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  1. Lol Gash... all wrong. The age is ok, well.... But calling a girl "my mom" ... its like some girl will call you youre like my dady when you reach 35 ... ALLLL motivation goes down... including other things . In one sentence you say she is 20years older AND you try to look like "im your son, mama."... regardless of porn industry propaganda: This is not something girl wanna to do or even imagine (date with a son)! Ok... but what?.... you say its ok, that she looks like your mom???... Now it sounds strange, like you wana to date with your mom???? What she was thinking about you? Next time ma
  2. The key is really not to play other players game... 1st mistake Dont try to play 2 or more tanks but with possibility to control just one of them... Ask yourself a question, If im playing one tank, how will improve my game if I try to play more then 1 tank atime.... it will not. Everyone have just limited amount of focus and brain capacity.. use this capacity for maximizing your contribution to the game (whatever it means). You already have many information you must work with minimap, nearby enemies, reload timers, guessing what enemy is planing to do, driving your own tank, selecting target,
  3. Well, that event with 3x battle exp ended on Friday, so there are just 1.25x On the Track bonus and 2x battle Exp for "Brazilian Independence Day" event BTW if you kill 10 enemies you will get free Brazilian flag :). Sure, my ride for E25 continues... well players with higher tier tanks already have one http://forum.worldoftanks.com/index.php?/topic/462470-illuminati-confirmed-e25-flood-2015-predicted/ trolololololololo ------------------------- What is it?: Bang bang bang bang RELOAD ...... AMX 50 120 Bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang bang kill .... E25
  4. Few months ago i watched Zeven replay reviews and there saw one particular moment and idea that was like "i didn't realized that."... Yes you may say it happens a lot with Zeven's replay reviews ... but this think was really deep, too deep to think about it just in one sentence. It was malinovka and replay of spotter... he spotted early across the field and well the game went not too good... regardless of good game good epx for that spotter who did more dmg then teammates. And Zeven said something in the meaning like "when you spotted enemies, many tanks originally approaching the hill stopped
  5. Driving just one tank: Leichttraktor I rolled my NA account 2days ago and yes... for new players what i see is problem with no money to buy equipment like bino, camonet, crew is without skills... if you meet somebody like this guy (you will meet somebody like this almost every battle), you will not spot him, even after he finishes 3 tanks, ideally using APCR .... Tier I with bino + optics and ventilation/camonet is easymode play.
  6. You are going in wrong direction... yesterday I decided to give a try to my NA account, cause of the state of WGEU policy. On NA you are in the heaven. Let compare: EU server: Near to nothing. (ok to be fair if you play you will get free WZ-111, to play means 135kdmg and 135kills for every ingame nation). NA server: 3x battle exp if you are top5 1,25 battle exp for On The track. Bonuses for rolling top of the tree branch (like free T-25 now) free E25 for almost no effort. Automatic possibility to win prices like: Wargaming's Own: September - Tier IX ok... another little advantage is: one lan
  7. Yes, penalty for arty friendfire is negligible, dont remember any TKing arty went blue... And yes they just "rule the game as god" : 1. There is no way to know frendly arty is focusing you. 2. It depends, if you are LT, you cannot return fire... if MT, well aim butt and hope, he will not be able to return fire... if HT, dont shoot them regardless of position and playstyle (no sure oneshot). 3. arty always knows your crew, your equipment and if you are spotted when you go from cover and is the best spotter skiller in the game... so if you do something else then die in the name of spot, you are
  8. If there is a "rename trend", now focus more about whole scale For example, it is OK being "average"... but I, with my stats, feel that Im just pubie with average results (not too bad, not too good)... if you name red players "bad"... why there is something like "average". "bad" is not good the same way as average is not good to call people ... How often you tell/hear: "yeah, you are just average, so i dont expect much from you." Sounds little odd for me. Let me see... Bad player has bad influence to game result... good player may have good influence to game result... average? Unicum? Superuni
  9. I try to understand you, but looks like we face language barrier so please be patient with me, im not native English... maybe I dont understand you correctly... but if I do, arguing with family and intelligence is, let say, not usual for me. First: I dont see any connection between my mother/father and this topic, second: really is normal to ask a question like "are you dumb", if they wana to know answer? or is it like saying "you are dump! So dump that I think you dont even get it".)... ... But OK... let make it clear, so you dont have to ask more. My Mensa test gave me IQ 156. Im not sure i
  10. Hello Zeven, thx for sharing of your knowledge. I recently get AMX 50 120 and I struggle with it... I have 100% crew all modules, but the gun from AMX 50 100. I think this tank is not "bully tank", every tank that he meet will pen him and it cannot kill full enemy with one drum, is slow reloading between shots and bad accuracy and a lot of shots ding... not mentioning fighting 2 tanks at once. I suppose that the key may be to stay hidden as long as I can, because the second Im spotted, and this think has no camo, that second Im primary target for enemy and get wrecked or die in few seconds. Bu
  11. You suggest it is now easier to do dmg (WN8)... maybe, i dont play such long to confirm or opposite. Ok... so dont compare him to you. Still he is recent green. That means in the WN8 world "recently good player" (Im not advocating his skill, nor winrate). BTW what is your "low mark" to be qualified to begin to play IX tank? ... blue stats? purple? Do you shame him because he is able to have two X tanks by now with 2700battles? ... If you recognize this as an failure, you should blame WG, not the player.
  12. "are you dump?"... Is this a question or statement? Please make it clear for me, im not sure if you really try to ask or just trying to force your arguments that are coming to look smarter. Yes 5k is more then 2k... but your stats after 5k were almost the same as his after 2k (+- same overall and recent stats too)... why do you think you played smarter at 5k? Oh i see TC, active clan, good guys etc... hm... strong arguments to prove you were better at 5k then he at 2k, completly negating stats argument. Knowing not to be the best player is not bad. I was there, I suggested him to watch some yo
  13. I may give an example of what i think is "farming-will" in oposit to "contribution-will". Yes, I think that it is more mind-set and not some particular action, because actions are based on the mindset: Prochorovka: going middle with good viewrange tank and just shoot, not trying to spot middle enemy force. Himmelsdorf: being hidden on the route to the hill and wait to peek up "hulldown style", just after enemy peek-a-booms into your team on the hill and then again backoff after shot... continuing untill teammates died. Just before they die, just run away and find other "meat for enemy guns" t
  14. 1. let me introduce an interesting article about this: 2. you were no better, playing couple of tier X tanks with 11xx WN8 at 5k battles... what makes you thinking, that he should not learn by playing high tier battles? http://www.noobmeter.com/recent/na/clownshoes2/1000639830/1000639830_00005067_20130111_165641/1000639830_00005848_20130227_183032 3. Your advice to him was useless... 1. this is game, 2. he stated he is learning (that makes him different at least from other 47% -isch players), and your advice to somebody triing to learn is, not to learn on hightier battles? How t
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