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  1. I have come a long way from being a red shitter where now I'm getting teal recents. If you stream I have probably bugged you in your stream at some point about getting better xD. Starting to always 1 mark tanks and now am up to 4 "2 marked" tanks I had some of the best game I have ever had today, but I felt like I fucked up alot in them and would like to learn what to do better. If anyone could review one of the games and give me tips i would appreciate it alot. Always trying to improve but i just don't have a unicums view or thought process on what i could of done better Thanks for the help
  2. I agree the E5 was never op. The fact that it has a weakness visible at all time makes it very balanced. I maybe bounce 1 in every 10 rounds of the cupola and lower plate. Very rarely struggle to pen it if I take more then a seconds to aim. Is7 hull down is unpennable. That's a lot more overpowered in my opinion. I would be fine with the nerfs if they halfed or third the size of the cupola so it could still have some ability to not be a autopen after nerf. A heavy tank having a huge spot that's a auto pen makes its ability to front line non existent
  3. Surprised their not buffing the T34 Heavy mobility as well. E5 nerf looks painful probably far to risky to full front line anymore depending on how auto pen the cupola becomes. Also surprised they nerfed the side armor of the E5 but didn't nerf the side armor of the is4 or is7.
  4. Perfect. Free shit is the best shit as long as it is polished shit.
  5. I two Marked my first tank!!! Thanks to everyone willing to teach me and help me learn. Special shout out to @RNG_ for being a filthy unicum stet pedder8iDn9Ch.jpg


  6. It could always be the tanks I play that have rather high pen rates (T34 / M103 / Jagdpanther II) but i only bounce maybe 1 out of every 7 shots on the T110E5s lower plate. Are we referring to Russians lack of gun depression making it hard to hit the weak spots on the lower plate? I just have not experience any real struggle to pen it. The side of the lower plate near the tracks are usually auto pens for me regardless of angling so I stand by it being easy to pen. Have not ran into unicums in the T110E5 yet but have run into a fair amount of green and blue players and still don't struggle to p
  7. My experience even this past week have been pretty easy pens on the E5. I think its more their either not hull down (inside a city) = free shots on the butter low plate or if they try to hull down just shot gold at the cupola. I don't see many tanks do the forward backward wiggle though so it makes aiming rather easy. Playing in the M103 I learn just how shit the lower plate was so i think its partly from experience as well knowing just how crappy the plate is and how easily to pen it.
  8. I bring this up curiously as to why people think the T110E5 is considered op? As a semi shit player I have never found it hard to ever pen a E5. Lower plate is butter and if their hull down you just shoot the cupola (with a gold round if necessary) Prior to the buff people always use to laugh at the E5 as it was a auto pen due to the cupola being so weak. The E5 is classified as a heavy and it got a armor buff to compete with other heavys. Found some old fourm post saying it use to be as easy to pen as the 50b and T57 heavy. I can understand the gun handling is nice compared to other heavys.
  9. @Szaboka89Thank you so much for your help . Your CDC looks amazing. Can't wait to see how the T34 looks. Is the creeper camo no longer obtainable?
  10. So I was curious if anyone could post a picture of the T34 Heavy tank with Creeper camo clan wars skin. Very curious if it would look well and get the motivation to improve to get the camo, but curious how it looks at the moment. Thanks for the help :D!
  11. NA west preferred. Want to continue to get better and play with friends willing to teach me to keep me improving. Hours are pretty random because my job requires random hours @-@ Also would like to work on missions to so if anyone wants help with theirs I would be up for it ^-^ Thanks :D!
  12. I was wondering what the best tanks are for personal missions. I have a t32 but people never seem to want to shoot me in the turret. Read some old post about how tracking damage counted as blocked damage but that's no longer the case. Also a lot of the TD missions are you have to be stealthed. Anyone have recommendations for tanks that easily do all the personal missions. Preferbly around tier 6-8. Still grind towards my tier 9 tanks. Don't even own a tier 10 tank. The grind Q-Q
  13. People with more skilled crews have to much of a unfair advantage agenst people who don't have skilled crews, especially in low tiers.
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