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  1. Just my scrub opinion but if you are going to go with US tanks then just buy a Super Pershing, pay for a 100% crew on another Murican Med and then merrily bounce shots all the way to your first skill. Lack of Sixth sense doesn't seem to hurt the SP too much because you are always going to be on the front lines and you know you are going to get spotted early. Once your crew has their first skill you can retrain them as new commanders with sixth for whatever lines you are grinding. I did this with the SP and the IS-6 / KV5. The IS-6 crew got to almost three skills then got retrained
  2. Wasn't the major selling point of them that they have a zero skill BIA crew?
  3. a rule is not a rule when there is a different rule for every word in every situation!
  4. hey Never, Get healthy then worry about everything else. If you need any advice on fitness training once your diet is under control and your acute symptoms settle down feel free to PM me. I was a fitness trainer for 15 years and worked with people from all walks of life from elite athletes to office workers.
  5. Why would you do such a thing to yourself!!!! I am a native English speaker who, living in the colonies has never had to learn another language and only ever picked up a little high school German but I am now learning Dutch because my partner is Dutch and she wants our 2 year old to speak it and her 15 year old son who also grew up there not to lose it. It is a horrid torturous language without any rules. It is also unfortunately one of the least useful Euro languages because all Dutch people speak very good English and it's barely spoken outside of Holland. For the reco
  6. Woot Woot! Glad to see that you made it!!! Excited to see the final products, might need to buy some more matching suits and shoes
  7. Kanonenjagdpanzer bottom tier
  8. Arty 2.0 = Copperhead laser guided 155 shells and tactical nukes
  9. Pledged for 3 watches and 2 extra straps. Seriously hoping you guys can go all the way this time!!!
  10. My encounters with the new physics has led to me flipping my Indien panzer on its side because i hit a rock on malinovka but then still being able to get 3 more good shots of damage as the enemy rolled down the hill. I also now hate those trapezoidal concrete blocks on siegfried line because mediums and light tanks can run up them, get stuck and become an immobile bunker. It was funny the first time but not so much since then
  11. I've been playing the KR and the Mutz pretty heavily for the last few days including a couple of days of mutz rental and haven't seen a WN8 for either pop up on Wotlabs but my WN8 on XVM has been climbing. Assuming it is because they are new. Also, good time to farm mastery badges and marks in both since the level of short bus with them is pretty high at the moment. I managed mastery badges on both within an hour of each other (and I am a pretty average player) with pretty unspectacular 3k damage games. And yes mutz >>> KR but the KR is still fun
  12. ok so basically what we are doing on our facebook page is just building an audience at the moment and trying to regularly engage with that audience. We started the page in mid 2015 but it was only around November that we started to pay for "page like" advertising which quickly boosted the audience from less than a hundred people to well over 1000. After we hit 1000 likes we turned down the "like" advertising and started instead to boost individual photos and posts. Over the last 2 months we have trialed posting photos, blog posts and videos and then boosting them to either "general
  13. I'm no marketing genius but I know a little bit about it and it's a numbers game. How have you been marketing it? Your Facebook page has less than 200 likes and your instagram and twitter don't have huge followings either. Not criticising, I am actually just wondering where you've picked up so many supporters already given your fairly low profile on social media. If you haven't done so already I'd highly, highly recommend running a week of Facebook ads to boost likes on the page and spend some money boosting posts (photos work really well) to widen your audience. FB
  14. Was born in a small city called Orange (where they grow apples but no oranges, seriously) in Central New South Wales which is about 250km west of Sydney where I grew up. Lived in the same area of Sydney from when I was about 1 until I left home to join the Army and expected to travel the world which didn't work out. Two years ago I bought a house that is less than 1km from my old house and which is only a couple of hundred metres from my old primary school. In contrast, my girlfriend who expected to be born, live and grow old in her home city in the Netherlands is now living al
  15. I've backed it for one watch already but I am considering throwing down for another as well in the next few days.
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