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  1. New Patton model tho, RIP the only thing M60 had going for it (aesthetics)
  2. The Japanese one sounds more like a prepubescent boy to me. I'm curious what voice we'll get when we have a mixed crew.
  3. Hell I'd love to see an accuracy buff for the 105mm too. Having played some more games in it, the accuracy has really started bothering me. When your DPM is trash compared to same tier mediums, it really hurts to miss shots.
  4. He quit streaming (for now, possibly forever?). Showed up in Sofi's stream a couple nights ago. Probably also means he quit tanks since he wasn't enjoying it very much.
  5. God forbid we ever have the chance to get the T95/Chieftain, Obj 777, Obj 257, M48E2, Obj 268 v5, etc.
  6. I'm sure ranked battles will be very enjoyable with the inevitable Maus spam (at least on NA).
  7. If anything I'd put my money on either a second tier 10 off of the WZ 1-4 (or a tree reshuffle), or just another China server exclusive. There's already the Obj. 257, T95/Chieftain, M48A2, Obj 268 v5, and even the Obj 777 (which we'll never see apparently) that could all be CW rewards, personal mission rewards, or even something like a Frontlines reward and one tank still would be unused. Adding the 5A into the mix of unused 10s wouldn't make sense, but then again it is Wargaming. Maybe these things are someone's pet projects and not just wasted development time.
  8. If you loved the Leopard but wish it had soft stats closer to the M48, you'll probably enjoy playing this tank. It even has the base view range to be a light tank, something that sadly needs to be mentioned. Here's my take on it- Upsides of the Tank: Really good mobility. It's the same terrain resistance as the Leopard 1, however it has double the HP/ton. Incredibly good soft stats. Moving/traverse bloom are only .01 worse than the M48, but turret bloom is 0.03. Great aim time. Combined with the soft stats, the peak-a-boom potential is godly. It aims faster than both the
  9. The only merit of the 152 right now is the sheer amount of light tanks running around. Even then, when an enemy T49 decides to yolo me with the 152 I typically will come out on top because 90mm HE works really well against them (and it has 4.1k DPM).
  10. I've been playing it with the 90mm and I can't honestly see a reason to use the 152mm aside from screwing with other light tanks. Having 3k DPM and the gun handling/penetration to back it up is just insane, and you can circlejerk heavies so easily you don't even have to think about it. 3k dmg games have become the norm for me in it, while I was only averaging 1400 before the update. This tank just shits all over the Ru 251 IMO.
  11. I think the sad part is that it was actually believable that Wargaming would implement a tank that looked as utterly retarded as the "SEAM 220t"
  12. Haven't seen you on in a while, hope all is well. I beat ME:A and was ready to go full multiplayer but you disappeared, FeelsBadMan EDIT: If there's something I'm out of the loop with lemme know
  13. Why not use GambitER's damage log? It's always had that feature and the in-game one is u g l y.
  14. I'm keeping that private to protect those who contributed to it. It's odd to look back at it, so many things that were planned features (new commander system, new crew system, wear and tear tank customization, armor viewer, muddy tanks, etc) never got to see the light of day.
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