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  1. Yeah i know what you mean, I got a "Les paul" form a "Garage sale" for $ 400 Aus. tobacco sunburst with gold fittings, double pickups. that was 5 yrs ago, I still play it.... The woman who sold it said" my son never plays it now, he is off at Uni " way to go mum...
  2. I just use a bog stock logitech wireless, cheep just like me. All my $ went into my new rig so I can't afford a fancy one yet. creates some funny situations when the batterys die... I keep a box of AA's on my desk at ALL times...
  3. Played 'em all, still play NV and will until 4 comes out later this year...I hope
  4. 2 things, Firstly blew through 5k at an all night poker game. The kicker is i was 8k up at one stage, had to borrow 20 bucks for a taxi home... Second, left my wallet with all my pay in it (over 2k) on a shelf in a phone box outside a pub while i was verrrry drunk. I found the wallet the next day in the bushes next to the phonebox.... I don't really drink these days, nor do i play poker for money.
  5. Spent a lot of time in the snow fields around Bright, Thats were I picked up the habit or art of "Hand rolling" My "mates" often refer to me as the "Joint chief of staff" because of my(modesty clause)considerable skill at rolling *outher* things in many papers... A bit like cigars...
  6. Look, Worse than yours.. But Improving.. I even carry sometimes... Like tonight.. T 3 match.. Only 3 t 3's on either side, Now I know what It is like to be the Club ber.... Multiple hits on 5 targets and smoked em but good. Moved forward, spotted. No one moved. then i thought ! No one knows what to do.. So I was forced to use chat. Something I normally don't do. Got 2 snipeing, told everyone NOT to break cover and broke then as they tried to roll up the flank.. We broke them, then Pushed hard up the outher, caught them by suprise and crushed them... It was awesome... But then I remember
  7. I will respond to "Help" Or "reasonable requests.. I can't do gofuckyourself, I'm not that flexable any more I "dont PM anyone yet as I don"t really know anyone that well... I have been PM'ed a few times, Mainly when I've done something good... I don't turn on chat a lot but I do keep a close eye on the mini map and respond to the tactical situation as I see It...
  8. I can't offer any advice except the "Senior"(purple) players are very active and are nearly allways ready with GOOD tip's and advice. Listen to them and don't take there critique personally. They ARE trying to help you after all. Never listen to Fluffy723, Fluff can be a bit of a Dick sometimes and fluffy723 is really crap at this game.... P.S. I think the reason there purple is there GRIP is too tight... Welcome... have fun.... "Live long and prosper."
  9. Dude, a "Mexican" lived in Vic for many years.. both In Melb and up near Bright.. Tell me is it cold.. Is It raining... Just wait... Cheers for the post and Yes being a "Patron" is [redacted] awesome.. Well worth the price. you get to dive into the Rubbishbin with a lid too... Fluffy likes....
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