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  1. thx TSA I'm ex Limbo . I Left Mafia and not wont coming back. Sry
  2. First I want to thank you all for invites to some great clans . But I want to be fair . I can't play CW because of time difference . They start at 4 am . My interest is SH at some normal time like midnight . So if some clan can have me for platoon , SH and kicks . Please contact me . Thx
  3. Advice: Dont sidescrape hulldown yolo in da face load gold . Enjoy
  4. Looking for a clan platoon stronks maybe CW 10 tier X --- I love my X online all most every day
  5. Wow . Patton has better view range then all of ru meds by 20+ m . His roll is not to scout but to support . But if you have to scout it can do that from very safe distance .
  6. Advice : 1. Team yolo with purples . Example: He is in a heavy you are in a medium or light . He is going to heavy's playground YOU DONT. 2. Listen to purples . If he clicks on a square where he wants you . Go there . 3. Dont support purples by camping in a back of the map . 4. If he is in a support tank (50b, Patton , etc.) he will support you . There is more. But dont have time to write them all . If you want to be a good player you have to play your own game. Dont relay on Purples for the carry . 1, 2, 3 Purple cant win the game on there own .
  7. Only annoying thing I find "If t92 fires and drops a shell on other side of the map . Be sure your 2 crew members are dead" LOL
  8. Im avirage in 4 games 3.5 dmg and my Moe droped from 87% to 85%. I think this is now No 1 tank for kicking pubbies
  9. Pocktio who give you permission to look other clans . You know you belong in Awful . Come ze here.
  10. My 2 star game 2 MoE first Ace tanker in it
  11. Hi guys I need help with Abby map and this tank . From 10 games I played on this map I have lost 9 .
  12. Yea Pershing is a "Rock" . LOL . Pershing is fine tank . But calling it anything harder then french tanks is just a joke . ( maybe a little )
  13. Just had a dream MM for a cent here is the replay hash heaven
  14. On Na server optics over vents and binos . But on EU server they have a hard on for binos . Even in tier 10 mediums for some reason . Vents are good if you have 400m base view range + BIA + 2 vision skills .
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