evo 212 could do the job just as fine as the BeQuiet (same price bracket). Concerning the 4Go embedded in GPUs, it is all about textures and resolution. If you're using a conventional FHD monitor, 2 or 3Go will do the job. As for the PSU, please, please get a 80+ Gold. Can save you about 20 to 30€ a year in electric bill and are in general quieter.
  6. Since WG didn't do shit to enhance the T10 meta, I barely play these ... They take dusts until some CW games or rare T10 SHs.
  7. Application done with a little lobster in the message I don't want to bash the F15 so I'll just forget about them and moving on.
  8. Still a spot available for lobster in here ? Got somehow shut down by the F15 without even having the chance to play with them :3 Plus a clan without lobster is not the same.
  9. Please, both Fullgore and I are french guys speaking english all the time around lobsters Some of them even sneaked in conversations in our beautiful (and ô magnificent) language.
  10. Yeah I saw your post ... They're quite strict concerning the recrutement. Still hasn't play a game with them but I don't know if I won't solo for a bit (aka padding my stats a little).
  11. An age has come to its end. Good luck to everybody on their future plan and :
  12. Lost two of three games in a 2h (or so) SH session Thank you all for this last SH run. Didn't thanks our FCs yet and as today is our last day, here it is : thank you all for these beautiful SHs ! My time in the lobsters was indeed short but full of fun (and stats ;)). Feel free to spam me with toon invitations in the future.
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